Wow, I feel like this is the first time in 2 months that I am actually taking a night off and letting myself, breathe. Procrastinate. To just actually, enjoy, enjoy, and not in a "rush" to get this day over.

Essays, finals and work, took over my social life and my sleep. I have an average of 4 hours of sleep a day for the past 2 months, and now, I feel like my body is "giving up" on me. I have a dry cough, I've been sneezing, I have a sore throat and it is killing me!!!! I can't be sick right now, not on the finals week. *sigh* Oh wells, I'm gonna be sleeping early tonight and I am not gonna deprive myself with a good night sleep.

Before I go, since I am here already updating, might as well "feed" my readers on what's been happening, aside from being so stressed out.


-- Yes, I created a Tumblr account.

No, no, I am not leaving blogspot. I made a Tumblr account, because, it is a lot easier/convenient to multimedia blog. Tumblr, is Blogspot's, less formal blogging outlet. For me, blogger is more "formal" in a way, that there's a need to elucidate a certain topic. Tumblr, on the other hand, is like twitter, if you like a post and wants to retweet it or reblog a certain post/topic, all you need is hit the retweet button or the reblog button, then presto, an instant post without worrying about giving credits. See, because I felt like I need the justification to tell the difference between Tumblr and Blogspot (tho I know most will not care anyway), I just made a semi-long post about a certain subject, when I just could've said, "I made a Tumblr account." =))

Just in case you're wondering about my Tumblr name, click Why Krayola Deville? And it will pretty much explain, why. And if someone got curious and asked why not just use the same blogspot address? Well, like I said, Tumblr, is a more "happy-go-lucky" blogging outlet and I really don't use my fingers to type as much when blogging on Tumblr, so why be so "serious", right?


I've been using http://myfingersRtyping.blogspot.com to watermark all my pictures, since day 1. Now, that I have two blogs to "maintain" (on two different blogging outlets and on two different blog names), I decided to just use my bloggerwood name, Emmaleigh, to watermark all my pictures. It just wouldn't feel "right" to put pictures on Tumblr with the blogspot.com watermark. So, yeah, I dunno.

Yes, that's pretty much about it. I only have a week more left for school, then I'll be stress free!



So, this is the movie "reviews" entry as promised. I had a long list of movies I wanna review, but I might cut this entry in two parts, depending on how long or short the review will be, with the first 6 movies in my list.

SPOILER ALERT: Read at your own risk. 

DISCLAIMER: All the photos that I'll be using for this blog entry are all from google images, videos are from youtube, and I do not own them. The reviews in this entry are all from the blogger, unless, otherwise stated.



Adam, a security guard, travels from California to the Philippines, his native land, for his father's funeral. He arrives in Manila. As he waits, a phone rings in his backpack; he answers it, and a male voice tells him that his mother and sister are captives and will be killed if Adam doesn't cooperate. Over the next hour, the voice sends Adam by bus, taxi, motorized tricycle, and on foot through an urban landscape of busy streets, cramped apartments, a fetid squatters' camp, a bank, a cockfighting arena, and a church. Adam's conversations with the voice cover murder, Islam, jihad, rebellion in Mindanao, and his family. What is it Adam will be commanded to do? Will he acquiesce? (credits: here)

☛ As indie as it gets. Whenever I am planning to watch a movie, whether a new release or not, I almost NEVER read the reviews. Not all movie reviews are giving out spoilers, but, I don't wanna be watching a movie and remembering at the same time the review that I read and expecting that kind of impact on me. When the movie is done, I want a review based on how the movie affected me, not on how I was influenced by a review. Now, going back to the indie film, Cavite. I am rating this movie a 4/5 and let's start off with the minor details that "threw me off" from giving this movie, a perfect 5.

