It's too early for snow actually, but the first fall always excites me.

[sorry about the quality of the picture, I took these using my BlackBerry.]

This is what I woke up to this morning.

The forecast said it will be raining and light snowing on Sunday until Tuesday ( snow fall started this morning tho ) and it will be partly cloudy to sunny for the rest of the week. The amount of snow doesn't look like a "light snow" to me but whatevs!

While waiting for the bus to come

I just hope we'll have a decent winter this year coz last year? omiigosh! All the weekend (I'm not exaggerating) of December, our temperature dropped to   -40ºC  and knee-high snow (if you're my height then yeah). Getting a  -20ºC or -30ºC at least once a year is pretty normal in some Canadian provinces, so if you get a 0 or a -4ºC for a temperature, please don't go around cursing like there's no tomorrow coz just imagine how cold it could get here sometimes.

"Do Canadians live in igloos?"
- hahaha I actually try not to laugh whenever I get this question before, but now I get irritated why? uhm, are you actually telling me that, that's how much you knew about Canada?

But do Canadians live in igloos?

- SOME Canadians from the far north actually do but MOST of us Canadians live in apartments, condos and houses made of bricks, woods and cements. And for more information visit DO PEOPLE IN CANADA LIVE IN IGLOOS?.

It is sad that there are people knew almost nothing about Canada except that Canada and Canadians exist.

Q: I have never seen it warm on Canadian TV, so how do the plants grow?(England)
A. We import all plants fully grown and then just sit around and watch them die. 

This next question made me laugh the hardest.

Q: Will I be able to see Polar Bears in the street? (USA)
A: Depends on how much you've been drinking. 

ahh and more

Q: Are there supermarkets in Toronto and is milk available all year round?(Germany)
A: No, we are a peaceful civilization of Vegan hunter/gathers. Milk is illegal.

Q: I have a question about a famous animal in Canada, but I forget its name. It's a kind of big horse with horns. (USA )
A: It's called a Moose. They are tall and very violent, eating the brains of anyone walking close to them. You can scare them off by spraying yourself with human urine before you go out walking. 

Believe it or not these questions about Canada were posted on an International Tourism Website. Obviously the answers are a joke; but the questions were really asked! 

source and more for the lulz BECAUSE EVERYONE IN CANADA LIVES IN AN IGLOO.

Ok, that's it. Good night!



DID YOU GUYS WATCH THE FIGHT? ( to the UFC fans of course )..

credits to google images

Did I watch the fight?HELLS TO THE YEAH!!! haha 

I'm sorry if some of you will not be able to relate, my fan girl mode is turned on and I'm just really happy right now! wooooot!

I missed the SHIELDS vs. KAMPMANN fight and I missed the ORTIZ vs. HAMILL's match on purpose 'coz Ortiz makes me sick to my stomach. Why? Well, uhm he's a girlfriend beater! I have low respect for guys who beat up women coz there's no fiin reason to hurt a woman no matter how annoying or loud she gets. and If you're not a fan and don't know who Tito Ortiz is and why I don't like him, now you know the reason why. But bleh to Ortiz' ass 'coz it got whooped so yeah that made me happy! haha 

soooo for the main event


I was rooting for Velasquez. I'm not really a fan of Cain, it's just I don't like Brock and how he puts up his game (since WWE days) and I wanted to see him get destroyed and stripped off that belt coz I firmly believe that he deserved it! haha ok, wait, I don't want him dead or something serious happen to him. I just want to make it clear that all I want is that UFC Heavyweight Championship Belt off of his belly.

Here's a youtube vid of the fight.

The video might get deleted 'coz of copyright and if this vid got deleted, you can just youtube again, if you're interested.

I didn't expected that this  match will only last a round. Brock Lesnar got exhausted the middle of the first round. He was so pumped up and too aggressive. It was just too much and instead of that being on the advantage side, it became the otherwise. blaah fight's over, Brock got destroyed, a complete total domination by Velasquez.

/fan girl mode off.



Today, October 20 is WEAR PURPLE FOR SPIRIT DAY!

To those who are wondering what wear purple day is: WEAR PURPLE FOR SPIRIT DAY was created to honour LGBT youth (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders) who feel that life is not worth living due to the hate, bullying, and cruelty they face daily. GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)  and the Spirit Day Facebook Group was created because of the MANY SUICIDES we've had recently that were CAUSED by BULLYING and HATE [source: SPIRIT DAY].


(disclaimer: The four reasons can also be found on the SPIRIT DAY website but the reasoning behind why I support this cause are all gonna be mine, unless otherwise stated).


- Last night, I realized that I don't have any purple clothing to wear for today and told myself that not having any purple clothing should NOT stop me from supporting the cause, I am determined to show love in any way I can and in what I have. Good thing I have couple items in purple that I wore and used today.

