I am a horizontally and vertically challenged person.


I am FAT

I am short

I do breakout -- a lot!

I have blemishes

I have acne scars

I am not a good dancer

I am out of tune most of the time

I do bad things once in a while

I don't always follow my parents or my boss

I answer back

I did get failing grades at one point




I have gazillion of flaws inside out, SO WHAT??

Just like all of us here in the world, I am, just like you -- imperfect. And just like any normal earthlings out there, I'd be a hypocrite if I will say right now that I am "contented" with my imperfections. But don't you worry, coz I am 101% certain that I am not gonna pull a Heidi Montag.

These imperfections make me beautiful inside out because I don't let it get into me. Yes, I am not contented, nobody is anyways and it's normal to not be comfortable in the body that we are in sometimes. I love my imperfections, sure, but that doesn't mean I am not gonna do something about my excess body fats or my zits or my acne scars or my devilish side.

Because at the end of the day, it's not how we loved our imperfections that will sum up our life, but it's how happy we lived it. And to wrap this entry up for Team Carnival's Week 4 entry, I wanna leave ya'll with a quote to live by from Eleanor Roosevelt

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."



I'm gonna go "titleless" for this entry coz I couldn't think of any title that would pretty much summarize into one word on what this post is all about. hhhmmm, "titleless" is still a title right?so this entry is not titleless at all?But since I'm looking for a word that would sum up my entry then this post is still considered "titleless?". owkay lol nuf.

I love watching WWE, I actually was and still am dreaming of becoming a diva lol! (after I get rid of all these excess body fats haha). Yeah, I love watching WWE, this is a thing that most people don't know about. I love how entertaining WWE scripts can be sometimes, I love the excitement it brings me whenever I see my favourite wrestlers on screen, either by just an appearance or them having to wrestle their competitors. I also adore the fact that aside from they make me happy, the script can also make me really sad and disappointed whenever my favvie wrestler had to lose their title to a heel. I swear! If they will have a show near my place I am gonna see them live! I will not miss this for the world haha I am not gonna let an opportunity like this pass again.

Of course, I am foreseeing right now on what I'm gonna be when I see my wrestlers live. I will be one of those fangirls screaming on the top of their lungs at the front row (yep, those screams on a BSB concert lol!) and with a banner saying:


And yes, obviously, Jeff Hardy made my top list lol! Actually, I have two for the number one spot, him and Shawn Michaels.

Here's a video of one of the sexiest match ever lol!

Jeff Hardy and Maria v. Johnny Nitro and Melina

sexiest, well at least for the intro part haha Maria and Jeff Hardy were equally hot in here :p Ok I'll stop before someone thinks I also have the hots for Maria rofl!

and here's another fav match of mine, 2006 survivor series where half of my fav wrestlers were all in one team (the other half of the complete list of my favvies are already retired, dead and not part of this match).

I can't find a better quality uploaded video for this 2006 survivor series match so the video above was just the highlights of it. dayuuum! We watched this on PPV with my dad and whenever I scream or clap my hands and stomp my feet during the match he'll shush me up, well sorry dad, can't keep the excitement to a minimum level haha and yes, watching basketball, WWE and UFC are my dad and I's, father and daughter bonding. Since I moved out a year ago to a different province, we don't get to do our bonding more often now, just when I'm home for the summer or the holidays which is sad :(oh wells..

Hope you watched the video and you enjoyed it as much as I did (:



I missed this week's carnival entry on taking care of our nails, I was really overwhelmed with all my school projects and my finals, reasons why I can't collect myself into blogging an entry. Obviously now, I've bounced back and ready to be part of next week's topic which is....

Online SHOPPING!!(haha it just had to be bright red, come on! feel the excitement yo!) I am not gonna say, I live to shop coz that's not a fact, shopping is not my full time job either, I am a woman who loves to shop (if I have the moolah ocourse).

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

Whether in person or by clicking "buy" over the internet, that's me. I go to the mall to shop for clothes, shoes and make up, coz it sucks if you buy something online only realizing after you got the package that the dress or shoes doesn't fit you or your foundation isn't the right shade, all the hassles right?I mean, you've been excitedly waiting for your package only to send them back coz you want the right size. So if I buy my clothes, shoes and some of my make ups in store at the mall, what do I buy online? Where do I buy them?
  • I usually buy from multiply sellers
  • I buy Filipino crafts/products, products that I know will work for best for my skin.

