Wow! I honestly can't contain my excitement right now. :D hmm, I don't wanna spill too much info coz as much as possible I wanna keep it as a secret, we wanna keep it as a secret until it's time for us to share it to everyone. :D I'm just gonna let you guys keep on guessing. :D

I'm not gonna end this post without leaving you guys a clue, at least A clue.


credits to google images

There you go :D

No. I'm not gonna spill who's "we" coz it'll be too obvious. haha

gaaahhh! I'm too excited.

Ok, gotta go now before I jinx this. haha














Fall is my favourite season of all! From green leaves they change to brown-ish, yellow-ish and orange-ish colours that kinda give me that "calming" feeling -- humidity is definitely over! Summer for me is ok, I just don't like humidity, I can't take anything over 25degC. Too hot and I don't wanna melt. Since summer is over I should stop talking about summer.

OH HI FALL! sorry. :D

Today was blah, I was really tired but I had lotsa school work to do then I got bored, it was nice outside, I was planning on taking a walk and take pictures of how beautiful nature is, but bleh after I got ready , I suddenly was too lazy to go out [read: PMS alert]. Since I promised my ever gorgeous friend Lara some twitter pictures, I went out to the balcony and took photos from there instead.

Yes. This is what the front of my building looks like.

I know. Fall = beauty.

And I love how the leaves are just lying there on the ground.

"Each moment of the year has
                   its own beauty."

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

And fall, you are just breathtaking. ;)



Officially a year older! :D and yesterday will all be a part of my history, a day in the life that one day I will remember with a smile on my face. ☺☺

 Yes. A year older today and I should be wiser.

SIXTEEN. Sixteen years old. No. I'm not 16 (I only wish! pfft!) but most people (that doesn't have any idea that I'm a University student) think I am 16, 16-18 years old they would guess when asked. Hells, if people compliment you for looking young for your age (not coz you're small), yep, that's a good thing haha

BIRTHDAY POST this is gonna be :D


THANK YOU for all the birthday greetings I got from my fb friends, on twitter, here on blogger, for all the text messages, the voice mails, birthday cards I got from my mailbox -- THANK YOU! It's been a hard week for me and most of you know why and getting messages from family and friends on how much I am loved is just above and beyond so once again, THANK YOU!

owwkay, I have to STOP before we get all emotional here. pwuahaha


Let's go back Friday and let's just fast forward to the highlights or it'll be really boring and loooooonggg if I'm gonna start with "ahm, okay so I have school and then..." hmmkay?

I haven't done any grocery shopping yet coz I didn't had the time all week so all I have in my pantry are granola bars and quacker thins and some yogurt and milk and some greens, an apple and a grapefruit in the fridge. Then, the bf showed up surprisingly and I don't have any "real" food to feed him so I called Kobe Japanese restaurant for pick up and this is what we ordered.

Spicy Salmon Roll
[this instantly became my favourite]

Beef Tataki

Chicken Teriyaki Don Buri

Beef Don Buri

We didn't finish everything. I didn't even touch my chicken so all the leftovers were breakfast this morning. Later that night the bf drove me to work and this girl I work with came up to me and gave me a chocolate, and she's like "I went to our Russian market and found these chocolates and I thought of you, I think you're really adorable and sweet and you're so nice to me so here's for you". I don't know what happened but my chocolate mysteriously disappeared from my counter! I had my water bottle, my pen, the line up for that night and everyone's schedule on my counter coz I was skimming through it, turned my back for 2 seconds then it was gone! Seriously! I know I've been trying to cut back on my sweets but since it was given to me, I'm not gonna throw it away. lol! I didn't tell her I "lost" the chocolate coz I don't want her to think I don't value things that was given to me, but before she left that night, one of the girls told her it's my birthday the next day, she gave me a hug and.....

gave me another one.
[munn, I wonder what the other chocolate tasted like :(]
[P.S to the chocolate "thief", that's extra calories for you lol!]