  1. Being slang. No offense to Filipinos who can't speak straight Tagalog. Adam, is taking orders from the male voice on the other side of the line, the "boss" is obviously someone who is not comfortable in speaking Tagalog. My point is, the "boss" is supposed to be the intimidating one, the "do whatever I say or I'll kill your family." For me, the "boss" failed big time on being "scary" for mis-pronouncing lots of the Tagalog words. It is crucial because that where lays the "thrill" on the audience. It is just plain awkward and irritating that I am mentally correcting a bunch of the Tagalog words delivered and the "boss" sounded "weak" to me every time he speaks. It is a minor detail, missed. I am pretty sure, both Neill Dela Llana and Ian Gamazon, know someone who can do the "boss" part who speaks and is very comfortable with Tagalog.
  2. Gay, Bakla. I know it is supposed to taunt Adam, in the movie. And in my opinion, it is insulting to our brothers and friends who are gay. Being scared with big dogs or you can't eat balut (to those who are not familiar with balut, it is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly developed embryo inside), doesn't necessarily mean you're gay. There are other ways to get a "hostage" do what you want without insulting people from the third sex. Just saying.
  3. There was a scene in the movie where Adam was trying to steal a woman's cellphone. It was weak! I mean, there are people a few steps away from Adam and the woman he was trying to rob, and yet they were ignoring it. Adam doesn't even look like he was armed and nobody even dared to help the lady. I dunno, I thought the scene was pretty funny.
Now, for the good part that earned the 4 stars.

  1.  Fast paced action thriller. Despite the annoying "boss", I enjoyed this movie. It happened very fast and it covered a lot of grounds; the Philippine culture, the poverty, politics and religion. The movie was well-researched, in my opinion. Cavite, is BAM! at point and did not waste any irrelevant scenes.
  2. As indie as it gets. With an estimated $7,000 (US) budget, this movie is of a high-concept idea one. The resources are very LIMITED, but it was well-edited, the scripts were well-written, like I said earlier on, it was well-researched. I can't find any more "faults" to point out except the 3 I already mentioned above. 
  3. I was pissed at first because I don't understand the relevance of the kid who was asked by the "boss" to steal Adam's luggage, the kid buying something from McDonald's and eating the fries outside, to the story. Like, why was he given "importance?" Why, instead of the bank "heist" shown, they chose to give the kid his own "I'm eating McDonald's fries" moment, then he got up and started walking away? Then, as the movie is about to end, (the way I see it/analyzed it), the kid is in somewhat, in Adam's shoes. The question in this movie is, "What are the things you are willing to do/sacrifice for your family?" Adam, did whatever the "boss" told him to do to save his family and he did. Adam, got his mother and sister safe. The kid, was asked to steal Adam's luggage in exchange for some money, enough to buy himself a burger, fries and a pop. At the end, they showed the kid home to his gramma (or I think his grampa) and they shared the McDonald's meal happily. 
Big or small sacrifice/s, we are all willing to do it for our family.

I'm only on my first movie review and it was a long one already. Yes, I felt the need to justify what I did not like about the movie, and why I liked it.

Here's the trailer for Cavite

watch and you'll know why I was "annoyed" with the "boss."



When Texas professor David Gale (Kevin Spacey), an advocate for the elimination of the death penalty, is falsely accused and convicted of the rape and murder of another activist (Laura Linney), he ends up on the state's notorious death row himself. In a series of flashbacks, Gale tells his story to a young reporter (Kate Winslet) who's visiting him on death row, leaving her to sort out his guilt or innocence. (credits to Netflix)

☛ a 2/5 stars.

Unlike the first movie reviewed, let's start The Life Of David Gale with its good points.

