Wow, I feel like this is the first time in 2 months that I am actually taking a night off and letting myself, breathe. Procrastinate. To just actually, enjoy, enjoy, and not in a "rush" to get this day over.

Essays, finals and work, took over my social life and my sleep. I have an average of 4 hours of sleep a day for the past 2 months, and now, I feel like my body is "giving up" on me. I have a dry cough, I've been sneezing, I have a sore throat and it is killing me!!!! I can't be sick right now, not on the finals week. *sigh* Oh wells, I'm gonna be sleeping early tonight and I am not gonna deprive myself with a good night sleep.

Before I go, since I am here already updating, might as well "feed" my readers on what's been happening, aside from being so stressed out.


-- Yes, I created a Tumblr account.

No, no, I am not leaving blogspot. I made a Tumblr account, because, it is a lot easier/convenient to multimedia blog. Tumblr, is Blogspot's, less formal blogging outlet. For me, blogger is more "formal" in a way, that there's a need to elucidate a certain topic. Tumblr, on the other hand, is like twitter, if you like a post and wants to retweet it or reblog a certain post/topic, all you need is hit the retweet button or the reblog button, then presto, an instant post without worrying about giving credits. See, because I felt like I need the justification to tell the difference between Tumblr and Blogspot (tho I know most will not care anyway), I just made a semi-long post about a certain subject, when I just could've said, "I made a Tumblr account." =))

Just in case you're wondering about my Tumblr name, click Why Krayola Deville? And it will pretty much explain, why. And if someone got curious and asked why not just use the same blogspot address? Well, like I said, Tumblr, is a more "happy-go-lucky" blogging outlet and I really don't use my fingers to type as much when blogging on Tumblr, so why be so "serious", right?


I've been using http://myfingersRtyping.blogspot.com to watermark all my pictures, since day 1. Now, that I have two blogs to "maintain" (on two different blogging outlets and on two different blog names), I decided to just use my bloggerwood name, Emmaleigh, to watermark all my pictures. It just wouldn't feel "right" to put pictures on Tumblr with the blogspot.com watermark. So, yeah, I dunno.

Yes, that's pretty much about it. I only have a week more left for school, then I'll be stress free!