I got to warn ya'll, the video I will be posting is not for the faint of heart, like what the title post say, POLICE BRUTALITY -- at its finest, watch the video at your own risk.

- I've seen this uploaded on pinoychannel.tv and just seeing the thumbnail, I thought it was just part of the crime drama SOCO and it was just a dramatization, so I clicked it and to my surprise, the video was for actual. I almost barfed up when I realized it wasn't part of any tv drama. Ok, these guys are criminals, cold hearted bastards, some of them, maybe had killed other people already, but that does mean the police have all the rights in the world to torture them? Honestly, for me, the answer is NO. Once proven guilty, they will be locked up and suffer their consequences there, their asses will be honked up in there anyways, whether they like it or not, I know it is still a form of abuse but that's how it goes down in lock up, i think that's more "humane" than a police officer who's supposed to protect you and be fair and right go power tripping.

I totally understand that sometimes they have to use force, but that force is only be used when a suspect is resisting arrest or being a threat or being violent to everyone around him, you don't just go and beat suspects up just because you can.

To the police officers involved in this shameless act, I wanna ask you all this question, "with all the maltreatments, do you guys think you were all still different from those criminals now?"

And please spare me the bullshiz "Hindi rin naman sila naawa sa ninakawan nila kaya bakit kami maaawa sa kanila?" reasoning.

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Lynn said...

That is so gross... was that the police making them kiss and they have the audacity to take that video? Disgusting.

myfingersrtyping said...

yep, it's the uniformed people who made them lock lips and they were the ones videotaping it.

I am somehow "thankful" that I came across this video, because they gave me the "power" to blog about them and let people know how not to trust these uniformed men.

rjs mama said...

didn't watch it na sis. brutality na sa pagkatao yun. tingin nila titino kapag ganon pinagawa nila?! lalo pa magwawala ang mga yun

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Ellen said...

My photog friend showed this particular video to me about 2 weeks ago. It was really disgusting not to mention the shameless treatment of these teens by the authorities.


J said...

I thought I saw the worst in one of the police stations in Malate (they beat up a foreigner), but this is one is DISTURBING!