  1. From Kevin Spacey, to Laura Linney, to Kate Winslet, down to the lesser known celebrities, to the cameo roles, they all had their genuine moments. 
  2. And to be completely honest, I don't know what good points to say anymore about this movie, except for how good the character portrayals are. It's not that bad, but it's just so hard to point out the good ones.
  3. Maybe, the effect on me after watching this movie, is about my view on death penalty. Is there really justice? Are there really innocent people wrongly convicted? What are the risks you are willing to take just to prove a point?
  1.  The movie is not confusing like what other people I know, said. The movie has so many twists that when you think about it, it did not make any sense. The bottom line of all the twists and turns is, everything was planned from the beginning. From the alleged rape, and the murder. You know how some people can already "predict" on how the movie will end? I think the movie's aim is to get the "oh, I did not see that coming. Great ending! Superb story!" from people, but they failed miserably. Like I already said, it has so many twists and turns that did not make any sense, that instead of feeling "good" after watching the movie, you'll just be dismayed.
  2. The movie is bad, because of how the story was poorly told. It gave me that impression that they tried too hard to impress the audience.
  3. I think, they should've stick to the first twist, instead of, adding another twist to the first twist and adding another twist. The twists and turns to reveal the story did not do this movie any good at all. I am just disappointed at what could've been an all time classic.

 Here's the trailer for The Life Of David Gale

In my intro, I said that I'll be "reviewing" 6 movies at least. I will only do 2 because of how the entry had gotten long already, and I wanna be read. :D



Is it just me, or November is really flying by really fast?

We are almost saying goodbye to November.

November, is definitely a busy month for me. I only have a few more weeks before fall semester ends, and I've been working lots of hours and on top of that, I'm trying to live my life, balancing school, work and social life, plus, blogging and blog hopping every now and then. *whew*

my November calendar.

Spell B-U-S-Y?? But hey, you can always catch me on twitter, tweeting nonsense. :D Twitter, had become my "outlet" about every single thing. If you're not a tweep yet, sign up! It's fun. :D

hmm, actually, I've been planning on reviewing some movies but I'll just do that on the weekend since I wanna give more time to each of those movies and give them all a fair "review." Weekend, yes, refer to the calendar up there, and you'll see that I'm pretty much free on Friday night after classes, Saturday and Sunday (that is, if I get to finish my school work). :D 

Yeah, what's still left for me to say?hmmm, I've been doing an "investigation" and once confirmed, I will blog about it and let you guys be "aware" and be cautious, not just for yourself, but for people you love and people you know.

I'm about to end this mini update and I'll leave you guys with this video/audio.

 Love The Way You Lie

Someday, I'll find the courage to sing in front of the camera. :D




♫ ♫ Guess who's back? Shady's back. nananana That's why they call me Slim Shady, I'm back, I'm back. That's why they call me Slim Shady, I'm back, I'm back. ♫ ♫

credits to google images
Well, it's not really Eminem who's back, but, EMMALEIGH! *woohoo* and yes, I'm corny like that.

ya'll can sing along if ya'll want. 

Emmaleigh's back! ya'll feel me?haha

This post is gonna be a..

credits to google images

credits to google images


credits to google images

.. POST..

A bitch post again, a little bit of errrything all rolled into one.


-- Wells, nothing really had "exploded"

Almost. That's my laptop's charger and I did not notice that coil or whatever you call that hanging out of the "skin" until Saturday afternoon when it "sparked" and there was smoke coming out from the coil whatever. I panicked munnn! haha so I went on for almost 3 days without using my laptop.

FINALLY! The bf got me a universal charger on Monday morning 'coz he knew I have an essay due this Friday. I did not save my draft in my usb (if I did, I could use the school's computer) and typing my essay using my laptop, will drain the whatever battery life is left so yeah, thank you P! :D Monday was a good day, a great way to start off the week happy and I hope it will continue on.


WINTER IS HERE! like really here! haha I don't wanna complain because complaining will not stop the snow to fall or the crazy wind chills we'll get. So just like every winter, bundle up, keep warm, be safe and try to enjoy the weather no matter how cold it will get.

The second picture looks a bit "depressing." It feels like you're in a horror movie (just like in the movie called, Wind Chill) and you're stranded and there's no help. pwuahaha paranoia.