I changed my pillowcases in purple/lavender/violet colour last night

Used a purple towel. I was so ecstatic when I realized that I have 3 headbands in purple and I wore the one in the middle for today and my sunglasses tho it was a bit gloomy earlier ( I had to do my part :p ).

Why am I supporting this day? Because I do BELIEVE that our LGBT brothers and sisters are equally HUMAN as both you and I.
  1.  They pay their taxes.
  2. They know how to clean up after themselves.
  3. Like the rest of us, they go to school to learn and have a better future and
  4. They apply for a job so that they could pay their bills and buy their own groceries and that they don't have to depend on their parents for their other personal materialistic needs.
  5. They know how to give LOVE to other people, 
  6. They know how to RESPECT
and with those points stated, our LGBT brothers and sisters DESERVE to be treated EQUALLY. If I happen to not like the lives of our LGBT brothers and sisters, why would I hate on them when I could just ignore them and just carry on with my life?


credits to the Spirit Day Facebook Group
Those faces are only a FEW of the HUNDREDS of successful suicides caused by hate and bullying. Do you know what will make this world a better place to live in? No. Not taunting our LGBT brothers and sisters and wanting them dead. The world will be a better place to live in if we start to accept that GOD gave us the freewill to choose and live our own lives. This entry is not  begging everyone to accept LGBT wholeheartedly because there will be people who will not, this blog's purpose is to STOP hating on them. Live your own life. If you can't accept our LGBT brothers and sisters, LEAVE THEM ALONE! Like you, they are also living and surviving life, they are not trying to penetrate in your life, they are not poking in, why would you in theirs? Is bullying and hating them will make you better person? If you said yes, then I should pity you.

Please, don't go "God created Adam to be with Eve not Adam to Stephen or Eve to Ana" on me 'coz I know how God created the world. And I believe that in the end, the God I know and worship will judge us on how we lived our lives and I'm sure, He is not be happy up there seeing that some of us are wasting our time hating on our LGBT brothers and sisters just 'coz they chose to be unique.


- I have cousins and friends who are openly gays and lesbians and I accept them for who they are like they accept me for who I am. There are personalities out there who are very open about their sexual orientation but they use that celebrity status of theirs to make a difference in any way the can. Supporting the wear purple day is my way of saying that I am here for my cousins and friends and that they are not alone. And I'm hoping that in this simple way on this day, all of us who supported the cause had reached out to the families and friends of these people who took their own lives because of some people who apparently to me are threatened by our LGBT brothers and sisters' talents and crafts that "haters" are so afraid that LGBTs can do better.

Tyler Clementi, 
Seth Walsh, 
Justin Aaberg, 
Raymond Chase, 
Asher Brown, 
Cody J. Barker, 
Harrison Chase Brown, 
Caleb Nolt, 
Billy Lucas, 
Jeanine Blanchette, and 
Chantal Dube.

and to many others.


- We need to get enough people to believe that together, and with a good fight, we can do something. If wearing purple will do that, then it's worth trying. Just wearing a purple shirt will not end suicide and hate, but it might if we try hard enough to start the ball rolling. We have to start somewhere. Why not start with style?

Never doubt a meager beginning [source: SPIRIT DAY].

I just copied that last part from the website because I couldn't agree more. Those were the same sentiments I have and I'm not re-hushing everything for that last part so it will look like my own.

To each his own. At least know how to respect. Nobody, not even our LGBT brothers and sisters deserve to go through the scrutinizing eyes of the public everyday for the rest of our lives.







What if?

I've been "musical" the past week and I am guaranteeing you this isn't about Babyface's song, "What if". It's the "what if's" in my life, or maybe in yours too.

A lot of people had a good laugh about reminiscing the past when out of the blue I blogged about who I was as a kid and what I "believed" in during my naive and gullible days and I wasn't surprised that a lot of bloggers/readers were equally naive.

If  you understand Tagalog go ahead and click the links (if you haven't read any of it)


If you didn't click the links because you don't understand Tagalog, don't worry I have something else for you. Who were you as kid? What are the games you usually play back then? Reminiscing, do you always have a good laugh looking back?

