Last January, my parents and sister took a month vacation to the Philippines. I was so envious. ;(

It's been almost a decade and I wonder, what the Philippines look like now? I know, the traffic is still ass crazy. I bet, aside from the traffic, the Philippines is a lot different now. One day, I'll get to visit, shop at Divisoria, see my relatives, my friends and get to inhale the Manila pollution. Maybe, this year? And if I'll be home this year or next year, I wanna meet some of the Pinoy bloggers. I have a feeling that it'll be awkward? No, actually, I'll be that awkward person in the crowd. haha

Anyway, I asked for a LOT of stuff. Here's some of it.

My mom got me this Hello Kitty bag. I have another HK bag that my sister got me from Japan. But, I'm too lazy to take a pic of it. =) My ass is just too comfortable right now. :D

You can't really see the inside, I know. ;p It has a zipper and a mini pocket and on the side, there's a pocket for this

And this is the zipper

My cousin got me this

I'll use this as my journal. My weight loss journal.


Guess what's inside?haha I have a weird "addiction" back in the days. And that is, to sniff the National Book Store plastic bag. :p

I AM A CANDY GIRL! This is the magazine I grew up reading. I am just a bit disappointed with Candy, now. The magazine was way different from what it was years ago. I guess, it became too Hollywoodized. Years ago, Candy's focus is on teen Filipinas and Filipinos. They use local celebs and Candy readers as their cover/models. Not that I'm against Hollywood stars. But, if I'm gonna dig Hollywood, I'll buy Vogue, or that Teen Bop magazine. Oh, well, it's just me.

owwkay, I DID NOT (haha the intensity of NOT :p) ask for this magazine! haha my mom thought, this is the Candy magazine that I want. At least, there's a Super Junior and Lee Min Ho posters inside.

Angel's Breath. I've always loved this sweet innocent-ish smell. I also wanted a Bebelot. Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore. :(

SHOES!! My family and bf teases me that I could be the next Imelda Marcos. I still have 3 more pairs at my parents house and I'll get them when I come home next month. I think, between my apartment and my parents' house? I have more than 100 pairs.

bag organizer

I definitely need this bag organizer =)) 'coz I "lose" my things inside my own purse.

cousin got me this



A 20 peso bill. And, that's my old Hello Kitty wallet. :D

I'm excited to get the rest of what they got me from the Philippines in 30+more sleeps. I can't wait to use my new punching & kicking shield bags and work on those kicks. My punch mitts are worn out now and I'm still saving up for new kickboxing equipments. Darn, those heavy bags are worth $400 a piece. Oh, well. Someday.



Yep, my blog turned 1 already! *party dress on. DJ, drop the beat.*

My blog, actually turned 1 last month. So, yes, this is a super duper late blogoversary entry. I miss blogging. I have one more exam to write next week, so, hopefully, I'll have more time blogging after that.

My original plan was to hold up a contest to all my readers. But, the problem is, and in all honesty:
  1. I don't have that extra money to buy stuff for the prices and to pay for the shipping.
  2. My readers are equally of both genders. Even if I do have the money for the prices, thinking of gifts to give away to the opposite sex is enough to make my head pound.
So, I'm just gonna take the alternative, less expensive way of celebrating my blog's 1st year. Let's do it, the Em way.


I dunno why I started blogging. There was no plan, I have no goals, I just signed up for Wordpress one December night. My Wordpress, is uhhm, like what I just said, I have no plans, there was no theme for my blog, it was just a plain http://myfingersrtyping.wordpress.com blog (btw, I deleted that blog. So, don't even bother clicking the link) with random Youtube videos I like, TV shows I watch etc etc. Then, I discovered, Blogspot. And I suddenly had a goal and a plan: to gain lots of followers and to be famous (oh, please, don't be laughing now. :p) Gaining followers is easy, most of us bloggers are into the followship. You follow my blog, I'll follow yours. or, I'll follow your blog and I expect a follow back in return. Now, for the "I wanna be famous part," it wasn't easy. Heck, it's not easy. I don't know any random blogger who is famous for being random. Because most of the established bloggers I know, have a blog theme. They are either a beauty blogger, a travel blogger, a food blogger, or a current event blogger.

Then, I met people who made my dream of being famous, not my priority anymore. I don't want to be famous no more. There's more to being just a famous blogger. What I gained from blogging is obviously not a thousand followers, maybe, a few who doesn't like my blog's existence. I met people who just don't read my entries, but, these are the people who mean so much to me now -- FRIENDS.


Lynn - I remember Lynn from Wordpress. And when I moved to Blogger, Lynn, was my first follower and the first person who said "hi" in my chatbox. Sadly, Lynn's blog had been "abandoned" for a year now and I am hoping one day, she'll find the time to update it.

Dear Lynn,
I hope to hear from you soon. I hope you're doing great. I have never seen your face. I don't know what you look like. Trust me tho, I'll never forget you and all the lessons I learned from reading your blog.

Mara - I've seen Mara's blog as she is also a part of the Team Carnival community. I am honestly, not the type of person who would say, "hi" to the other person first. I've said it before, and I'm gonna say it again, I fear, rejection. Mara, did not approach me first either. When she hosted a TC blog topic, I remember her describing my entry as ballsy, or I am ballsy for saying the stuff I said. And then, the rest is history. And we just realized how awesomer we are being together.

