Weee!!! I got a new blog award again and the

I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD was from Mimi. Thank you Thank you!

Some people actually find the blog awards absurd. Well, I beg to differ. Why?It's always nice when people don't always agree with what you have to blog about yet they appreciate your opinions. And I think that's what matters most and yes, it's not even the amount of followers you have, it's how some people are taking time to read your entries.

Anyways, I'll pass the appreciation around now with some minor rules.

  • copy and paste the I love your blog award icon to your blog
  • thank the person that gave the award to you

Mara - I love her blog because she's awesome in everything she writes! She's also creative with nails and I love how she gives me tips on how to be better. Mara writes loonnnng entries but I always have fun, I don't really notice how long her entry is until I get to the very end where she'll say something like "good job if you made it this far." I love Mara and her awesomeness.

Aryan - I love her blog because her randomness is cute! I love how she'll write about Engineering and stuff on one post then write about Alanis Morissette the next then write about some books she read and she'll review the book like she was paid to do it. Every single time she blogs about books, at the end of her posts because it's really intriguing tho it's mostly teen books, I am always itching to buy or borrow the book to read it. I love her, and I always have fun in exchanging fb messages and cbox randomness with her. I love Aryan and her being cute and all.

Emerson - Am I allowed to say your name here? lol! ok it's a.k.a midnight driver! I only have few words to say about the midnight driver.. Emerson's blog is one of the tagalog blogs I read and do enjoy. I think he is really a good blogger and he does make sense with whatever he had to say and I always end up smiling after each entry. Comic factor. I have to admit, I don't understand some of his Tagalog words ( tho I am fluent in both speaking & writing tagalog) coz some of his chosen words are deep. Midnight Driver, I love your blog!

Aris - Aris is the shocking truth! I wish he updates his blog often tho :D I'll never forget how he challenged me about a hot topic once (the Vice-Tadu brouhaha), I effing hate being challenged! It puts too much pressure on my happy go lucky life, thru that challenge tho we became friends. ;) Anyways, Aris rants/blogs in a creative intelligent way so I really don't get why a person or maybe some people are mad at him?Maybe they just don't understand??Well, can we really blame them if they don't have the brains?To the person/anonymous who said Aris' blog is crap, well, screw you! Why don't you reveal who you are then maybe try bit.ching at him again?haha Aris, continue being awesome love, let this person die from insecurity and oh, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Yay for them! I love their blogs and I LOVE THEM!

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Traveliztera said...

Congratulations!!! I don't think awards are absurd... A lot think that REAL AWARDS are the ones which you should be proud of. Apparently, simple awards like this are more heartfelt because they're personal and it's a huge thing for you because you know the sincerity of the blogger who gave it to you. In other words= more special. hehe! :D

Congrats again! :D

Emmaleigh said...

Yes! I totally agree with you :D I love getting simple awards, make me appreciate my blogging more.

Mimi said...

hi em! you are totally right! i always get excited and happy when i get an award because, as you said, someone out there appreciates your opinions and thoughts.

btw, you're welcome and you deserve it, i really love visiting your blog! :)

oh, and if i remember correctly, school started for you today, right? how was it?

<3, Mimi

Deejay Ruperto said...

sarap naman... paano magkaron ng ganyang award? hehehe...

anyway, congrats em.

Emmaleigh said...

@ Mimi: thanks again! and school will start today (Wednesday).

@ DeeJay: ahmm just keep on blogging hehe

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Thanks Em. I really appreciate the award. ipopost ko to for sure :-)

Emmaleigh said...

@ mDriver: haha np, you deserve it :D

devil_under_light said...

major major thank you, love. i totally agree with you and traveliztera. the best part is that not only have i received an award but a token of appreciation as well. it is rare to see a person who'll go this far for anyone. im with you all the way~! C:

Emmaleigh said...

np love! awesome bloggers deserve to be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks doll :) I'll make a decent post on it when i'm much more free. I've been buzzed lately :p