The down side about shopping online:
  • The waiting period. It usually takes 3-15 business days before you get your package (and on one instance, I had to wait for 2 months for two bottles of lotions).
  • You really can't splurge on buying products online, because the heavier your box gets, the more money it'll cost you, so you try to limit your shopping on the minimum weight.
  • You have to be careful, there are lots of bogus sellers out there now ready to swindle you.
But hey, there are also good sides about online shopping:
  • I get discounts from my multiply "contacts" (they are the ones whom I've been dealing business with for the longest time). They give me discounts sometimes instead of freebies so it won't add more weight to my package.
  • Haggling. something you can't do at the mall.
  • If you're not a fan of crowded places like the mall but you adore buying things, then you will find online shopping more convenient.
And to sum it all up online shopping is actually as good and as bad like yourself shopping at the real mall. People has so many reasons why they both love and hate shopping online, probably the very same reasons other people has, on going from store to store to shop. That's my simple take on online shopping just like every single thing in this life, it has good and bad sides.

Whatever your preference is, enjoy shopping! It's your hard earned money. (:


GOODLUCK, anyone?

Are you guys superstitious?

I just happened to ask coz there's a random guy at work today who gave me a "stone", and said it's for goodluck (yes, that's the stone, in the picture). I am the person who doesn't really believe in luck or in any superstitious belief. If you happen to trip or slip on something, it just happened, maybe the floor was just slippery, -- an accident. If you won in the lottery, it was meant to happen, maybe God knew that if he made you rich you'd still be the old you, a good hearted individual who'll use the money to help those in need, who'll use the money in a good way. So if you didn't win in the lottery it doesn't mean you're having a badluck, it just simply meant, it's not for you. If you fail an exam, it's not also because of badluck, it's because maybe you didn't review your notes, days before the big day.

When I was a young girl tho, growing up in the Philippines, I was surrounded with lots of superstitious beliefs that if I didn't "follow" it (e.g you are not allowed to sweep the floor at night etc.) my parents, my relatives will flip out on me. Don't get me wrong ok?I wasn't anti-superstitions since birth, but being a kid means being naive and gullible right?So back then, I was freaked out and paranoid for example when eating bananas, I will "inspect" the bananas just to make sure there isn't any conjoined bananas in the pile, coz you know what they say about eating conjoined bananas?It means, you'll get pregnant and have twins. LOL! wtfudge right?haha I didn't know back 11 years, that it will take more than eating conjoined bananas for a girl to get pregnant. haha anyways, here's what I found on google images about siamese bananas (for people who are clueless :p).

I kept the stone, not because I am being superstitious now, the stone is cute, I could use that for maybe a decor?or even a paperweight haha the bf got mad at me tho, he is not just approving of me receiving "gifts" from random strangers. He actually reminded me of the movie, Drag Me To Hell, he said, maybe the stone was one of the "cursed" piece that was passed to me (yeah, he was just messing with my head lol!)

Anyone reading this entry, you guys have any idea what the stone is?lol! just out of curiousity, that's all.


Did you actually watch the video?haha Well, don't worry, I am not blogging about our monthly "gift", and no this is not a review about tampons lol! so carry on, read until the very end of this post. (:

Mother Nature - or Mother Earth, the precious planet that we live in, the planet that we, most of the times tend to neglect. I know, I understand coz just like you, I am a human being, our life are just so busy most of the time that we just "ignore" simple things that we can do to save our planet.

Seriously? Being "busy" with our everyday activities is just a lame excuse to do an act to help keep our planet clean and green. We don't have to join any environmental organization to take part of the clean and green act, a simple throwing our trashes/cigarette butts in its proper waste bin is step one, mother earth isn't asking for too much now, does she? Next step, RECYCLE. I've said this before from my previous home blog, but I'm gonna say it here again one more time, I am happy that our province charges for deposit now for every bottle, cartons, jugs of milk etc. This way, everyone will think twice now before tossing those out with their regular trash. Because I care for mother earth and the other people and other living things living in this planet and for the next generation, I recycle. I got $25 last December for bringing my bottles and cartons back to the bottle depot. It may not be a lot but that's still $25, a hard earned one, and I am not gonna throw that away in the garbage.