I made those four part entry with two things in mind: (I bet nobody saw this coming)

  1. RELATIONSHIP -- I want to establish the writer - reader relationship. It's not about being too friendly, it's coz I've been told NOT just once or twice but LOTSA times that I look like a fiiiiin snob and my blog kinda give that feeling too. It bothers me to know that a lot of people are aloof and that if they approach me I'll be like "wtf?don't talk to me unless you're ready to kiss my arse" -- I am so not like that! haha So, my awesomeness kicked in and thought of writing an entry that I know a lot of people could relate to and it's the perfect time to let almost everyone know that "hey, I'm not a snob, I'm cool, I'm plain simple".
  2. PEOPLE WATCHING -- ok, I wanna make it clear people watching is not synonymous to being judgmental, or at least for me. I love to watch people whenever I can, especially if I have to commute and take the bus -- just perfect! And thru people watching and the phase that I'm in at this point, pushed me to ask the what if's in life.
Again, as some of you know, my summer especially my September was in a bad way eventful, shocking, life-changing and stressful for me and family. I was shocked and too hurt that I wanna escape this life. I just wanna escape who I am and just be someone.


- I was born a male?
- I was born not a Filipina? I wonder what race I'll be.
- I was born from a different set of parents, I wonder what I'll look like or what my name would be?

I wasn't born as Em, I wonder what my life would be like or what kind of problems I'll face to be tougher. If I wasn't born as Em will I survive the challenges in my life? If I wasn't born as Em, my childhood maybe wouldn't be about Alvin Patrimonio.  If I wasn't born as Em, then this blog wouldn't exist. MyfingersRtyping and its contents are all from who I am as this Em person.

If I wasn't born as Em, I could be the person who I'm not

- A math genius
- 5'5" or taller
- A basketball player
- A dancer


I am Em and I'm choosing to stay who I am and I am choosing to win life's battle. This is my life and there's a reason why I am a part of my parents' and my sister's life, there's a reason why I am a part of yours whether you like it or not.

"Sometimes, if not most of the time, you find out who you are by figuring out who you are not." -- Kelly Cutrone

Aaah the What if's in life.



ok. just sharing.

I can't upload it to youtube so if you wanna hear it click the links. :D

this was recorded long time ago already, I got older and I sucked nowadays =)) haven't been really singing since I moved out.

IamEmmaleigh -- If I were a boy. 

Emthebomb -- No one else comes close

Em the bomb. wtf? =)) conceitedness kicking in.

oh, just in case you're wondering why I didn't upload it here on blogger?It's taking forever to process the video so that's the best and the last resort I could come up with.



I'm not inspired enough at this moment for the entry I've been planning on writing for sometime now, I just can't put words together that will make sense! haha


I've been in a singing mood lately. It's hard coz I live in an apartment so I can't really "belt" out and I'm pretty sure my neighbours will not appreciate the noise if I do "belt out". :D

for my youtube find:

3:53 of your time and it's not a waste I'm telling you. Why?

  1. It's the Philippine Madrigal Singers for!@!@!##$%@#sakes! Philippine Madrigal Singers = genuine. Talents at its finest!
  2. It's not a waste of time coz if you're looking at the and I mean THE one of the best chorale group in the world, the video I just posted up is an example of what singing truly is.
  3. Lastly, they are THE PHILIPPINE MADRIGAL SINGERS, the first choir in the WORLD to win the European Grand Prix For Choral Singing TWICE. They are The Philippine Madrigal Singers and they are awesomely good!
And if you have another 5:39 listen/watch this

one word: FLAWLESS! There are a lot of belters out there, it's jaw-dropping with the highest note they could hit perfectly but not every belter can actually give you that wow-goosebumps-watery-eyes-this-singer-is-indeed-good feeling and there's a few who can sing a song with their pure soul into it.

Please do watch the videos. 

No regrets. I promise.



I'm actually supposed to blog something about ahh, blach, I'm sorry I can't give a hint right now. :p so I decided to just do a random entry.

I got tagged by Mimi so Imma do that first.


If you were to be the inventor of one of the greatest gadgets of today, which gadget would that be and why?  

- that gadget would be hmm it's more like a robot. :D With one click that robot will do all the chores for me: laundry, dishes, cleaning the apartment etc etc and the best part about it?You don't have to pay that poor robot anything. haha
You have to choose, would you rather eat a cockroach or a worm? 

- wtf? What would be my punishment if I chose neither? I'll just take that coz there's no way in fiiin hells that I'll eat a cockroach or a worm. *walks out* lol! sucha diva

What's your favorite cartoon as a child? 

- haaaaa! Since I spent most of my growing up years in the Philippines, my favourite cartoon as a child is: BATIBOT! bleh :p runners up: Princess Sarah, Cedie, Remie, Bananas 'n Pyjamas

If you could have any animal trained as a pet, what animal would you want? 

- not an animal person. :D

If you had three days left to live, what would you do in that short time? 

-EAT. EAT. EAT. sucha loser haha but seriously, I'll blog on the first day and give out my appreciation to everyone, spam twitter & facebook and on the 2nd and my last day will be spent with the family and the bf. :D

Would you rather be an outlaw but really rich or be a good citizen but average in wealth? 