I checked my BB and was embraced with so much love when I saw all the notifications I got from fb and twitter and I have text messages, IM messages, I also got some birthday greetings recorded by friends and was sent to me then a couple of missed calls and voice mail messages, it was overwhelming! I got ready then by 11am (FINALLY! all the bf could utter after my "forever-ness" in getting ready) the bf and I got out of the apartment, went to the Asian store and bought groceries. Every birthdays I had, we don't go out to celebrate, I am honestly happy with home cooked spaghetti and chicken or hotdog on stick with a marshmallow on top. You want me to be the happiest person on my birthday?feed me spaghetti :D

I had a mini poll on twitter and with some close friends, "Spaghetti or Palabok for my birthday?" Palabok for those of you who don't know is just like spaghetti only with orange sauce and you don't use ground beef for palabok, you use shrimp, eggs and crushed pork rinds and you squeeze lemon on top and for that poll I had, Palabok won. It's ok that I didn't had spaghetti this year, I'm still the happiest person. :D


hotdogs on stick with marshmallows on top

We can't find any BBQ sticks at the store, good thing I remembered that we have chopsticks! Your home girl gotta be productive you know. :p 

I had to grill that for the carnivore. lulz
Why do men eat so much? =))

Then dessert came

"the cake land"

we picked three 

Strawberry mousse cake

American style cheescake

Peach mousse cake

 Naww. We didn't eat all of it haha we saved some for rainy days, we only ate this

the strawberry mousse cake

I didn't blew any candles, my wish tho? Good health for myself and my family. I know how cliché it sounded but that's all I wanted.

I didn't count my calorie intake today =)) I said I'm not gonna feel guilty since it's my birthday and I'm not gonna deprive myself, after the last burp, I felt sorry. :( After our rest, I told the bf if we could do some sparring and burn off some calories, he agreed.

and he didn't let me use my

hand wraps

I have long fingernails so doing a fist hurt my palms like a beeeeattch and my knuckles were red I thought it was gonna bleed.

It was a memorable birthday for me. I am happy and felt contented.

And before I end this post and hit the sack, I want you guys to say hi to my sleeping "buddies".


and Kirlean

I got the name Yukkiee from Super Junior's Eunhyuk. No. He doesn't look like a monkey, some people call him Eunhyukie so yeah, there's Yukkiee. I got Yukkiee after I moved out, I have lotsa stuffed toys at my parents' house, I just didn't get to bring one coz it won't fit in my luggage (I have a Timmy Turner, a spongebob, a humongous dog, a teddy bear, a doll stuffed toy and another teddy bear)

Yes. They are all at my parents' house.

As for Kirlean, it was a gift given to me by my friend before I left Ontario and I promised her that I'll bring Kirlean wherever I go. I kept the promise. Oh, Kirlean are from our names. :D

If you made it this far, *zebrahugs* for you (well, if you missed that post about zebra hugs, too bad :p)




Sibling rivalry is inevitable. We all have our own stories to tell about our own share of sibling rivalry.

Today, in this entry, I am gonna share to everybody the story of my sister and I.

 I was the first born and my sister said hi to the world 4 years later.

[click the images for larger view]

As a kid, I really didn't know what having a sibling really meant. I am pretty sure in the photo above, I didn't jump up and down and asked my parents to take a picture of me and that baby that they say is my sister. I was clueless about life, I was clueless about everything, I was clueless about sibling rivalry. Maybe sibling rivalry or pointless jealousy started when my sister was born.

The attention was all mine

I was everyone's princess, I was everyone's baby, at home, I didn't have to share my toys with anyone, then my sister came and I had to share everything I have to her.

According to a child psychologist, Dr. Sylvia Rimm, sibling rivalry is particularly intense when the children are of the same gender or are very close in age. I can say it's true, why? At four what do I know right?Maybe I felt threatened that my parents will have to give me away and maybe I was scared that my sister's presence will not make me a "princess" anymore. 

haha kids.