So how's everyone been doing? I missed blogging, I missed blog hopping and I have lotsa reading to do after this post is published.

I'm just happy that I'm back!



I never had the chance to ask everyone this question, but yeah, who dressed up on Halloween?

I did not this year. :( I was originally planning on being Tinkerbell again ( I was Tinkerbell 2 years ago), I dunno why all of the other girly girly characters out there, I am in love with Tinkerbell. hmm, maybe because deep inside me I wish for some magical powers and that I could fly. *sigh* I can only wish.

sooo why didn't I dress up for Halloween this year? My Tinkerbell costume was at my parents' house and I forgot, like totally forgot to bring it with me when I was over there for the summer and buying a new outfit is not really practical especially now that since school started, my hours was cut back drastically so I NEED TO BUDGET!

And finally, the point of this entry? I recreated a fairy look inspired by Petrilude's Mother Earth tutorial video.


and here's the tutorial

That look, especially the gold flakes and the green leaves became my inspiration to do a Tinkerbell look. I don't have gold flakes so I used a yellow eyeshadow from The Body Shop instead.

Tinkerbell is all about gold, green and glittery so this is the look I came up with, with the minimal makeup that I own.

oh yeah, I'm not a pro, I don't do full makeup everyday except for foundation, concealer, lip balm and bronzer. I just wanted to do the look, so here it goes.


Then I realized that my lips were too "dramatic"/ too dark so I decided to

"tone" it down a bit.

sorry for camwhoring =))



hmm, I used a yellow eyeshadow, a green eyeshadow, a black eyeliner, black mascara, and a brown/maroon-ish lipstick for this look.



And this is without the flash


Time will come that I'll improve my makeup skills. =)) THAT DAY WILL COME!! haha

so who dressed up on Halloween?What did you guys dressed up as?



Yes. Finally! Inspiration struck me today and I have to blog it like right now before I lose it.



This post was supposed to be my Halloween entry but my lack of inspiration was to blame. Actually, a feeling "I'm THE blogger" was to blame. blaah. Don't even bother asking who this person is coz not unless you're Mara, then I am NOT telling you. sorry. That's just how it rolls.

And before I become the mega bitch from planet Mars and turn this Horror Movies?Are You In? post into a horrorly bitching rant, I'll stop and leave the beeyootchiness right here, right now.


Yes. I do love horror movies, the ones that will elicit my emotion of fear, the one that will startle me (please, no not the disgusting chopping legs and arms, bondage *seriously* a.k.a torture porn kind, tho mild goriness is tolerable ), suspense-thrillers: psychological, crime, mystery. No. I don't get scared easily.

When I was kid of course, I get scared with less effort. My parents or any adult will tell me this horror story about this and that establishment and I get scared. As I grew older, I just got less and less spooked from watching or reading horror, suspense-thriller genre.

But here are some movies that scared the shit outta me and a few movies that earned the mutthuurfuuckkeurrThissIsAwesome and you deserve this muuttuurfuckuuckingAward.

credits to google images

LULZ I know! haha But this Undin creature stroke terror in my life as a kid. Shake, Rattle & Roll lll: Nanay (mother); A sea creature called an Undin who avenges the loss of her eggs by killing groups of people who disturbed them in the ocean. One by one the group of friends are killed mercilessly by the mother Undin as she deposits acidic saliva onto their bodies. Maloy (Manilyn Reynes) is one of the girls who has to find a way to bring back the remaining eggs to its mother before she strikes again. [source: here]

I was never fond of beaches or oceans, even swimming pools again after seeing this movie. I got so paranoid that whenever we go on outings, I'd stepped on an Undin egg and the Undin will find me, come out of our toilet bowl and kill me and my family. Hey Undin! I am not scared of you no more! haha bring it on bissh! KIDDING! Wherever you are, stay there and enjoy taking care of your eggs.

credits to google images

SHUTTER - The Thai movie, yes. It focuses on mysterious images seen in developed pictures [ here for more]. I intensely, yep I-N-T-E-N-S-E-L-Y love this movie! One of the movies that uh-huh, scared me. If you have not seen this movie yet, wtf?go see it! Rent it or youtube it. I am hesitant to say more about this movie 'coz I don't wanna spoil you just in case you haven't seen this movie and you're considering it.