- the latter.

If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be? 

- Justin Bieber. So that his teenage-mostly-girls-fanbase will envy me. pwuahaha

Live for 80 years being single, or live for 30 years happily married to the one you love? 

- live for 30 years happily married and contented.

Guess who I get to chat with earlier? it's Mara!!! haha Mara's  been pretty busy lately so we haven't been really chatting except for our random tweets :D so today I got lucky and had the chance to talk to her and as usual, we're being random and suddenly a one particular guy became our topic

 The rant is all about this guy who thinks he's all that. I can't post any more from our chat window or we'll be in trouble =)) He's sucha flirt and some girls do flirt back and if they see this, they'll prolly attack Mara and I with "oh you're just jealous" --- uhhh we'll be jealous of who?or what? lulz! bizzhes puhleasse! *flips hair*

Another rant: SOME PEOPLE!! I hate it that they only come to you if they need help and just forgets you after the fact that they'd been helped already. losers.


10.10.10 Did you guys made any wish on 10:10am and 10:10pm? :p I DID! haha

It's 10.11.10 now soooo..

Anyone here who's into twitter?Well, for about 48 hours now (I think) the top trending topic is *drumroll please*


Heenim :D so to those of you don't know who Kim Hee Chul is, he's part of SUPER JUNIOR! And everyone's just too proud. :D


I'm using that as my blog badge :D I made it lol! It's not really as posh as the other blog badges out there but I made that badge so I'm a proud momma of that blog badge! madskillseh?

Oh, the randomnity of Emmaleigh.
Hi. I'm Em and I'm feminine (like it's not obvious haha).

emphasis: VERY feminine. I dunno what that supposed to mean but I do get that a lot. I am only hoping for one thing now: I hope being VERY feminine is NOT a bad thing.




Ito na ang HULING YUGTO sa ating pagbabalik tanaw sa nakaraan. Sabi nga nila e save the best for last diba?o eto na yun, eto na yung stage sa ating buhay kung san grumadweyt na tayo sa pabili-bili ng ice tubig, sa pagkakaron ng libag, yung panahon na yung ibang kababaihan ay naging konsyus na, mga tinubuan na ng mumunting bundok, dito na nauso sa ibang kababaihan yung ritwal na twinkle twinkle little star (kung hinde mo alam yun sorry hinde ko sasabihin, mag reserts ka at yun e kung mahahanap mo siya sa google *evil laugh*) at ang ritwal na yun e nigagawa tuwing alas 3 ng hapon (jusme! ngayon ko lang narealize na kasabay pa talaga siya ng 3:00 prayer). Yung ibang batang lalake, binata na, wala ng kuto pero mga tinigtigyawat na. Ito ang panahon ng papaya o likas soap. Hinde pa naman kasi uso yung Belo lotion o soap nun e, kaya papaya o likas soap ang mabenta. At pwede ba naman mawala ang eskinol at dalacin-c?at yung chinchansu para sa mga mas "matured?" Sosyal na sosyal ka na kapag ang pabango mo e yung cool water, ewan ko ba lahat nung mga kaklase ko nun hibang na hibang sa amoy nun siguro iilan lang kame ang nanatiling loyal sa Johnson's baby cologne at meron din naman kakaunti na mas gusto ang bonbon cologne. Hinde pa uso ang MAC nun o ang pagpa- foundation kaya naman ang laman ng kikay kit ko nun e Johnson's baby powder, minsan pa nga yung gitna/tupi nung panyo ko e merong powder dun e, pang retouch pag recess o lunch imbes na ilagay ko sa bulsa yung buong pulbos diba?!

Naranasan ko din naman lumevel up no! Yung Johnson's baby powder ko naging Pond's na at yung Johnson's  baby cologne ko naman naging baby bench na. =)) Nagkaron din ako ng Bench Atlantis tsaka yung sa Penshoppe na parang testube lang siya?


Sampung taon na ata yan e haha at oo nadala pa namen dito. =)) ang totoo sa kapatid ko yan lol!

Meron pa ba yung Bebelot?ambango nun! Pinaka peborit ko yun sa lahat e, yun yung green yung takip nya tpos white yung lagayan tpos meron pityur ng baby sa harap.:D meron pa nun?

Feeling naten nung mga panahon na yan ang cool na naten e haha parang ang angas lang, nauso na din yung pagiging "independent" nyan kasi nakakapunta na ng SM ng hinde kasama ang pamilya, berks na ang mga kasama, mga tol at kanya-kanyang isip ng magandang itatawag sa barkadahan nila. Ang samen?wala lang haha tawagan namen, deri-krim, nilupak, shingaling at chicharon. 4 kame na naging magkaka close nun e haha si Anne si deri-krim, si Jan si nilupak si Chacha si shingaling at ako si chicharon. ka eklatan. 

