Well, I have a new "home" and this is obviously my first post haha

I've been blogging for wordpress since late last year, I've had no problems with wordpress AT ALL! So, if wordpress is not giving me any technical problems, why did I sign up at blogger.

Wordpress, just like my other used to blog on wordpress friends say, it has so may limitations, and I agree with them.
  • doesn't have the "follow" button, my goal is not to have gazillion followers, but it's still fun to know if some people are interested in following you.
  • doesn't have the chat box widget,
  • the templates are really serious, the whole atmosphere is just "humorless". I am a person who can't generate my own CSS or whatever you call it to create a new layout, so I just rely mostly on google for talented people with free layouts I can use.
Those are the top three I can think of right now, actually, those are the top three reasons why I decided to "abandon" wordpress. So, from now, I will be blogging here, on blogger.

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