In 2008, US remade this film under the same title. I spent $$ to see the remake and I was DISAPPOINTED. A fraaaking waste of my money and time! I am not a fan of remakes and I was about to rant about the reasons why but I'll save that for my next entry since I want to focus more on horror movies that I liked.

Moving on...

credits to google images

Yep. The original version of the movie QUARANTINE. I was scared and paranoid to be living in this building for a while after watching this movie. I live in a quiet 3-storey building, and this movie made me curious about the other tenants in this building. What if someone has a "secret" or is "possessed" and broke into my unit and bit me and I turn into a zombie? pwuahaha

credits to google images

Feng Shui is a Filipino horror movie starring Kris Aquino about an old bagua mirror that showers luck and prosperity to its owner and brings death to those near her. [ more here]

Ok, here's the funny story. We ( family and some friends) were watching this movie while eating steamed buns when the scene where a gecko landed on Kris Aquino's head had me screaming and made me accidentally threw my steamed bun away. It was funny 'coz I was being extremely jumpy on that particular day.

Do you have any baguas at home?or do you believe in tarot readings? or do you wear any charm/lucky accessories?
credits to google images

Again, the original ONE MISSED CALL. For the first time in my cellphone usage history that I got spooked by mobile phones ringing and voice mails. After seeing the movie, I fell "in love" with the ringtone so I downloaded it and used it as my main tone because I thought I was cool and brave enough to hear it every time someone unassigned is calling me.

hear the tone for yourself

Oh yeah, I thought I was brave until a classmate called me in the middle of the night asking about our report at the end of the week. Wells, my phone vibrating and that creepy tone woke me up then I was like "ohhh fuck! am I gonna die?" I deleted that creepy ring tone after that incident.

image credits to google images

If you don't know who Sam Raimi is then STFU. haha Seriously, I'm sick of people saying "Drag Me to Hell is scary but there's a comedic factor in it." Again, I am seriously begging, shut the fuck up. I'm just gonna paste what I wrote in my multiply account about this movie that I wrote over a year ago here...

It's been a while since an alright horror movie came out to the mainstream. This movie is a 4/5! I'm a horror movie fanatic, I've seen a lot of horror movies and most of them I didn't get to finish watching, 'coz it's just so disappointing, the typical Asian cliche (ghosts crawling out of somewhere or trying to pop/break) or the effects and the acting weren't that great or the remakes. Drag me to hell is fantabulous! Justin Long was very adorable as "Clay" and Reggie Lee as Stu Rubin was just amazing, I was just a bit "disturbed" with Alison Lohman, and it's not with her acting (I loved her performance here, she was convincing), I think because she was too skinny, flat chested and her brows were too thick, lol! This movie?! it seriously drove me out of my wits. twas one hell of a movie. 

That Mrs. Ganush frightened me. I think I was one of the loudest in the theatre when we saw this movie. sshh :D
credits to google images

Who would've thought that the "I see dead people" line was who Bruce Willis is in the movie? This movie was shown on cable last weekend and I just had to see it again. I was terrified of course but now, every time I remember this movie, I feel sad. As a matter of fact, I cried at the ending when I first saw this. It is just so sad that you're already dead and yet everyday you walk around and "live your life" like a normal living person. *sigh* I'm so affected by this movie. The Sixth Sense deserves the muuutthhuurfuuucckingawesomeness award.