Ang benta nung mga photo studio nun e, sinong my sabing pang bio-data at pang passport lang ang mga photo studios nun? asa boi! para sa mga magbabarkada din yun tpos wallet size picture pa, nauso din yung Tronix na pwede mo ipalaminate o kaya pwede ka pumili ng background, meron din naman yung neoprint haha pahuhuli ba naman kameng magbi-berks?

ako yung pink
ang dakilang patunay na minsan payat ako

Para sa mga mag-jo-jowa hinde natatapos ang lahat sa studio picture dahil dadaan pa yan sa mga tindahan tulad ng Filigrenasia para bumili ng "engagement" ring at para maging lubos ang ka-kornihan engrave pa dun sa singsing yung pangalan nilang mag jowa. (o aminin, meron mga nakarelate jan haha) At kung single ka naman e masaya ka na sa

credits to google images


Ang tambayan pa nun after class e sa SM haha pero masunget mga manong guards dun e, hinde pwede magpapasok ng mga naka uniform pag wala pang 4:30 pwera na lang kung kasama mo magulang mo haha pero mga ngiting tagumpay na kapag 4:30 na, minsan kakain muna sa Wendy's o kaya sa McDo yung iba dun na talaga sa tambayan ang diretso. sa QUANTUM. Kanya-kanya yan e yung mga lalake magbi-video games o kaya DDR yung mga babae magbi-bidyoke

credits to google images

At dahil usapang berks na din naman, sinong hinde napagdaanan ang

credits to google images


at ang


Tahimik na tahimik ang lansangan nyan nun pag Sabado ng hapon e kasi either kapuso ka o kapamilya. Nagkaron din ng bagong generation yang T.G.I.S at GIMIK (na naging G-MIK)

credits to google images

Sinong hinde dumaan sa pagkakilig kay Bobby Andrews? o ke Rico Yan?(+) o sa JCS?(John Prats, Carlo Aquino, Stefano Mori)o sa KOOLITS (JLC, Mark Solis, Baron Geisler). Crush na crush ko nun si Bobby Andrews e tsaka si Carlo Aquino haha ayan yung stage na may kahati na sa attention ko si Alvin Patrimonio at dito na din nauso ang paglalaro ng lumalagablab na


FLAMES, MASH, LOVE  kung ano-anong kalokohan at lokohan din ang pagbilang nyan haha kasi sa FLAMES magsisimula ang bilang mo mula F to S tpos balik ulet sa F pero dahil yung iba hinde gusto ang kinalalabasan nung result, magbibilang una ulet sa F to S tpos pabalik so magiging S to F. haha Meron pa tissue paper version yan, pupunitin mo sa 5 parts yung tissue paper (lengthwise)  tpos pagbubulhulin mo yung bawat dulo, pag nagbuhol mo ng hinde napuputol, ibig sabihin daw nun magiging FOREVER kayo nung crush mo. =)) lokohan diba?! At yung mga

credits to google images

Chain letters. Nakakapraning kasi makatanggap ng mga mga chain letters nun e, kundi my masamang manyayari sayo e hinde kayo magkakatuluyan ng crush mo kaya kahit minsan pagod ka na magsulat ng mga chain letters (oo kasi hinde pa naman uso ang text nun at email) para ipasa sa iba e gagawin mo pa din.

Hinde sa TGIS, CLICK, GIMIK at G-MIK natatapos ang "rivalry" dahil baka nakakalimutan nyo nagdaan din kayo dito sa mga 'to

credits to google images


at talaga namang napapa always, I wanna be with you ako ngayon ah!

at ang kalaban nila

credits to google images


Meron pa ako picture ng UMD nun sa wallet ko =)) *siyet baka wala na sumeryoso saken haha chos!* at eto pa nipanood ko din yung movie nung UMD nun at andun din yung Streetboys sa movie e =)) Ewan basta na lang lumipat ang paghanga ko sa Streetboys nun kasi siguro mas feeling ko mas close sila sa age ko at mas madaming gwapo sa Streetboys nun kesa sa UMD na si Wowie DeGuzman lang naman =))

UMD vs. Streetboys, BSB vs. NSYNC, HANSON vs. MOFFATTS hinde natatapos jan ang "rivalry" dahil sa lugar namen sa Cavite dun sa street namen, meron din silang pwedeng ipagmayabang sa mga contests at kame yun! At oo mas astig pa sa mga nabanggit ang pangalan ng crew namen nun, pangalan pa lang manginginig na ang kalaban dahil kame ang astig na astig na


Kidz with a Z talaga ang spelling nun! At maluha-luha ako sa pagtawa dahil ang jologs talaga! haha (ako na ang reyna ng ka-jologan).