I was the spoiled brat growing up while my sister on the other hand was frigging contented on my hand-me-downs, if our parents ask us to do some errands, my sister will follow it obediently, while I, I bully my sister to do it for me. I have no idea when and how all the jealousy stopped. Maybe because as we grew older, I realized that my sister Brenda and I are the exact opposite of each other, that really, there's no "rivalry" between us.

 I grew up singing

random facts

  • Eternal flame - 1989 when the song first came out. I know this because it was the year that my sister was born and my mom told me that the song was first played on the radio on my sister's christening day and eternal flame was the first song I remembered singing.
  • the bathroom was my training ground. If I was left home alone, I'll sing in the bathroom for hours. My favourite song to sing?On the wings of love.
  • I was on 8th grade when I had the guts to audition for the glee club.
  • The original song I was gonna sing was Burn by Tina Arena, but changed it the last  minute to Britney Spears', Sometimes. Don't laugh, I passed the audition.
  • I suck at Math but on 9th grade, I joined the Math club! *rofl*
  • 10th grade, I represented my class for a singing competition. I lost.
  • I don't know how to read notes. :D
  • My choice of martial arts is kickboxing
  • I am a behind the stage crew
  • 3 years ago, I signed up for a hip hop class
  • I never knew how to operate our washing machine 'til I moved out.
  • I'm a better "cook" than my sister
  • I'm a daddy's girl
 [my sister was the one wearing the green outfit on the middle far back]

random facts about Brenda

  • She's a dancer
  • She started doing ballet on 3rd grade (I think)
  • She stopped ballet after a year coz she decided she wanna learn how to play the piano
  • My sister decided to join the school choir
  • My sister is into sports and I was an audience/her cheerleader
  • She's a tomboy compared to me
  • My sister is a math whiz
  • She's a vegetarian
  • Her choice of martial arts is karate
  • Tho she doesn't get the lead, my sister was always been part of the stage-hey-I'm-acting-crew.
  • 3 years ago, Brenda signed up for ballet lessons again
  • My sister figured out on how to use our washing machine when she was 14!
  • My sister, just like my mom, she doesn't know how to cook! Can't even fry eggs without burning them.
  • My sister and my dad clash all the time! They have this love-hate-love relationship with each other. Yes. Brenda is a mama's girl.
 See, there was really no rivalry between us because we grew up with almost nothing a like. And when it comes to our parents' attention?naah, I don't want any haha I actually used to discourage them to watch me perform haha dunno, I'm just shy.

I am happy and lucky that we grew up not having the same wants in life. Because honestly if we did, I can never take "comparison". Comparison does nothing but feel insecure about yourself and what you have to offer. We are two different unique individuals with different passions in life. Academically speaking?hmm I actually never felt there was a competition between us, I actually never heard my parents say "why can't you like be your sister?

Brenda could really be annoying sometimes. We fight. WE ACTUALLY used to BEAT EACH OTHER UP! Not pulling each other's hair stuff, we kick and punch each other. Yeah. Like how brothers would fight. Tough love.

I do sometimes "hate" my sister, but to be completely honest, I'd be lost without her. I love her, I'm not good with expressing my love and appreciation towards her, she reads my blog and thru writing I want to tell her how LUCKY I AM that we're a family, that she's my sister and that we are a perfect team!

To: my sister, Brenda,

I am as fierce as a


And I will protect you from any harm. I will be a big sister to you and be strong for you.  I'll be 

[for the lulz pic]

toothless and weak just like the day I was born, too weak that time will come that even holding up my drinking cup will be a struggle. But for now, please continue to fight (you're tough so I know you're fighting), I want you to know that you're not alone in this battle, big sister (especially) is here for you. We will grow old together and will be there for each other.

I will

FOREVER take care of you. I LOVE YOU. INFINITY. I am not the best big sister in the world, but you on the other hand is the best little sister a big sister would ever want.




