♫ ♫ Guess who's back? Shady's back. nananana That's why they call me Slim Shady, I'm back, I'm back. That's why they call me Slim Shady, I'm back, I'm back. ♫ ♫

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Well, it's not really Eminem who's back, but, EMMALEIGH! *woohoo* and yes, I'm corny like that.

ya'll can sing along if ya'll want. 

Emmaleigh's back! ya'll feel me?haha

This post is gonna be a..

credits to google images

credits to google images


credits to google images

.. POST..

A bitch post again, a little bit of errrything all rolled into one.


-- Wells, nothing really had "exploded"

Almost. That's my laptop's charger and I did not notice that coil or whatever you call that hanging out of the "skin" until Saturday afternoon when it "sparked" and there was smoke coming out from the coil whatever. I panicked munnn! haha so I went on for almost 3 days without using my laptop.

FINALLY! The bf got me a universal charger on Monday morning 'coz he knew I have an essay due this Friday. I did not save my draft in my usb (if I did, I could use the school's computer) and typing my essay using my laptop, will drain the whatever battery life is left so yeah, thank you P! :D Monday was a good day, a great way to start off the week happy and I hope it will continue on.


WINTER IS HERE! like really here! haha I don't wanna complain because complaining will not stop the snow to fall or the crazy wind chills we'll get. So just like every winter, bundle up, keep warm, be safe and try to enjoy the weather no matter how cold it will get.

The second picture looks a bit "depressing." It feels like you're in a horror movie (just like in the movie called, Wind Chill) and you're stranded and there's no help. pwuahaha paranoia.

So how's everyone been doing? I missed blogging, I missed blog hopping and I have lotsa reading to do after this post is published.

I'm just happy that I'm back!

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MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Weeeee... WB EM :)

Traveliztera said...


man... kawawa naman charger mo =\

welcome back! at sbay pala tayo tlg bumalik haha! man... i love u! :D

versatile award ung sayo :D

gingerSnaps said...

Just want to say thank you:)
I enjoy reading your posts.

Emmaleigh said...

@ Emerson: thank you! :D

@ Steph: haha thank you thank you & I love you! :D weeeh!!

@ gingerSnaps: you're welcome & thank you. :D

aibaks said...

hi emma.. nice to meet u dear

elpi said...

Nice to see you back. . You're beautiful really the bomb
happy health pad

Dhianz said...

welcome back emmaleigh... luv d' name... is dat ur real name or nick name lang... eniweiz lavet... ditoh ren... itz winter cold na ren kahit 'la pang snow... kumakagat ang lamig... nd yey! at least may nagamit moh na uletz laptop moh... so yah... ingatz pretty emmaleigh... Godbless!

Mimi said...

yay for you being back! :D

<3, Mimi

Diamond R said...

the common problem with some of the laptop charger. it looks scary.


Welcome back! boyfie is sweet with that universal charger, geez its hard to survive 3 days without connection! haha about the wind chill part, i liked that movie and yes, your pics reminded me of that!:-)

Emmaleigh said...

@ aibaks: likewise. ;)

@ elpi: I'm happy to be back. :D

@ Dhianz: haha kumakagat talaga ang lamig! parang kahit balot na balot ka lamig lamig pa din.

@ Mimi: thanks Mimi!

@ Diamond R: it was scary. =)) I thought I'd be electrocuted or something. =))

@ Mina: I felt like there was something huge missing in my life when I did not get to use my laptop for 3 days. =))

glentot said...

We're glad you're back too. Although you weren't really gone right?

I like Eminem too, especially the new stuff he comes up with...

shenanigans said...

isang malaking pasabog ang comeback mo.. haha!

kaw na ang artista

Emmaleigh said...

@glentot: naaw! just been busy with school and work.

@Rusell: wahaha oo ako na ang artista! =))

Jag said...

Eminen Emmaleigh...Pwede! hahaha...teak may pakain ba sa pagbabalik mo? lol

stevevhan said...

hala,nakakatakot yung Wire sa laptop!ahahahaha, kaya i always check our plugs and gasul sa Bahay i hate fires!:)

Your the Bomb!:)

X link?

Emmaleigh said...

@ Jag: haha meron ako pa-tinapay. punta ka ha?wahaha

@ Stevevhan: kurik! nakaka paranoid mga bagay bagay baka magkasunog na lang bigla. & sure about xlink :D

Benh said...

we miss you to Em! welcome welcome back! :))