Go Paperless, I've been doing paperless for about 2 years now, I get my bank statements and bills online. Another point, I know it's annoying to get emails that are not really important right?The emails that we consider junk or spam, instead of subscribing from the weekly paper flyers, subscribe to email flyers, deleting them afterwards is not a hard thing to do. We all know where papers are made of right? By going paperless, we just saved a tree from being cut down cruelly.

So what other steps are there to save this planet from pollution and barbarism?

  1. Buy products that are eco-friendly, there are thousands of products to choose from in the market now that is eco-friendly and budget wise.
  2. Be old school. When cleaning your house use vinegar and water as your cleaning solution. They clean the same way anyways, plus it's harmless.
  3. Use recyclable bags when shopping.
  4. Reuse. Whatever container that is still good to use, use it to store food, sugar etc.
When I went to the grocery store the other day to buy detergent, I looked for of course, an eco-friendly product.

contains no phosphate

biodegradable, again when recycling, make sure that it is collected by licensed waste disposal company.

I am actually ready to wrap up this entry now as it is really getting long when I was struck with reality, that most people are not disciplined enough, maybe respectful but not disciplined enough to even throw their empty candy wrapper in the waste bin.

So not unless you're respectful, disciplined and you care enough for all the living things here on earth, this entry is pointless.



Well, I can't think of any title for this entry haha I have nothing but LOVE for this sexxah thang neways I'm just gonna give a quick shout out coz in a few mins I will be leaving for work.

Honestly, who wouldn't fall for those abs?pure smexxxyness and talent? deng I'm gonna explode for Usher haha Usher and wrestler Jeff Hardy are two of my biggest showbiz crush. LOL! back to the topic, since I'm a big fan of Usher and youtube artists who take it to the next level when doing a cover, I am gonna share to you guys misscarolinexoxo's, latest video doing an Usher remix. I love misscarolinexoxo, I love her, I love Nic and I love Lex, the whole shebang is nothing but pure awesomeness.

Enjoy ya'll

I am proud of them for doing justice to Usher's :D I'd be the first person to bash them if they ruined the sexy image of Usher's songs.

disclaimer: images are from google.

Subscribe to misscarolinexoxo and just wanna make it clear again, I am in no way related to anyone from misscarolinexoxo, I'm just an individual, appreciatin'.



Yes, whew! I've been M.I.A the past few days, reasons:

  • Semester's almost done, been really busy with essays.
  • Laptop's on the verge of crashing, so I've been busy backing up my files, I will honestly lose my sanity if my laptop will crash with all my essays.
  • since, laptop's crashing, I need to pick up more hours at work so I can buy myself a new one, I'm not really opting for an expensive laptop right now, just enough to get by while I wait for my MacBook Pro in the fall.
Ok, so that's pretty much about it, and while my sister is being nice and she's letting me use her MacBook, i'll make sure I will utilize the most out of it. :D


WHO IS myfingersRtyping?

I honestly don't know how to start this entry, this post is for Team Carnival, for our local Blog Carnival version, and for our first theme/topic is all about our own blog and why we joined the Team Carnival community.

Before I even get to the whole point, I just felt the need of introducing myself first.

Who is myfingersRtyping?and what is her blog all about?