Ang saya mag balik tanaw kasi kahit ako sumakit ang tyan ko kakatawa habang naalala ko ang mga pangyayaring iyon sa buhay ko.

Ito na ang huling yugto at sana e naka-relate pa din kayo, sasaya ako kung malalaman ko na hinde lang pala ako ang jologs nun =))


dahil huling yugto na, magpapasalamat ako sa mga nagbabasa at mga naka relate, sa mga comments nyo na nagpaalala saken nung mga bagay na muntik ko na makalimutan na isulat dito at sa mga napasaya ko.

salamat din sa boypren ko na si "P" sa kanyang kontribusyon sa GANITO KA BA DATI?. Isang oras kameng nagtawanan na parang mga sira-ulo lang kasi ang random na biglaan ko na lang natanong kung nag coleman ba siya dati, ayun nagsunod-sunod na.

At yung totoo, libro ba itong naisulat ko?wahaha



Yaman din lamang na nagbabalik tanaw tayo sa nakaraan, lubusin na naten.

Nung elementary, usong-uso ito

credits to google images

COLEMAN WATER JUG! Kundi tubig na madaming yelo ang laman nyan e eight o'clock orange juice na malamig ang laman. Mabenta yan lalo na kung meron field trip. Bad trip lang nga minsan kasi tumutulo yan minsan hinde mo namamalayan e kulay orange na pala yung polo o blouse mo. Isa pang bad trip e kung madamot yung kaklase mo hinde ka nya paiinumin sa coleman nya.

Syempre my partner yan si coleman 

credits to google images

ang baunan na mukhang galing pa sa katawan ni Ultraman. Kahit ayaw mo sa baunan na yan hinde ka makaka-hinde sa mga magulang mo kung ayaw mo magutom. OO. yan yung mga panahon na bawal ang kumontra sa gusto ng mga magulang. Yan din ang panahon na hinde ako nakapalag nung pagupitan ako ng syete ng nanay ko. Pag nakikita ko yung mga pictures na yun asar na asar ako kasi mukha akong umalsang siopao na biglang tinubuan ng pancit canton sa ulo. Majoba na kasi ako since birth tpos kulot pa, tpos pina syete pa nung nanay ko yung buhok ko, syempre pag maikli aalsa talaga, nakakahindik imaginin sa totoo lang. Kaya nung binilhan ako ng ganyang baunan, hinde na ako nakapalag, at hinde na din ako nakapalag sa laging laman nyang baunan na yan dahil kundi adobo ang ulam, hotdog, tocino o longganisa naman. Alternate lang sila. Ganun lang ang buhay nung elementary.

Pag recess naman o kaya pag dismissal o kaya lalo na kapag walang pasok e usong uso ang mga softdrinks na asa plastic tpos sasamahan mo pa ng hi-ro medyo solb ka na nun! Pero minsan nakakabitin kasi tatlo lang yung laman nun sa isang pack kaya minsan bibili ka na lang chichirya

credits to google images

Ri-chee sarap nyan sobrang tamis lang, barkada nya yung mobi e (na peborit ko talaga) tsaka yung sweet corn tsaka yung snacku. Madami ka din pagpipilian nun kasi meron pa pritos ring na bago mo kainin e gagawin mo muna singsing at ilalagay mo sa mga daliri mo, meron din cheesedog na dalawa ang laman sa isang pack sa halagang piso at kung medyo wala ka budget hinde ka pa din malulungkot kasi ang pompoms nun e .75 cents lang. Bad trip lang ulet kasi meron ka talaga mga kalaro  na madamot at hinde talaga marunong mamigay. Uso din ang pagtitinda ng ice kendi nun at hinde ko maintindihan baket uso ang ice tubig kung pwede naman umuwe na lang sa mga bahay bahay para uminom?

Sa labas ng school nun uso binebenta yung mga hiniwang mangga na nakalagay sa stick at my bagoong, meron din naman singkamas at kung ano anong laruan, meron  jackstones,  o kaya yung garter na mabenta nun kasi pampalipas oras habang nag aantay sa mga kaserbis mo na hinde pa dismissal o kung may kung ano-anong activities pa.

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Uso ang padumihan ng medyas nun at pabasaan ng likod dahil sa pawis pero hinde mo na maiisip yun kasi ang gusto mo lang e maka-abot sa exhibition round o kaya e sagipin ang mga kakampi mo na, na "dead" na. Alam mo yung bad trip dun? Kapag ikaw yung taya at aalis na kayo hinde ka na nakatira tsaka yung feeling mo "nadaya" ka kasi ginalaw nung mga taya yung garter. haha minsan nga susukatin mo pa yun e kung pantay haha patawa.