Why?Ok. I saw the front page of the SUN paper today and the headline was

*drum roll please*




credits to SUN
you can read the Bieber swarmed at WEM article here.

yezzir! JUSTIN BIEBER IS (was) IN TOWN! [uhh yeah! don't know if they left already or they're still here]. The disappointment tho WAS not because of me missing to see JUSTIN BIEBER






credits to google images


gaah, these boys are making it BIG TIME! Subscribe to them you guys! I really love them ;) here's their youtube link LEGACI [http://www.youtube.com/user/legaci]. Argggh! seriously! What the heck was I doing here in my apartment all day on Saturday when I could've gone to WEM and see them perform? And WEM is like frigging 2 handed cartwheels and a round-off [haha addicted to HellCats, I is!] away from my apartment and I was supposed to be at the mall last Saturday to buy some school supplies but instead, I decided to stay home and just stared at my walls. =))

Here's their performance vid at hooters

The crowd was lame. haha

Yes. That's the disappointment. :(

I'm ok now tho, haha I move on that easy =))

Gtg :D I'm on voice chat with my friend Jei (pwuahaha got you a special mention here dude!).




 credits to google images

And I think this stiletto is much sexier than the first picture posted

credits to google images

Don't you girls agree with me about the smexxyness of the RED STILETTOS?! I really want the second picture better. I want to own a pair.




Only I can walk around in heels for a whole day, I'll buy all the red stilettos I'll see at the mall tomorrow! demmmitt!

So, lemme try my intro again...



Whuut? Don't laugh! I can't and I'm not comfy with heels so war it is in my favourite brown flats!


Ever been so mad that you just wanna declare war? Bring it on sister style? owwkay, here's a compilation of fuming moments since September 1st.


I've been a nokia user since I was 14 so when I finally decided to upgrade my n95 to a blackberry, the first week was frustrating coz it's a QWERTY keyboard and it's confusing as frigg plus the whole phone set up and application is totally different from a nokia phone. After that first week of "getting to know my blackberry", I got a notice that my app world needs to be updated, so I did what it had told me to do and updated it. BAAM! It suddenly asked for a fiiiin password! I tried every password I know I have but nothing worked. Afraid that my phone will automatically lock itself from too many passwords attempt, I called the kiosk where I got my BB from (I called them first hoping that they could save me from the long fiiiiin wait/on hold from their 1-888 customer service) and here's how the convo went.

*after several rings, an employee answered the phone and introduced herself*
Em: Hi. I got my blackberry a week ago and I'm just hoping if you could help me out?
Girl Employee: ok
Em: uhmm, it asked to be updated this morning, I did and now it's asking for a password *cuts me off*
GE: Can you speak up a lil bit coz it's really loud in here and I can't hear you well. What about your blackberry?
Em: it asked to be updated this morning, I did and now it's asking for a password. I tried every password I know I created and nothing worked so if you could or someone help me troubleshoot my phone?
GE: ahm, I actually don't have a blackberry so I really can't help you.
Em: *shocked & speechless* *2 seconds later* ohh ok so I guess I'll have to call 1-800 then? What's the number again?
GE: it's 1-800 no it's actually 1-888, uhmm hold on *asked a fellow employee about the numbers then got back to me* it's 1-888-******-*

It's OK to NOT know everything! What's infuriating about this incident was the fact that SHE DIDN'T DO HER JOB RIGHT! It's ok seriously, if she can't really help me, but she could've said this after "Well, you can try our 1-888 number and ask for technical support". She didn't. She was itching to put the phone down.

Who wouldn't be mad?

