Last January, my parents and sister took a month vacation to the Philippines. I was so envious. ;(

It's been almost a decade and I wonder, what the Philippines look like now? I know, the traffic is still ass crazy. I bet, aside from the traffic, the Philippines is a lot different now. One day, I'll get to visit, shop at Divisoria, see my relatives, my friends and get to inhale the Manila pollution. Maybe, this year? And if I'll be home this year or next year, I wanna meet some of the Pinoy bloggers. I have a feeling that it'll be awkward? No, actually, I'll be that awkward person in the crowd. haha

Anyway, I asked for a LOT of stuff. Here's some of it.

My mom got me this Hello Kitty bag. I have another HK bag that my sister got me from Japan. But, I'm too lazy to take a pic of it. =) My ass is just too comfortable right now. :D

You can't really see the inside, I know. ;p It has a zipper and a mini pocket and on the side, there's a pocket for this

And this is the zipper

My cousin got me this

I'll use this as my journal. My weight loss journal.


Guess what's inside?haha I have a weird "addiction" back in the days. And that is, to sniff the National Book Store plastic bag. :p

I AM A CANDY GIRL! This is the magazine I grew up reading. I am just a bit disappointed with Candy, now. The magazine was way different from what it was years ago. I guess, it became too Hollywoodized. Years ago, Candy's focus is on teen Filipinas and Filipinos. They use local celebs and Candy readers as their cover/models. Not that I'm against Hollywood stars. But, if I'm gonna dig Hollywood, I'll buy Vogue, or that Teen Bop magazine. Oh, well, it's just me.

owwkay, I DID NOT (haha the intensity of NOT :p) ask for this magazine! haha my mom thought, this is the Candy magazine that I want. At least, there's a Super Junior and Lee Min Ho posters inside.

Angel's Breath. I've always loved this sweet innocent-ish smell. I also wanted a Bebelot. Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore. :(

SHOES!! My family and bf teases me that I could be the next Imelda Marcos. I still have 3 more pairs at my parents house and I'll get them when I come home next month. I think, between my apartment and my parents' house? I have more than 100 pairs.

bag organizer

I definitely need this bag organizer =)) 'coz I "lose" my things inside my own purse.

cousin got me this



A 20 peso bill. And, that's my old Hello Kitty wallet. :D

I'm excited to get the rest of what they got me from the Philippines in 30+more sleeps. I can't wait to use my new punching & kicking shield bags and work on those kicks. My punch mitts are worn out now and I'm still saving up for new kickboxing equipments. Darn, those heavy bags are worth $400 a piece. Oh, well. Someday.

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sugar sugar said...

hello. :3 i can see you like goldilocks haha! ^-^ i'm a filipina blogger based in manila.

Emmaleigh said...

Sugar sugar: yes, Goldilocks for life! haha

Unknown said...

you are lucky. i don't even have that new peso bill yet here and I live in Manila. somehow the money is not being used by merchants for fear that it won't take off. weird.>> http://thephilguild.weebly.com/pinoy-exposed.html

Rose ♥ said...

Goldilocks polvoron, FTW!;) And yes, I miss the Candy magazine of before. I used to collect it too when it first started. The articles were very inspiring.

Yina said...

wow i wish i had goodies from other places!

i'm starting up a new blog and i want you to recommend a GREAT movie from Philippines for me to watch. english subtitles would be great!


Emmaleigh said...

@ Coco: but, in 2 years, old money can't be used anymore, right?

@ Rose: yes! it is still very inspiring up to now. Candy, just lost its "for teen Filipina touch."

@ Yina: oh, sure. I can recommend you some GREAT Pinoy movies. ;)

Unknown said...

I miss the Philippines too and last time I went back 2006, it was a lot different. More buildings, smaller roads and more people lol. But I loved it.

You got a lot of good stuff. The HelloKitty purse is super cute and omg my cousin still uses Angel's Breathe. It smells like how angels ought to smell lol.

glentot said...

Pasalubongs from Pilipinas haha parang baligtad! hehehe

Mimi said...

awww, those are so cute! and lucy hale looks different, haha. ;) but anyways, you got a lot of good stuff! :D

<3, Mimi

Jag said...

Ok. Ok. I owe u a Jabee treat haha! Nahihilig k pla kay Hello Kitty...

Emmaleigh said...

@ EveryDay Makeup: haha I bet, there are even MORE people now. lol!

@ Glen: naku, haha baliktad talaga. =)) ako yung madaming pasalubong mula Pinas. :D

@ Mimi: I know, eh?Lucy Hale's face looks rounder and she looks younger.

@ Jag: lol! yep! Jabeeeeee! basta wag lang puro tinapay?lol!

Anonymous said...

Wooww!! Mahilig ka pala sa HELLO KITTY, Ms Em. hehe.. Nahiligan ko rin yan dati, pero hindi tumagal. Kasi na-adik na tlga ako sa Disney at ke Mickey Mouse. Hehe..

Ohhh!! I love the wallet. At nainggit ako, meron ka nang 20peso bill. ako, andito sa Pinas, pero hanggang ngayon, hindi pako nakakahawak ng mga bagong peso bills natin.. ngek. Ang daya mo! LOL

Andami mong mga pasalubong galing Pilipinas.. Somehow, magagamot yung pagiging homesick mo.. Imagine, a decade? hay.. umuwi ka na. EB tayo. hehe..

My Tasty Treasures
Ako si LEAH.
I am LEAH.

RHiAN said...

i have the same bag organizer...

a new follower here :)

kae said...

hi emmaleigh! i read your thoughts @ Lea's Treasures, where you guested.. impressed, i knew right then that i have to follow you.. enough said! (;

P.S. the national bookstore bags.. they contain books? i want to know what books. hehe. i hope you'd feature them here in your blog.. (;

αвву M. said...

gosh! i want those hello kitty stuff :D

Emmaleigh said...

@ ms Leah: Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell & Paul Frank ako haha apir!

@ Rhian: thank you!

@ just magazines haha but my sister bought Bob Ong books. :D

@ Abby: we could go to Sanrio store together lol!

kae said...

wow.. bob ong books.. i love them! hm, you must really miss the philippines, no? (;
thanks for visiting my blog. (;

Shenanigans said...

hoy! balitaan mo ko kung kelan ka dadatin ah!

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

@ Em, those shoes!! Those wonderful, wonderful shoes... Have to admit, I envy you=)

And the HK is adorable, as always.

Nice blog=)
Keep posting...

Anonymous said...

hello! got your blog from teentalk. :)
and i found another hello kitty fan. haha
i'm HK addict too. in fact, we got the same tumbler. :)

AdroidEnteng said...

pasalubong ko..maka singit lang..tagal ko na hindi nakapagblogvisit..ahahaha...

ardee sean said...

dami nyan ah.. enjoy.. uwi ka na rin.. lol :P