I will be signing out in a few seconds coz I have to prepare our dinner, but before I leave, I wanna share these videos to ya'll. ENJOY!

- I am a fan! I loved all their cover songs, just like LEGACI, they cover songs with lots of twists and pure awesomeness!

1. misscarolinexoxo


on wordpress, I said that Nick looks like Jimmy Bondoc, but I am taking it back now, coz he doesn't look like Jimmy Bondoc, say, Victor Basa?

2. LEGACI, Cathy Nguyen, Traphik

I am not a fan of Justin Beiber but after listening to Legaci, Cathy Nguyen and Traphik's cover of Justin Beiber's "Baby" song, and just to feed my curiosity, I listened to the original track, yep the original sucked balls! lol! If you don't know Justin Beiber is a bigger star than Legaci, Cathy Nguyen and Traphik you would assume, that Justin is a cover boy.

comment if you think they are awesome!

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