I called the 1-888 number and I was on hold for 45 minutes but it was worth it! The customer representative guy was really helpful and polite. Thanks to him, I can access my app world now. (:

Any bad customer service you experienced?


credits to google images

Forget about the "I am on a diet that's why I bring packed lunches to school so I can keep track of what I eat", that's not the reason why I bring snacks and packed lunches to school. I just simply think it's not practical to spend $20-$30/week in the cafeteria. One school day tho, because of the mad dash that happened that morning, I forgot my "for school snacks". Lunch time came so my friends and I headed to the cafeteria and we all decided to have SUBWAY for lunch. The cafeteria wasn't busy yet when we got to the subway booth I was in line first and ready to order then I don't know what the frigg happened but the lady was fiiiiiin RUDE to us! The way she "entertained" and talked to us was in an almost yelling-shoo-ing-us-away-I-don't-wanna-serve-you-type-rudeness! Then frigg! I suddenly remembered my sister ranting to me about this cranky woman working at subway. I was still playing cool UNTIL her type of "service" made me SNAP! She got the bread from the bread keeper whatever you call it then threw it on the sandwich making table as if the bread was a flying saucer. Who honestly does that, disrespecting the food? I was tired, lack of sleep, I was carrying my books that day on one arm and I'm telling you they're all heavy plus I WAS REALLY STARVING, I lost it.

I confronted her (I said it in tagalog since I knew she's a Filipina coz I heard she was talking to someone in tagalog and I really didn't want any attention from strangers).

Em: ate, wala ako pake kung tigang ka o kung ano man problema mo pero wag ka naman maging bastos lalo na dun sa pagkain. (miss, I don't care if you're not getting laid enough or whatever your problem is, don't disrespect the food).

I said my piece and my friends and I walked away.

We all have our crosses that we carry everyday but being mean like that?I was gonna eat that food she was disrespecting by throwing it on the table like it was a flying saucer. pssh


I know we have different opinions on everything and I understand that, what pisses me off are stupid arguments from stoopid people. *sigh* some people just can't really understand. =)) It's not about "I am right, screw you!" It's about having a debate with sensible people who can give reasonable rebuttals back.

Ad hominem? I dunno how times this person had used ad hominem on his "counter argument" against me. How about try the words name-calling or mudslinging the next time?

And how to end a what-the-eff-am-I-doing-wasting-my-time-on-a-person-like-you?Especially after some maybe 300 words of laughable rebuttal?

end it with




haha Sorry. I had to vent it out. :D


Em + War = 




According to my calendar, fall officially begins on the 23rd so it's not really bye bye summer yet BUT the summer humidity is definitely GONE now!

current temperature

I'm not ready for the negatives yet! haha I just hope it doesn't snow until the first week of December.




I love Brooklyn pizza! I cheated on my diet a week ago. I'm so bad :( lack of self control and discipline. hmm, I swear, I'll try the hardest to not cheat again.

Here goes my randomness again =)) well, I still have a paper to finish and it's 2:34am now and I just took a lil break so I can blog nonsensical things that will somehow help me feel not so stressed out. haha

I went to an Asian store and accidentally saw this. =))

It was so unexpected.

I was staring at the dvd rack for like 5 seconds before I finally absorbed it and that it wasn't some wholesome movies you wanna watch with your whole family.  =))









hmm, okay let's start with


Anyone here a fan or the biggest fan or been or still is a stalker of a boy band?a girl group?a band?a sports team?a wrestler? Yes? I AM! I am one of Jeff Hardy's biggest fan! Jeff Hardy isn't the topic here tho, coz I need a whole entry for him alone and this is a random entry so mleeh.

Anywoo, I was bored the past week that I started youtube-ing for these guys again

credits to google images / HanKyung.com

If you don't know who they are, they are SUPER JUNIOR or SuJu or SJ a Korean boy band. Munn, I became really sentimental haha and I honestly missed watching shows/performances with all 13 of them in it. If you guys are bored, watch Super Junior full house, EHB (exploration of the human body), Super Adonis Camp, Mystery 6, and their mini clips haha it's educational (ehb in particular) and you'll have good laughs with all their shows. It's just so sad that 3 of the ORIGINAL 13 MEMBERS are "gone" for now. *sniff sniff* Well, I wanna share two videos with you guys, the first one is their song called ONE LOVE.

lyrics go like this

One love one love
The memories are beautiful always be my girl
One love one love
The memories are beautiful I don’t wanna ever say goodbye

I WILL NEVER SAY GOODBYE TO SUPER JUNIOR! 13 FOREVER! HWAITING!! haha I'm being a fanatic =)) trivia to non SuJu fans: Sapphire blue is Super Junior's color :D

Next video is this, and I promise you girls, that this is gonna be the best 49 seconds of your lives! pwuahaha Imma corrupt ya'll innocent minds.