- Just like any person out there, I am just like them, a human being trying to live life to the fullest. I am a shifter, the reason why at 24, I'm still in University. I was an arts student then my parents made me realized that there's no "money" in the field I was pursuing so I took a year gap then went back to school, this time I enlisted myself in the Psychology department taking Child Psych minor in Anthropology, blah blah then I shifted again haha same department but different field, I am doing Behavioural Psych now specializing in Autism and I am proud to say that I've got two more years to go before I graduate :D yay! I also have a passion for singing and that passion almost made me go fly to California about two years ago to audition for the Pinoy Dream Academy, One of my biggest dreams is to meet and work with Mr. C, maestro himself, Ryan Cayabyab, and have Mr. Gerard Salonga as my critique. You might be wondering why I didn't fly to Cali to audition, because the year that I was gonna go was the year when we organized an all filipino chorale with the desire to help the people in need back home in the Philippines and let's just say our first project was a success despite the people who can't be happy and tried all the evil ways to bring us down. yep! That's pretty much how I will sum up who am I so you won't be surprised or at lost in the randomness of this blog. haha

myfingersRtyping, yep, you won't be reading any entries if my fingers weren't at the works right?LOL! well, I guess my blogger name is pretty much self explanatory. hmm okkaayy, what is my blog all about?

  • just all about the fruitcaking randomness in the world.
that's all what my blog is all about, if you like randomness then you've came to the right blog haha The reason why I don't have a theme like blog is because I am not gonna be able to maintain it even if I wanted to.

Food Blog - I gain weight just thinking about food alone, much more if I go to places and pig out?soo nooo way.

Beauty Blog - ohh pssh! I will only be wasting everyone's time if I'm gonna do a beauty blog coz I am no legit. haha

Travel Blog - with my school and my part time work schedule, there's no way on earth I can play around and travel to places, and plus it's expensive.

so again, I am a random blogger. Being a random blogger is less expensive, blogging only about my everyday adventures and my say about certain things.

myfingersRtyping on why she joined My Team Carnival community.

- Simple. I wanna meet lots of bloggers from different walks of blogs :D I wanna make friends with them, link exchange and most importantly, I learn from them. My simple reason on why I joined the community, no dramas whatsoever. I also wanted traffic and comments of course just to see how many people actually do read my blogs, wanting some link exchange and it's always nice to know that some people actually are enjoying their stay on your blog.

And before I go, I wanna share to ya'll my biibii haha



Just when I thought

Am I really writing two entries tonight?


dayuum! Just when i thought I will be saying bye bye to these babies for 7 months.


It is just sooo friggin' frustrating that everyone is just excited for spring when we had


yep, SNOW in SPRING! boo! I wouldn't mind a lil bit of snow in spring, but earlier today and up to now that I am writing this entry, all I could hear is the strong wind ready to take my roof away any moment now bwuahaha. It was a struggle walking today honestly, because half the time earlier I was walking fighting against the wind, maderpaker! I can't even breathe, can't see properly coz my hair is all over my face, any hair accessories (hood, toque etc) was just pointless today, the wind was just blowing them away. haha I suddenly had a flash of how I looked today while walking inside the campus going to my classes holding my hood down. what a loser. LOL! What's even funnier is, after I got home, I was craving for an ice cream bar so I went out my building and walked to the convenient store which is a minute away, and again the fighting against the wind drama haha all that for a drumstick. Walking back home wasn't really a hassle coz I don't have to brawl against the wind, but I felt like a speeding car on a highway as the wind pushes me forward back to my building.

What a day!


Wifey, yes, I have a "wifey" and no, we're not married as wife and wife. lol! confusing much?

3 years ago when we first met, we were introduced by my mom since they know each other as they work in the same hospital. (ok seriously, why am I narrating this as if this is a fairytale?!lol!) back to the story, so we were introduced to one another, we're not friends instantly, I am really shy and I don't know how to open up a conversation, I am just scared that if I initiated a topic it'll be boring coz she's not really into it/them and I am not really the chatty type of person to begin with. One day, I came home from school and she was down in the basement with my sister watching something online, and trust me it's not porn. I had a quick dinner and came down to check out on them coz they've been laughing hysterically and I was curious to death.

They were watching Super Junior's Mystery 6, it's supposed to be a horror show, but some of the parts are really a laugh out loud, I joined in and suggested we watch EHB after and to cut the long story short our friendship started on our addiction with the 13 Korean boy band - Super Junior.

