Is it just me, or November is really flying by really fast?

We are almost saying goodbye to November.

November, is definitely a busy month for me. I only have a few more weeks before fall semester ends, and I've been working lots of hours and on top of that, I'm trying to live my life, balancing school, work and social life, plus, blogging and blog hopping every now and then. *whew*

my November calendar.

Spell B-U-S-Y?? But hey, you can always catch me on twitter, tweeting nonsense. :D Twitter, had become my "outlet" about every single thing. If you're not a tweep yet, sign up! It's fun. :D

hmm, actually, I've been planning on reviewing some movies but I'll just do that on the weekend since I wanna give more time to each of those movies and give them all a fair "review." Weekend, yes, refer to the calendar up there, and you'll see that I'm pretty much free on Friday night after classes, Saturday and Sunday (that is, if I get to finish my school work). :D 

Yeah, what's still left for me to say?hmmm, I've been doing an "investigation" and once confirmed, I will blog about it and let you guys be "aware" and be cautious, not just for yourself, but for people you love and people you know.

I'm about to end this mini update and I'll leave you guys with this video/audio.

 Love The Way You Lie

Someday, I'll find the courage to sing in front of the camera. :D


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gingerSnaps said...

Hello Emmaleigh,
You are right time is running very fast. I never realize too that November ends soon because of busyness. I'm glad that inspite of loads your having right now, you can still balance your life and this is very important.
Oh i love that song by the way. I like to see you in the video next time;)
Have a nice day!

Miss Krimson said...

you should deff show us you singing, sounded awesome :)
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VividFusion on Youtube
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Athena said...

hello. dumadaan daan lng po sa site nyo.. hehehe


you should sing infront of the cam coz you have a nice voice. Reminds me of michelle branch...hehe

time really flies so fast that sometimes i wish there's a pause button...!

happy singing:-)

Emmaleigh said...

@ Ginger: thanks. :D It's scary that 2010 is almost over. Next year, we'll be a year older again. =))

@ Maricela: I didn't know you do youtube tuts! I will def follow you! :D

@ Athena: hello. :D

@ Mina: pause button, yes! I feel like, 'coz I've been extremely busy, I am forgetting how to breathe. lol!

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Mimi said...

hey em! i feel ya, it's been crazy busy on my end as well. i haven't even been blogging as regularly as i used to. phew. good thing i'm on thanksgiving break - the bad part is, i still have homework. :O

<3, Mimi

gingerSnaps said...

hahaha Em, me too soon na. Yay, I have fear to get old.