Their hips don't frigging lie. Gaah, this laptop is burning my lap and it's getting hotter because of SuJu's sexxyyyness! haha My cheeks were burning from that darn pelvic thrust compilation video. Did you guys, especially girls watched the vid/s?soo whachu girls think about their hips?

Secrets from my mother:
I lost my virginity in the spare bedroom with Danny Nussbaum while mum and dad were downstairs watching Ben-Hur.

Naah, it wasn't my secret. It was one of Emma Corrigan's secrets. Who exactly is Emma Corrigan? Read this book called

credits to google images

And you guys can find a review for the book here. I read the book a year ago. I liked it. (I am not gonna give out my review since I don't wanna spoil it to people who still wants to read it). Synopsis, I'll share. It's about a girl named Emma who suddenly spilled out all her secrets to a handsome stranger on a plane -- or at least, she thought he was a stranger. Can You Keep A Secret?is a good read. ;) How about you guys?Can you keep a secret?



Mara and I have a secret. Secrets actually and some gossips too! haha I'm confident that Mara can keep my secrets safe, right beh doll?

Did you guys follow my twitter yet?Are you following my blog?Yes?No?NOOOOO?! Not yet? Well, follow me and I'll follow you back :D

I don't even know what to say about that follow-ship whatever online. I get it why other people do it, the more followers you have, the "cooler" or more "famous" you are. I used to think of it that way but as I blog more and more, I am realizing that numbers are just plain stupid numbers and doesn't even mean anything. What matters to me now is the few people who reads and leave some comments and letting me know what they think, again, it's not about arse kissing the blogger, it's all about "hey, I like/did not like your entry and this is/are my opinion and I thought I'd let you know" type.

so, THANK YOU to the few people who reads my entries no matter how boring some of my posts are and are leaving some love here. ;) I appreciate you guys so much! *zebrahugs* what are zebra hugs?I have no clue. Well, Mara always bear hugs me and she's a bear, I'm a zebra, I love zebra prints so to be unique, I'm giving out zebra hugs right now! :D *zebrahugs*









Ok, so there's this TEN THINGS YOU'LL HATE ABOUT ME tag game going on around blogger



I'm uber bored,

me will do it.

credits to google images

Well let's see how much of myself I'll spill on this one haha


credits to google images

I honestly take forever to get ready. No. I AM NOT OVERSTATING it. No.EXAGGERATION. Aren't girls supposed to take forever to get ready? gaah, I prolly spend 45 mins in the shower, 1 hour to blow dry my hair, iron straight it (well, uhm I have natural curls + the thickness of my hair so..), half hour to dress, 10 mins to do my everyday look (foundation, bronzer and mascara). So if we're living together I'll drive you nuts with the amount of time you have to wait. I drive my parents crazy (or used to at least, before I moved out) & now it's the bf who I drive crazy, so before he comes to pick me up he always have to make sure that I'm all set already or if he comes and I'm not even halfway done, he goes ballistic. =)). hmm maybe one of you guys will be my roommie one of these days, hmm, just heads up for everyone. :D


That used to be my room from our old house. ha! I was gonna take a pic of my current room, as of this moment tho and for the past 3 days, my room is organized and that is a WORLD RECORD!! Why?Well, I can only keep my room organized for 24 hours. :p I dunno, I feel more productive if my room is a mess haha oh wait, even though my room is as chaotic as a jungle, my living room, kitchen, dining and the bathroomm are all squeaky clean! My parents always tell me this "ano ba naman 'to kwarto mo parang gubat! hinde na kame magugulat kung minsan diyan na mag meeting sila Tarzan." They also threatened to throw my stuff away if I don't keep it organized, my bf gave up in keeping my room in order and my parents now just don't care anymore. When they were here last month, they didn't even say anything no more, they knew what to expect. =)) You prolly can't stand the chaos so you'll hate me for that.


