Bye September.

How was your September guys? Mine was an "eventful"(pssh bad way eventful) & a stressful month!

Hello October.

I'm so done with bad news, I can't afford any distractions and I don't wanna be stressed anymore so please be good to me? Thanks! - Em.

This is gonna be a random post. :D I don't wanna blog about my whole September, like I said earlier on, it was pretty much in a bad way eventful and stressful and I already blogged about my birthday -- yep. that's it for my September. :D


Thursday - I went to Sephora to pick up my birthday gift from them. :D (my birthday post entry, BIRTHDAY POST!).

eyeshadow, eyeliner & mascara

Then I went to London Drugs to buy a pink shade or any pale lipstick. You might be wondering why I didn't buy lipstick from Sephora? Sucha a waste of money. :D I mean, I'm not gonna spend $30 on A lipstick when I don't even have the plans of wearing it on a regular basis. Just like my red lipstick, I was just "craving" (seriously) for a pale shade. So yeah, I went to London Drugs and bought an NYC chiffon shade for $2.49. yup! practicality rules!

looks kinda red here right?

but here's what it looks like once you put it on

too pale

But I liked it actually haha I loved how pale it looks :D I dunno if my lips were just too dry but the only thing I don't like about this lipstick is it's feathering, but other than that, I love this shade. :D

Here's btw just in case you missed my red lips entry.

It's amazing how one shade of lipstick can change you entire "look".

It's the jelly man with a jelly belly!

uhm I just made that up :D

I went to the Asian store after I got my pink lipstick and bought


you guys want some?!


♫ ♫ Just dance gonna be ok da-do-doom just dance, spin that record babe da-d-doom j-j-just dance. ♫♫

credits to google images
You guys will know SOON what this whole Lady GaGa thing is all about. :D so stay "tuned". :D

For the meantime,  enjoy this video. Come on! Don't be sucha party pooper, it's only a 23 sec video. :D :D :D




No. I ain't talking about Glee's Sunshine Corazon.

Sunshine blog award it is that was "awarded" to me by Traveliztera and Android Enteng.

Thank you Steph and kuya Enteng for the award. :D I'll pass it around soon.

That's it.

See you guys around :D

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Traveliztera said...

Hahahaha! Okay, I AM A TOTAL MAKE-UP ADDICT. I just bought a rosey lipstick awhile ago plus foundation plus eyeshadows (nude ones because i had been desperate for a soft look haha!)

I envy you in a good way regarding your EYE STUFF cos i'm a major major EYE MAKE-UP girl. haha!!!So yayyy for havn that gifttt!!! I was plannin to pre-order from NYC too! Now those lips are definitely adorable! Seriously? U LOOK 16. hahaha!

Just danceeee girl! ;D

And no prob... U dserve the award! :D HUGS!

silentassasin said...

Thanks for visiting my site pretty.. :D
Nice blog!

Emmaleigh said...

@ Steph: haha thanks! I'm still working on my eye make up skills :D and that nude lipstick/that picture was surprising to me as well, I felt like it was washed out but I def looked younger in that pic! haha and thanks for the award again.

@ Silent Assasin: no prob! and thank you! :D

shenanigans said...

i have this friend who is very obsessed with red lipstick.. hihi

kinda cute and classic though

Emmaleigh said...

haha I was never a fan of red lipstick until 2 months ago.

Mimi said...

oooh, i got the same sephora birthday gift! and i'm so glad you were able to get the nyc lipstick! i totally agree with what you said about that, btw. :D

oh, and happy belated birthday! (was i able to greet you on your birthday?).

<3, Mimi

Emmaleigh said...

Mimi: haha so it wasn't my dry lips after all haha it really does feather once you put it on. and no, hehe but it's all good. :D