Ang patintero naman o putbol o yung marcos, lopez e uso kapag walang pasok. Masaya sa patintero kapag madami kayo at mahaba talaga yung linya kasi bihira ang maka home run nun. Sa putbol apat ang base minsan may rule pa na no garden, kapag nasipa mo papunta sa "garden" e taya ka at kung pasok bahay naman dead lahat. Marcos, Lopez e yung meron dalawang base tpos maghahabulan lang kayo at kapag hinde ka nakapag "charge" sa base mo at nahuli ka ng kalaban dun ka lang sa base nila hanggang meron makasagip sayo na kakampi mo.

Naging gawain ko din ito nun kahit hanggang nung hayskul, 

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OO usong uso ang magsakit-sakitan para makatulog ka dun sa clinic, minsan pag gising mo dismissal na pala pero minsan hinde pa kaya babalik ka sa klasrum at pagbalik mo sa klasrum sikat ka! Lahat tatanungin ka kung ok ka lang, lahat kakausapin ka. sosyalan! sikat! Mas magiging sikat ka pa sa muse nyo kasi lahat asa iyo ang pansin.

Autograph book o slam book. 

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Nauso yan nun para ma "stalk" mo ang crush mo, kunwari papasulatin mo yung mga kaklase mo kahit na yung hinde mo naman ka-close mapipilitan ka pasulatin para lang kunwari hinde obvious kapag binigay mo na sa kras mo yung autograph book na yan. Pero nakakatawa isipin ang mga pinagsasagot nun kahit na gaano pa ka-"cool" sa tingin mo nung mga panahon na yun yung mga sagot mo kapag binalikan mo ngayon, matatawa ka lang kasi ang jologs talaga. =))

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Pamatay ang mga sagot na "Who is your first love?" sagot si God. "First kiss?" Parents. "What is love?" Love is like an onion, it will make you cry" o kaya daw e parang rosary kasi punom-puno ng mysterio. "Favourite movie?" MTM haha many to mention talaga ang karamihan na nilalagay na sagot sa tanong na yan. "Describe yourself?" JUDGE ME NA LANG! haha pero kung makapal kapal ang mukha mo ganito ang isasagot mo "cute sabi ng iba, maputi, medyo matangkad" pero kung hinde ka sure at kung ayaw mo masabihan ng mayabang, JUDGE ME NA LANG ang tagumpay mong sagot. At para sa huling parte ng slam book e ang mensahe mo kuno sa nagpasulat sayo sa autograph book nya at bago mo ibalik sa may-ari yung notebook na yun e hinde mo pwedeng hinde ilagay ang

J - Just
A - Always
P - Pray
A - At
N - Night

o ang I.T.A.L.Y o ang makabagbang damdaming 

T - Take
C - Care
C - Coz
I - I
C - Care

minsan nga meron pang "take care coz I REALLY care".

Kapag wala si mam o kaya si sir e ihahabalin kay Pres o kaya sa Sgt & Arms ang paglilista ng

noisy at standing

inpurrness ang epektib nyang panakot na yan! talagang nakasulat pa sa blackboard yan ah! at para maiwasan na maisulat kang noisy o standing e magpapasahan na lang kayo ng mga sulat. Minsan nga tatayo ka lang para mag banyo at magwiwi e susulat ka na sa standing. =))

Nung elementary uso pa nun ang masipag na estudyante, pero pagdating ng hayskul astig na, wala na nagdadala ng one hul, parasite na, hingi na lang sa katabi. "psst, enge naman one hul", "hati tayo, crosswise lang naman kelangan e." Kapag quiz lang kayo kayo na lang din ang magtsi-check

titser: ok class, pass your papers clockwise. one, two, three.

Pero kapag periodical e yung kabilang klase ang magtsi-check para daw iwas "duktoran" ng papel.

Malalaman mo na lang kung sino nag check ng papel mo dahil sa makasaysayang 

corrected by:

at seselyuhan mo yun ng isang malupet na smiley face.

Siguro ang hinde ko lang naranasan nung nag-aaral pa ako sa Pinas e ang pagkakaron ng

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mga notebooks na artista ang mga cover. Uso din nung ang panda ball pen na subok nga naman na maasahan talaga kung ikukumpara mo sa pilot kasi yung pilot kapag nabagsak mo wala na tinta, manghihinayang ka lang kasi ang mahal e P17 yun nun, e yung panda naman P5 lang kaya sulit na din.

Ganyan ka din ba nun?



If you didn't understand the title, yes, this is another Tagalog post of mine. :D Yep. I'm enjoying writing in Tagalog and remembering what I was like when I was a kid.