credits to google images

I am competitive. Maybe the reasons why I'm competitive are: I'm a woman and I'm only 5' 1/4". I hate it when some people are silently discriminating me because I'm a woman like I can't do anything except cook & clean the house and when the hubby gets home be ready for sex. Hells, I may do things differently like if some people can lift an 11 litre water with one hand and I lift it with both hands, durrr, at least I get things done. You guys get the gist right? That's why I do kickboxing, for physical strength mainly (and I prefer a guy for a sparring partner), so if I ever meet a sexist like the one I used to work with (FYI, he's mofabugly for someone who thinks he's all that), I won't just curse at him behind his back, but yell at his face and crush his balls. :D I am competitive/ always having a debate with someone, if I know I have strong points, I let people know and don't worry, I know when to shut up and that's when I don't know a thing. =) You'll either hate my competitiveness if you're a sexist and can't accept the fact that you and I can both be equally capable or can't deal with the reality that there's a possibility you'll get pwned.

07. BI.TCH

credits to google images

I'm on bi.tch fest half the time. Either it's PMS or I just can't stand the fuckery around and I have to do something about it. I can't stand stupidity either. We all have our dumdum moments, some people seriously tho are making it as a habit and thinks it's cute to act dumb all the time. Well, if I happened to be a beeyootcchh to you, do yourself a favor and don't be mad at me owwkay? coz maybe you deserved being called out on. :D haha reminds me of some people who harass me on PM's pssh


credits to google images

Well, girls could be bi.tches sometimes and that's part of our "womanity" and so is being sensitive and emotional even if that means crying over a sad movie. When I used to live with my parents, I always watch MMK on TFC and my mom & I will both frigging cry from beginning 'til the end. Movies, yes, there are some movies I had to watch over again coz I didn't understand the first time I did from too much sobbing. haha I don't think you'll hate me for this, you'll prolly end up like my sister, my dad and my bf, you'll laugh and tease me for being a crybaby.


credits to google images

hmm I'm shallow. I laugh at the pettiest things. I laugh if I hear/see someone sneeze, I laugh at myself when I sneeze. I ROFL when I've seen for the first time the jumping jacks fail

up to this moment, I still ROFL at this. 
If you wanna die laughing check out failblog on youtube

I'm just shallow. Please don't hate me for being shallow? ;))


I suck at harmonizing. I'm always the one who's always out of tune. blaah, I haven't been singing for a while now that I don't know how to anymore haha well this video was taken years ago and is one of my fav's. My bestfriend and I have lotsa singing videos together but I won't share those for everyone to see. Why?She'll kill me if I do haha

ya know why we stopped?I was going out of tune so wifey(yep we call each other wifey) got confused.

If we're singing together, you'll hate me for being out of tune all the time =))

03. SNOB
credits to google images

I'm not a snob. I don't have a perfect 20/20 vision and I wear my contacts depending on the weather and if I were to wear my glasses for a day I take them off frequently coz I get dizzy if I wear them for too long. You'll prolly think I'm a snob if you're trying to wave at me from 5 feet away and I'm not paying attention to you. No. I'm not a snob. I just don't see you clearly for me to wave back.


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The inability to understand other people's feelings. Mankind is judgmental by nature and I admit I am judgmental at times. Sometimes, I give out comments without thinking first if that will hurt a person. *sigh* most times tho I'm just snapping out because of their stupidity, it's still not an excuse I know, I really should consider being nice sometimes.


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I have big dreams for myself and my future and I have bigger dreams for other people like help them, do some charity works etc . Why you'll hate me?Because there's so many things I wanna do at once, I mess it up sometimes. I forget what things I should prioritize and things that can actually wait.

There's my list!

I'm tagging everyone who wanna do it.