credits to google images

 I never thought I'd appreciate this movie so much. We all have screaming lambs in our heads, guilt, confusion, grief. The question is: how do we "silent" them? How will you "silent" your lambs? Walk it off? Do good to mankind? Drink every night? And if we did something good or confessed, will the lambs finally stop screaming?

credits to google images

This movie was just rated an ok one on rottentomatoes. Why I liked this movie? As a child, I always envisioned myself as someone in the arts or in the media, a director, someone from behind the scene making it work. I am too imaginative, I have wild imaginations about my career in the media field. But after seeing this movie? I had the sudden interest in human behaviour. Why do people act in such a way that it is not socially acceptable? Why do people turn into "freaks?" Nature vs. Nurture? Maybe I had given up my "being in the media field" dream already, but being a good psychologist? No. I will not give that dream up -- having the privilege in understanding mankind.

credits to google images

I saw this movie today on netflix and I am giving this movie a 4/5. You have to watch this, torture porn is minimal, it has a neat concept, I was satisfied even tho the reviews for this movie are only so-so. Why was I satisfied? a 4/5. tho I already had a feeling about the "mysteriousness" of a certain character here (not gonna tell who, you have to watch it), the ending was UNEXPECTED! I loved it! :D

Stunning visuals highlight this intense horror film about 20 South Korean high school students whose study session is interrupted when they are trapped in their school by a fiendish killer intent on proving his -- or her -- superior intelligence. The kids are forced to answer complicated questions correctly or watch one of their number be murdered in brutal, complex traps. Unable to leave the building, the kids must work together to survive. [credits to netflix.ca] and btw, Kim Bum ( So Yi Jeong from Boys Over Flowers) is in this movie. :p

credits to google images

I have not seen this movie yet. :p To those who already have, I need some reviews please? I tried watching the first 20 minutes of this movie but I felt like it was too dragging?? I dunno. So if you've seen it, gimme some reviews? :D thanks!

Horror movies make me paranoid sometimes but I don't really get scared. There were nights that I'd even turn off the lights while I watch a movie so that I'll feel scared, it just ain't working for me. I'd even sometimes scare myself ( I live ALONE in my apartment) and when I walk back from the living room to my room I'd scare myself thinking some ghosts will probably jump out of nowhere and drag me to somewhere but blaah I'm too heavy to be dragged around. =)) oh and yes, Ju-On and The Ring DID NOT SCARE ME. Silent Hill, same, blaah I think I need to play the game, maybe that will make me crap my pants.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY1! so for Paranormal Activity 2, I am not gonna waste any $$ to pay for a movie ticket, I'll just wait until they have it on dvd and just rent from the $1.79 movie rental stand. Mirrors was pretty disappointing too, so same with Paranormal Activity 2, I'll just wait for Mirrors 2 to be out in dvd rental stands.

What scares me?

I'm not gonna say dying or be left alone with nobody loving me 'coz I'm pretty sure 96% of us are scared to die and uh-huh be left alone.

  1. Total Darkness - power going out. Everywhere you look, it is pitch black. Ask my parents and my sister on how I used to cry out loud every time the power goes out in the middle of the night.
  2. DOGS - big dogs. I dunno, maybe 'coz I was small I am afraid they'll knock me over and pwn me?haha But I do think it has something to do when I was a kid, my sister and I were chased down by 2 big dogs on our way home from a store.
  3. REPTILES - shizzzzzz @#$#%#%^$%^$%^#$%# especially that ssss fraak!! I can't say it. Sorry. I'm not exaggerating, I can't even look at them in books or in TV or movies, I get goosebumps and I feel like they're just here. fuckity! now, I'm having goosebumps!

People always say "aww you're too brave" when I tell them or when we watch horror movies together or go to the horror haunted houses and I don't even budge. So except for all the 3 things I mentioned above, I am not a scaredy cat and we could do horror movie marathon every night and go to horror haunted houses every week if you want.




It's too early for snow actually, but the first fall always excites me.