Dear Mara,
Your friendship is the bestest that ever happened to me in the cyber world. One day, I know, I just know, we'll see each other. And when we do, it's gonna be CHEAT DAY! We'll frikkin eat ice cream, chocolates, all the forbidden, not acceptable foods for a person on a diet! We'll paint our nails, we'll do makeup, we will gossip, we'll see a musical, we will sing, and we will frikkin commute and get lost! We will forget all our troubles and other shits in life. We will have fun! Thank you, Mara. Thank you, for the wonderful friendship. Despite your busy life, thank you, for making me feel that you are just a tweet, a Facebook and a YM away. TE for life!

Aris - Our friendship started when you asked me to blog about the whole Vice Ganda - Tado controversy. You left your Facebook email address in my chatbox, I added you and a new chapter, the story of us began.

Dear Aris,
I appreciate that I always have your back. It's not all the time that we both agree on everything and I appreciate you not going apeshit on me. It's not like I'd be offended or anything. I feel like my opinions are respected and I don't feel like my opinions are wrong and I should have the same outlook as you do. I do have a confession to make tho. Remember the first time we ever chatted? It lasted for hours. You kept on asking me if I'm still doing ok. I told you, I'm alright and sleeping is not really a part of my routine. The truth is, I was already sleepy. lulz. I just had to lie to keep the conversation going. haha so, just in case I wasn't making any sense at times when we chat, that means, I'm sleepy already. I'm just not ready to log off 'coz I don't know when we'll have the time for longer chats again. :D Again, I wanna tell you that what we have, is special to me. Whatever happens, you'll remain special to me. ;)

Aryan - Aryan, invades my chatbox! haha Well, she's using a different blog host and for some reasons, she can't comment on my entries. Aryan, still comments tho, just by spamming my chatbox. jk! I love Aryan! haha 

 Dear Aryan,
First, thank you for the friendship. With our age difference, I never thought we'd understand each other. I still owe you a blog entry ( Forever. remember?:p) and I'm sorry that up until now, I still haven't done it. One of these days, I will blog about it. I just don't have the time right now to reread the book.  You know, I still think that if it weren't for the technical issue with the whole Candy mag + the techie department, you'll bag the Teen Blog Award. I just have so much faith in you and your skills. Again, thank you, for everything (fb inbox and all that stuff. :p).

Well, I guess, there's gonna be a part two for this. haha I never thought it would get this long.




Date night, not the movie. :D

So, I've been hoarding. I've been hoarding, lipsticks! It's not really a bad thing if I use it on a regular basis. The problem is, I don't. I only use when them when I wanna camwhore. =)) My everyday look would be: foundation, bronzer, mascara & chapstick. I know, a plain Jane. If you'd see me in person, you won't probably recognize me with minimal makeup and an oily face. :D

Anyway, here's what I have so far.

Revlon Blackberry and the Revlon Matte Pink are definitely my favourites!


It's not the Date Night movie with Steve Carell, Tina Fey & Mark Wahlberg, it's MY date night with the manfriend. It's been awhile since we went out on a date. I guess, we're too busy with school & work and when the bf graduated, he was busy working and paying off loans etc etc. I, on the other hand, I have school and I work on most school nights and the weekend. So, yes, I was high with happiness when we had the time yesterday to forget our busy lives and just have the just you & me day.

We went to see

The Adjustment Bureau
This movie is seriously a 5/5 stars

LOOK AT THAT SEXY FACE! With that face, who wouldn't give this movie a 5/5 rating? *geez, Em, stop fangirling.*

Fact: I crush Matt Damon more than I crush Johnny Depp.
Fact: I have seen all Matt Damon movies.
Fact: The name Matt Damon is enough to make me blush. :">

Gosh, Matt Damon, you're such a distraction. You sexy man!

Anyway, I liked the movie. It is an action-romantic movie. Or, a romantic-action movie?haha Well, basically, the movie is all about the decisions we make everyday. Some of us, are depending on other people to make the so-called, self decisions. This is our life, we shouldn't let other people decide for us. What to wear, what to eat, what to drink, and who to love, is a decision that we don't let other people have control of.

I must admit, there's a pang of enviousness when Matt Damon & Emily Blunt were kissing each other passionately towards the end of the movie.

Oh well.

After the movie, P & I went shopping for a bit. Then, we went to Cactus Club Cafe to dine.

The Bellini for the lady and iced tea for the bf. =))

Dry Ribs

Calamari (the best Calamari that ever touched our taste buds. Yes, Cactus Club's Calamari is better than Joey's and Earl's).

This is what I had, Rob's Hunter Chicken. I was gonna go for Soy Dijon Oceanwise Salmon, but, I've been craving for chicken for the longest time.

the bf had this steak. I didn't really gave much attention to what he ordered. I'm not a red meat person. So, steaks, doesn't appeal me, at all.

the bf had this burger for takeout.

here's another tummy growling pic of the burger
I don't eat beef burgers, but, right now, I just wanna devour on one.

Chocolate Lava Cake
It's not what I expected but whatevs, it's frikking chocolate and ice cream! haha sometimes, It's really ok to consume another 1,000+++ calories to de-stress. =))

I wish, I could eat this dessert everyday. haha oh munn, with the calories in this dessert, I'll be eating celery sticks for the rest of the day. =D

Last Tuesday, was my second time at Cactus Club. It's a bit pricey, yes, but it is worth it! Food wise and customer service. It is a busy restaurant, but Cactus Club servers, still has their pose and superb customer service. P, doesn't usually tip big, but, he was happy with Cactus Club, he had to give our server a big one.

It was a snowy day, but my outfit was so spring-ish haha well, if P doesn't have a car, I wouldn't be wasting my time to look good.

Yes, I enjoyed the night out with P.