We call our bestfriends in different nicknames right? some call each other, "besty", "bff" etc etc we, on the other hand, doesn't have a bff nickname for each other, we just can't think of any -- period. My sister and her bff call each other "SEB" (well, it's not that SEB haha it's actually "best" pronounced backwards minus the letter T). so before, we just call each other "yaaa!" like how SuJu call each other/Korean expression. It was late December when yaaa and I went to the mall, we saw this kiosk who sell jewelries, we checked them out and I dunno what happened but we bought a pair of friendship rings, and "wifey" was born.


one of the things that we love to do together -- SING! haha we have hundreds of videos uf us singing together/playing an instrument (she plays the piano and I play the guitar) but I'm not really gonna share it all here haha she'll kill me if she finds out lol! I'm gonna share a video, and this was from 2 halloweens ago and we've improved since then lol!


EGGciting DAY!

Ok, wait, before I get all EGGcited, just wanna greet everyone a HAPPY EASTER! I Hope ya'll had a bountiful easter dinner with all your family and friends ;)

Now for my real entry.

Like I said from my previous post, I worked today, but only for four hours so it's not that bad. But what really made this day so EGGciting? No, I didn't go easter egg hunting before going to work haha (just in case you were thinking it that way :p) I was EGGstatic from the chocolates I got without getting myself all soiled up from all the hunting and having to fight lil kids over an egg shaped chocolate.

I felt loved today from the EGGjoyable chocolates from people at work.


nom!nom!nom! haha EGGcess calorie intake here egg come. boo!



I was at work this morning when the bf called and left a voicemail for me telling how breathtaking the clouds are, soon as I got out my work place, I looked up and was mesmerized! the clouds indeed are breathtaking. I was gonna take pictures right away but I didn't bring my camera with me and my phone cam is only 5mp and will not for sure give me the shot that I wanted (clarity and effects) given the distance, so shortly after I got home, I took my camera, went out the terrace where I can view the sky in a superb angle and just clicked my shutter crazily!

The sky is just flawless! (I will only be sharing the "best" shots from today.)




Sooo serene.


I just wanna say THANK YOU to surrealprincess for creating a beautiful badge for my blog. I don't know her personally, she's just kind enough to make me one. I appreciated your effort sister and see ya around ;)



What's with my name day at work today, and here's the story.

- I have 3 names, but I'm not gonna say it right here lol! I either go by my second name or third name, and at work I go by my second name (and yes, we have a name badge :p) coz it's a lot easier to say than my third name, ok so there's this two guys waiting in line while I was talking/assisting this customer who were there before them when I overheard one of the guys say, *insert my name here* instinctively, because I heard my name, I looked at them, then one of the guys say, "let's just ask her later". dadadadada now it's their turn, just after I said hi this how the conversation went:

GUY1: ok, so before anything else, how do you pronounce your name?
ME: well, depends on your accent. (seriously, it does, you can say my second name in so many ways depending on your accent :P)
GUY2: coz we were fighting here and we just wanna know how do you say your name? when you introduce yourself how do you usually say your name?
ME: it's *name here*
GUY2: dayuum! you're right! (to his buddy) facck! he's right
owkay.. big deal much lol!

next scenario happened like 2 hours after the first one.
WOMAN: hey, you're cute, you should smile more often.
SON: agree! you look so unapproachable
(yep, I've always been told that)
WOMAN: why do I have this feeling that you play the guitar?you play the guitar sweetie?
ME: yeah, a lil bit, a super beginner?haha
WOMAN: that explains the lack of smile, the "seriousness".
ME: ok, the relevance?
WOMAN: well, that would be your "homework".

sooo I'm begging, anyone who knows the answer/relevance of guitar playing and the "seriousness" please do let me know :D

Third scenario

MAN: I like your name.
ME: thanks
MAN: do you know what your name means
ME: kinda?dunno, not sure
MAN: *explanation here* and do you know that your name is a common Russian name?I am Russian btw.
ME: oh really?yeah, I do remember I've been told that months ago. I've always thought that my name is more of a Spanish name tho.
MAN: oh, is that right?well, I dunno about that, but in Russia your name is a popular female name, so for me *my name here* is more of a Russian name.
ME: ok.. it's still more of a Spanish name for me.
* then both laughs*

I've been with that company since last summer and this is actually the first time I had customers fighting over how to pronounce my name, dunno what's with today and my name. But whatever lol! I love my second name, it sound so exotic! bleh :p