DID YOU GUYS WATCH THE FIGHT? ( to the UFC fans of course )..

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Did I watch the fight?HELLS TO THE YEAH!!! haha 

I'm sorry if some of you will not be able to relate, my fan girl mode is turned on and I'm just really happy right now! wooooot!

I missed the SHIELDS vs. KAMPMANN fight and I missed the ORTIZ vs. HAMILL's match on purpose 'coz Ortiz makes me sick to my stomach. Why? Well, uhm he's a girlfriend beater! I have low respect for guys who beat up women coz there's no fiin reason to hurt a woman no matter how annoying or loud she gets. and If you're not a fan and don't know who Tito Ortiz is and why I don't like him, now you know the reason why. But bleh to Ortiz' ass 'coz it got whooped so yeah that made me happy! haha 

soooo for the main event


I was rooting for Velasquez. I'm not really a fan of Cain, it's just I don't like Brock and how he puts up his game (since WWE days) and I wanted to see him get destroyed and stripped off that belt coz I firmly believe that he deserved it! haha ok, wait, I don't want him dead or something serious happen to him. I just want to make it clear that all I want is that UFC Heavyweight Championship Belt off of his belly.

Here's a youtube vid of the fight.

The video might get deleted 'coz of copyright and if this vid got deleted, you can just youtube again, if you're interested.

I didn't expected that this  match will only last a round. Brock Lesnar got exhausted the middle of the first round. He was so pumped up and too aggressive. It was just too much and instead of that being on the advantage side, it became the otherwise. blaah fight's over, Brock got destroyed, a complete total domination by Velasquez.

/fan girl mode off.

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shenanigans said...

ay! pang straight yan! haha

glentot said...

haha kaaliw ka!

Emmaleigh said...

@ Russ: haha adek ka

@ Glentot: ako na ang fan girl! haha

Ceyphora said...

I'm a greatest fan of the WWE and anything that concern the fight ! Wednesday night, i went to see the show WWE Raw World Tour in Nice, and it was awesome !

Ceyphora said...

thank :) my favorites wrestlers are Hardy brothers like you, and especially Jeff (I'm a greatest admirer of him), John Cena and John Morrison, Dx (Shawn Michaels and Triple H), and Edge !
it's so nice to meet someone who also loves wrestling and a girl it's again more amazing ! :)

Emmaleigh said...