I got to warn ya'll, the video I will be posting is not for the faint of heart, like what the title post say, POLICE BRUTALITY -- at its finest, watch the video at your own risk.

- I've seen this uploaded on pinoychannel.tv and just seeing the thumbnail, I thought it was just part of the crime drama SOCO and it was just a dramatization, so I clicked it and to my surprise, the video was for actual. I almost barfed up when I realized it wasn't part of any tv drama. Ok, these guys are criminals, cold hearted bastards, some of them, maybe had killed other people already, but that does mean the police have all the rights in the world to torture them? Honestly, for me, the answer is NO. Once proven guilty, they will be locked up and suffer their consequences there, their asses will be honked up in there anyways, whether they like it or not, I know it is still a form of abuse but that's how it goes down in lock up, i think that's more "humane" than a police officer who's supposed to protect you and be fair and right go power tripping.

I totally understand that sometimes they have to use force, but that force is only be used when a suspect is resisting arrest or being a threat or being violent to everyone around him, you don't just go and beat suspects up just because you can.

To the police officers involved in this shameless act, I wanna ask you all this question, "with all the maltreatments, do you guys think you were all still different from those criminals now?"

And please spare me the bullshiz "Hindi rin naman sila naawa sa ninakawan nila kaya bakit kami maaawa sa kanila?" reasoning.


I will be doing reviews for this entry for all the products I've tried on. Do I love this product?or do I despise it? was I satisfied? (no pictures available for this post, I'm not in the mood to take pictures then upload it).






If you're not a Cyleina soap "fan", you might be wondering why this Cyleina soap is so special to me.

  • I get breakouts on a regular basis, not just on my PMS week, since I started using black pearl and tomato, whenever I breakout, the soaps dry them up and the tomato soap gave me my rosy cheeks :D
  • Lavender, I use this to clean my face during the night and I love how my face clears up after each wash. During the day, I am already stressed out with school and sometimes I have to work after so by night time you can just see STRESS written all over my face and the lavender soap just washes the stress away.
  • for the body, I've used shea butter, batangas coffee, green tea, grapeseed, papaya's goat milk, rice bran and chocolate, they are all mild soaps (except for the rice bran which is for exfoliaiton) but my favourite soap award for the body goes to grapeseed, try it and see for yourself ;)
YES! for this product, I am really satisfied and can't wait for the new products this summer.

- Like what I've said in the previous entry, I have never tried or heard of BB cream before in my life so I have no idea what a BB cream is and why this product is so popular, so I did a little bit of research, asked around, watched video reviews etc etc. I finally decided to give it a try. Picking the "right" BB cream wasn't easy, (and the people I bugged for suggestions are well aware of this haha) because:
  • There are lots of BB cream variants to choose from, plus the good reviews each BB cream has (this alone, is enough to put your sanity on the edge haha)
  • just like when buying for a new foundation, you have to consider your "needs" (light/medium coverage, heavy coverage, controls oil, for dry skin etc).
  • It only has two shades but you have to be sure you picked the right one.
And that's the reason why I decided to try the premium kit, that kit contains 4 different BB creams already for you to try and decide which one will work best for you if none of those will "satisfy" your needs, then you move on, and buy another sample kit with different set of BB creams.

For the kit that I got, tho it's not giving me the coverage that I want, SF Peach Sake got my vote for controlling the oiliness of my face. Missha 21 is too light for me and Skin79, I didn't really gave it a shot coz I gave it to my sister and she has dry skin and I find it really working for her so I just decided to not mess with that BB cream and for Missha 23, it doesn't control my oiliness, so obviously, SF Peach Sake worked for me.


- I use this for spot treatment only. BP/lavender + Tomato + Emu oil is the perfect combination for me to dry up my zits. I've noticed that since I've used this product for my dark circles and those tiny bumps, it became lighter, how I wished I took a picture of my dark circles before using emu oil so I can show it here, I just didn't know at first that using emu oil for my dark circles will make it lighter. :( oh well.


- I got the Pink Raspberry Face Palette from sis rhumbafrapp. I'm just gonna give a quick review about the blush since I haven't tried this palette's e/s and lip sheer. The Pink Raspberry has long staying power! I used this blush for school and work one time, and was surprised that my cheeks are still pink til I got home that night.

