Well, I can't think of any title for this entry haha I have nothing but LOVE for this sexxah thang neways I'm just gonna give a quick shout out coz in a few mins I will be leaving for work.

Honestly, who wouldn't fall for those abs?pure smexxxyness and talent? deng I'm gonna explode for Usher haha Usher and wrestler Jeff Hardy are two of my biggest showbiz crush. LOL! back to the topic, since I'm a big fan of Usher and youtube artists who take it to the next level when doing a cover, I am gonna share to you guys misscarolinexoxo's, latest video doing an Usher remix. I love misscarolinexoxo, I love her, I love Nic and I love Lex, the whole shebang is nothing but pure awesomeness.

Enjoy ya'll

I am proud of them for doing justice to Usher's :D I'd be the first person to bash them if they ruined the sexy image of Usher's songs.

disclaimer: images are from google.

Subscribe to misscarolinexoxo and just wanna make it clear again, I am in no way related to anyone from misscarolinexoxo, I'm just an individual, appreciatin'.

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myfingersrtyping said...

ok so the video is a lil bit messed up haha I'm running late for work so I'm just gonna edit it when I get home tonight.

Lynn said...

Those abs are lethal weapons, lol. Thanks for sharing the vid... really good.