Did you actually watch the video?haha Well, don't worry, I am not blogging about our monthly "gift", and no this is not a review about tampons lol! so carry on, read until the very end of this post. (:

Mother Nature - or Mother Earth, the precious planet that we live in, the planet that we, most of the times tend to neglect. I know, I understand coz just like you, I am a human being, our life are just so busy most of the time that we just "ignore" simple things that we can do to save our planet.

Seriously? Being "busy" with our everyday activities is just a lame excuse to do an act to help keep our planet clean and green. We don't have to join any environmental organization to take part of the clean and green act, a simple throwing our trashes/cigarette butts in its proper waste bin is step one, mother earth isn't asking for too much now, does she? Next step, RECYCLE. I've said this before from my previous home blog, but I'm gonna say it here again one more time, I am happy that our province charges for deposit now for every bottle, cartons, jugs of milk etc. This way, everyone will think twice now before tossing those out with their regular trash. Because I care for mother earth and the other people and other living things living in this planet and for the next generation, I recycle. I got $25 last December for bringing my bottles and cartons back to the bottle depot. It may not be a lot but that's still $25, a hard earned one, and I am not gonna throw that away in the garbage.

Go Paperless, I've been doing paperless for about 2 years now, I get my bank statements and bills online. Another point, I know it's annoying to get emails that are not really important right?The emails that we consider junk or spam, instead of subscribing from the weekly paper flyers, subscribe to email flyers, deleting them afterwards is not a hard thing to do. We all know where papers are made of right? By going paperless, we just saved a tree from being cut down cruelly.

So what other steps are there to save this planet from pollution and barbarism?

  1. Buy products that are eco-friendly, there are thousands of products to choose from in the market now that is eco-friendly and budget wise.
  2. Be old school. When cleaning your house use vinegar and water as your cleaning solution. They clean the same way anyways, plus it's harmless.
  3. Use recyclable bags when shopping.
  4. Reuse. Whatever container that is still good to use, use it to store food, sugar etc.
When I went to the grocery store the other day to buy detergent, I looked for of course, an eco-friendly product.

contains no phosphate

biodegradable, again when recycling, make sure that it is collected by licensed waste disposal company.

I am actually ready to wrap up this entry now as it is really getting long when I was struck with reality, that most people are not disciplined enough, maybe respectful but not disciplined enough to even throw their empty candy wrapper in the waste bin.

So not unless you're respectful, disciplined and you care enough for all the living things here on earth, this entry is pointless.

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