GOODLUCK, anyone?

Are you guys superstitious?

I just happened to ask coz there's a random guy at work today who gave me a "stone", and said it's for goodluck (yes, that's the stone, in the picture). I am the person who doesn't really believe in luck or in any superstitious belief. If you happen to trip or slip on something, it just happened, maybe the floor was just slippery, -- an accident. If you won in the lottery, it was meant to happen, maybe God knew that if he made you rich you'd still be the old you, a good hearted individual who'll use the money to help those in need, who'll use the money in a good way. So if you didn't win in the lottery it doesn't mean you're having a badluck, it just simply meant, it's not for you. If you fail an exam, it's not also because of badluck, it's because maybe you didn't review your notes, days before the big day.

When I was a young girl tho, growing up in the Philippines, I was surrounded with lots of superstitious beliefs that if I didn't "follow" it (e.g you are not allowed to sweep the floor at night etc.) my parents, my relatives will flip out on me. Don't get me wrong ok?I wasn't anti-superstitions since birth, but being a kid means being naive and gullible right?So back then, I was freaked out and paranoid for example when eating bananas, I will "inspect" the bananas just to make sure there isn't any conjoined bananas in the pile, coz you know what they say about eating conjoined bananas?It means, you'll get pregnant and have twins. LOL! wtfudge right?haha I didn't know back 11 years, that it will take more than eating conjoined bananas for a girl to get pregnant. haha anyways, here's what I found on google images about siamese bananas (for people who are clueless :p).

I kept the stone, not because I am being superstitious now, the stone is cute, I could use that for maybe a decor?or even a paperweight haha the bf got mad at me tho, he is not just approving of me receiving "gifts" from random strangers. He actually reminded me of the movie, Drag Me To Hell, he said, maybe the stone was one of the "cursed" piece that was passed to me (yeah, he was just messing with my head lol!)

Anyone reading this entry, you guys have any idea what the stone is?lol! just out of curiousity, that's all.

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Lynn said...

I'm not superstitious either--I believe God is in control... and the banana thing's always got me looking for conjoined ones because I thought having twins would be cool, lol.

myfingersrtyping said...

haha that's really cute! when you got twins from eating conjoined bananas lemme know lol! imma eat tons of those when I am ready to be a momma. I would love to have twins, a girl and a boy haha