[sorry about the quality of the picture, I took these using my BlackBerry.]

This is what I woke up to this morning.

The forecast said it will be raining and light snowing on Sunday until Tuesday ( snow fall started this morning tho ) and it will be partly cloudy to sunny for the rest of the week. The amount of snow doesn't look like a "light snow" to me but whatevs!

While waiting for the bus to come

I just hope we'll have a decent winter this year coz last year? omiigosh! All the weekend (I'm not exaggerating) of December, our temperature dropped to   -40ºC  and knee-high snow (if you're my height then yeah). Getting a  -20ºC or -30ºC at least once a year is pretty normal in some Canadian provinces, so if you get a 0 or a -4ºC for a temperature, please don't go around cursing like there's no tomorrow coz just imagine how cold it could get here sometimes.

"Do Canadians live in igloos?"
- hahaha I actually try not to laugh whenever I get this question before, but now I get irritated why? uhm, are you actually telling me that, that's how much you knew about Canada?

But do Canadians live in igloos?

- SOME Canadians from the far north actually do but MOST of us Canadians live in apartments, condos and houses made of bricks, woods and cements. And for more information visit DO PEOPLE IN CANADA LIVE IN IGLOOS?.

It is sad that there are people knew almost nothing about Canada except that Canada and Canadians exist.

Q: I have never seen it warm on Canadian TV, so how do the plants grow?(England)
A. We import all plants fully grown and then just sit around and watch them die. 

This next question made me laugh the hardest.

Q: Will I be able to see Polar Bears in the street? (USA)
A: Depends on how much you've been drinking. 

ahh and more

Q: Are there supermarkets in Toronto and is milk available all year round?(Germany)
A: No, we are a peaceful civilization of Vegan hunter/gathers. Milk is illegal.

Q: I have a question about a famous animal in Canada, but I forget its name. It's a kind of big horse with horns. (USA )
A: It's called a Moose. They are tall and very violent, eating the brains of anyone walking close to them. You can scare them off by spraying yourself with human urine before you go out walking. 

Believe it or not these questions about Canada were posted on an International Tourism Website. Obviously the answers are a joke; but the questions were really asked! 

source and more for the lulz BECAUSE EVERYONE IN CANADA LIVES IN AN IGLOO.

Ok, that's it. Good night!



DID YOU GUYS WATCH THE FIGHT? ( to the UFC fans of course )..

credits to google images

Did I watch the fight?HELLS TO THE YEAH!!! haha 

I'm sorry if some of you will not be able to relate, my fan girl mode is turned on and I'm just really happy right now! wooooot!

I missed the SHIELDS vs. KAMPMANN fight and I missed the ORTIZ vs. HAMILL's match on purpose 'coz Ortiz makes me sick to my stomach. Why? Well, uhm he's a girlfriend beater! I have low respect for guys who beat up women coz there's no fiin reason to hurt a woman no matter how annoying or loud she gets. and If you're not a fan and don't know who Tito Ortiz is and why I don't like him, now you know the reason why. But bleh to Ortiz' ass 'coz it got whooped so yeah that made me happy! haha 

soooo for the main event


I was rooting for Velasquez. I'm not really a fan of Cain, it's just I don't like Brock and how he puts up his game (since WWE days) and I wanted to see him get destroyed and stripped off that belt coz I firmly believe that he deserved it! haha ok, wait, I don't want him dead or something serious happen to him. I just want to make it clear that all I want is that UFC Heavyweight Championship Belt off of his belly.

Here's a youtube vid of the fight.

The video might get deleted 'coz of copyright and if this vid got deleted, you can just youtube again, if you're interested.

I didn't expected that this  match will only last a round. Brock Lesnar got exhausted the middle of the first round. He was so pumped up and too aggressive. It was just too much and instead of that being on the advantage side, it became the otherwise. blaah fight's over, Brock got destroyed, a complete total domination by Velasquez.

/fan girl mode off.