PURE BLOSSOM (powder pearls mini from the face shop)

- I got this cute powder pearls from sis Heatherette, what I love about this mini pearls is, it's actually not as "loud" as the pink raspberry blush but it gives you the right "statement" when you're wearing it, just the perfect rosy cheeks for a light day at school or mall.


- I got 4 NYX lip glosses from sis lelila (digitaltraincase), cafe latte, pink, sorbet and I forgot what the last one is called coz as soon as I got it, I gave it to my friend who wanted it. I am a first time NYX user and I loved the lip glosses, I think I did a pretty good job in choosing the shades coz they are not too pale or too bold for me, pale I can handle but I'm not ready for the bolder ones -- YET! so when I try one and it looked good on me I'll let the world know, yep! too bad you don't have a choice. :p

That's pretty much about it for this entry, I know it should've pictures at least but I am already presuming everyone who will come across this knows already what I'm talking about and they've tried those already, so there you go, over all, I am pretty satisfied with my March haul.


Pinas Haul

I got the last package delivered for me today from the Philippines, yey!

March 5, 2010

I got my Cyleina soap haul from sis younis/Jane, anikershoppe.multiply.com and I ordered a total of 26 soaps from her for this batch.

here's some photos from my Cyleina soap haul.


March 16, 2010
I got my BB cream premium kit and 3 emu oil from sis Desiree of happythreegirls.multiply.com. I have never tried a BB cream before and there are lots of BB creams to choose from depends on your "needs" (light/medium coverage, heavy coverage, oil control, dry skin) so instead of buying a full tube and regret afterwards ( in case it's not the right BB cream for me), I decided to just go for the sample kit which has Missha 21, Missha 23, Skinfood Peach Sake and Skin79. (I will give my own review about the BB creams I've tried on in the next entry.)


March 25, 2010
I got my kikay haul from my team cake sisters, lelila (digitaltraincase.multiply.com), Heatherette and rhumbafrapp. I absolutely adore this kikay haul! When I first opened the package, I got really excited that if I could try everything all at once, I would, lol! you prolly won't drool over this haul but I am really excited that from being a "newbie" in the face painting world, I am finally stepping up and trying something new, from my old basic make up routine.



Today, March 30, 2010
I got my last package for my March haul from tutinmuku.multiply.com. I got my sister a jumper dress, and for myself, I got hippie bands and a vanity handbag.




That's it for this entry ;) And I wanna thank sis Jane, sis Desiree, sis lelila, sis Heatherette, sis rhumbafrapp and sis Aika for the smooth transactions, thank you very much ladies and thank you for all your help and for entertaining all my "newbie" queries and thank you for the freebies :D



I will be signing out in a few seconds coz I have to prepare our dinner, but before I leave, I wanna share these videos to ya'll. ENJOY!

- I am a fan! I loved all their cover songs, just like LEGACI, they cover songs with lots of twists and pure awesomeness!

1. misscarolinexoxo


on wordpress, I said that Nick looks like Jimmy Bondoc, but I am taking it back now, coz he doesn't look like Jimmy Bondoc, say, Victor Basa?

2. LEGACI, Cathy Nguyen, Traphik

I am not a fan of Justin Beiber but after listening to Legaci, Cathy Nguyen and Traphik's cover of Justin Beiber's "Baby" song, and just to feed my curiosity, I listened to the original track, yep the original sucked balls! lol! If you don't know Justin Beiber is a bigger star than Legaci, Cathy Nguyen and Traphik you would assume, that Justin is a cover boy.

comment if you think they are awesome!


Well, I have a new "home" and this is obviously my first post haha

I've been blogging for wordpress since late last year, I've had no problems with wordpress AT ALL! So, if wordpress is not giving me any technical problems, why did I sign up at blogger.

Wordpress, just like my other used to blog on wordpress friends say, it has so may limitations, and I agree with them.
  • doesn't have the "follow" button, my goal is not to have gazillion followers, but it's still fun to know if some people are interested in following you.
  • doesn't have the chat box widget,
  • the templates are really serious, the whole atmosphere is just "humorless". I am a person who can't generate my own CSS or whatever you call it to create a new layout, so I just rely mostly on google for talented people with free layouts I can use.
Those are the top three I can think of right now, actually, those are the top three reasons why I decided to "abandon" wordpress. So, from now, I will be blogging here, on blogger.