Malay mo parehas tayo ng akala nun. ;)


Alala nyo yan?Mabango yan diba?! haha kala ko dati nanganganak ang kisses. Ewan. uto-uto lang =)) kelangan pa nga ibalot sa bulak yun for 24 hours e bago mo "paanakin" yun pala ang kelangan mo lang e isang Orion ruler (oo yung manipis na ang lalagayan nya yung kulay asul) para mahati sa kisses sa gitna. presto! nag multiply ang mga kisses. Ako naman si tanga manghang-mangha at naging kumadrona pa ng mga kisses nung araw, hinde ko man lang naisip na hinati ko yun sa gitna kaya sila dumadami. 


Ewan dun sa pinsan ko na pasimuno ng kabaliwan na ito. Kapag daw kasi nahati sa gitna yung holen e magkakaron ka ng kapangyarihan katulad nung kay Faye. oh, kilala nyo si Faye?OO. Si Faye ng Okay ka fairy ko! Eport kung eport namen na pukupukin ng martilyo yun, at impurrness ang tigas nung mga holen na yan at ang tagal bago nila nabasag. Sabi pa nga nung isa ko kalaro pakuluan daw namen yung mga holen e para lumambot, my mga paltik sa utak ata mga taga samen. =)) Sakses naman at nakabasag ako ng isang holen sa gitna, pero ayun walang kapangyarihan. :(


Dati kapag nagkakasugat ako takot na takot ako, hinde sa dugo o hinde dahil mahapdi siya lalo kapag maliligo ka na kundi kasi yung tito ko sabi nya kapag nagkasugat daw my lalabas na kanin dun sa sugat, hinde lang yun my tropa pa yung kanin na yun na parang magpaparada sa sugat mo. Kanin, tren, jeep, at ang malupet sa lahat my lalabas daw na pari sa sugat mo. =))


Hinde lang naman umikot sa basketball, wrestling, patintero at putbol ang pagkabata ko, naglaro din naman ako nga mga barbie dolls at tuwing pasko ko lang ako nagkakaron ng bagong barbie doll. Sa mga normal na araw pag swerte my pasalubong kame galing sa Jollibee yung parang happy meal nila tpos ang natatandaan ko nun ang mga laruan na kasama nun e yung TMNT haha kumpleto ako nung mga pagong na yun! Balik ke Barbie, akala ko dati kapag ginupit mo yung buhok nila e hahaba ulet yun. wahaha kaya andami ko tuloy barbie nun na iba-iba ang haba ng buhok.


Ok. Kala ko dati pag tutulian yung lalake e pinuputol lahat yun tpos tutubo na lang ulet. =)) patawa diba?! eee kasi naman kaya ko nakuha yung akala na yun, kasi diba yung butiki pag naputol yung buntot nila e tumutubo pabalik yun?kaya ayun kala ko tuloy ganun din sa lalake. =))


Eto ang pinakakalokohan sa lahat! Akala ko dati totoong tatangkad ka kapag tumalon ka sa  bagong taon. Hinde naman pala! Paasa! Nakaka hurt ng damdamin isipin na napaniwala ako dun, kung totoo yun e d sana matangkad ako ngayon diba?!


Wala lang. kala ko lang dati yung mga artisa sa loob ng TV nakatira at kapag binuksan mo yung likod lalabas sila dun.


Kala ko dati kapag nag kiss ang mag bf/gf o mag-asawa e mabubuntis na yung babae. Mali. Hinde pala ganun kadali yun, umpisa lang pala yun ng proseso.


Ba yan! nagkati yung ulo ko bigla =)) pero dati kasi uso sa mga bata ang kuto e, parang hinde ka naging batang pinoy kapag hinde ka nagkakuto. wahaha (kumakati talaga ulo ko pramis! at pramis wala ako kuto lol!) Ayun, kala ko nga dati e kapag madami ka kuto at hinde ka nagpa-kuto e liliparin ka nila at dadalhin kung saan man.


Eto ang major major pauso evuur! Diba dati uso yung kapag mainit e nasipol ka?para daw magkahangin?sabi nung kapitbahay namen, wag daw sumipol kasi daw kapag sumipol ay nakakahaba daw yun nung pubs, as in pubic hair. Aabot daw ng tuhod. Siguro yung kanya hanggang tuhod. echos lang!

Ano mga akala nyo nung bata pa kayo?Share nyo saken! wahaha

At tutal e usapang bata din naman ito, sino ang hinde nakakaalala kila


haha naku kelangan mo ipunin yung takip o yung foil nung sustagen para lang sa papel at lapis na my tatak na sustagen, kung wala, wala ka din "goodies" galing sa kila Susy at Geno.

ang mga larawan ay hango sa google images.