I'm actually supposed to blog something about ahh, blach, I'm sorry I can't give a hint right now. :p so I decided to just do a random entry.

I got tagged by Mimi so Imma do that first.


If you were to be the inventor of one of the greatest gadgets of today, which gadget would that be and why?  

- that gadget would be hmm it's more like a robot. :D With one click that robot will do all the chores for me: laundry, dishes, cleaning the apartment etc etc and the best part about it?You don't have to pay that poor robot anything. haha
You have to choose, would you rather eat a cockroach or a worm? 

- wtf? What would be my punishment if I chose neither? I'll just take that coz there's no way in fiiin hells that I'll eat a cockroach or a worm. *walks out* lol! sucha diva

What's your favorite cartoon as a child? 

- haaaaa! Since I spent most of my growing up years in the Philippines, my favourite cartoon as a child is: BATIBOT! bleh :p runners up: Princess Sarah, Cedie, Remie, Bananas 'n Pyjamas

If you could have any animal trained as a pet, what animal would you want? 

- not an animal person. :D

If you had three days left to live, what would you do in that short time? 

-EAT. EAT. EAT. sucha loser haha but seriously, I'll blog on the first day and give out my appreciation to everyone, spam twitter & facebook and on the 2nd and my last day will be spent with the family and the bf. :D

Would you rather be an outlaw but really rich or be a good citizen but average in wealth? 

- the latter.

If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be? 

- Justin Bieber. So that his teenage-mostly-girls-fanbase will envy me. pwuahaha

Live for 80 years being single, or live for 30 years happily married to the one you love? 

- live for 30 years happily married and contented.

Guess who I get to chat with earlier? it's Mara!!! haha Mara's  been pretty busy lately so we haven't been really chatting except for our random tweets :D so today I got lucky and had the chance to talk to her and as usual, we're being random and suddenly a one particular guy became our topic

 The rant is all about this guy who thinks he's all that. I can't post any more from our chat window or we'll be in trouble =)) He's sucha flirt and some girls do flirt back and if they see this, they'll prolly attack Mara and I with "oh you're just jealous" --- uhhh we'll be jealous of who?or what? lulz! bizzhes puhleasse! *flips hair*

Another rant: SOME PEOPLE!! I hate it that they only come to you if they need help and just forgets you after the fact that they'd been helped already. losers.


10.10.10 Did you guys made any wish on 10:10am and 10:10pm? :p I DID! haha

It's 10.11.10 now soooo..

Anyone here who's into twitter?Well, for about 48 hours now (I think) the top trending topic is *drumroll please*


Heenim :D so to those of you don't know who Kim Hee Chul is, he's part of SUPER JUNIOR! And everyone's just too proud. :D


I'm using that as my blog badge :D I made it lol! It's not really as posh as the other blog badges out there but I made that badge so I'm a proud momma of that blog badge! madskillseh?

Oh, the randomnity of Emmaleigh.
Hi. I'm Em and I'm feminine (like it's not obvious haha).

emphasis: VERY feminine. I dunno what that supposed to mean but I do get that a lot. I am only hoping for one thing now: I hope being VERY feminine is NOT a bad thing.


12 statements:

Anonymous said...

You said it.
I for one can't be jealous for the ff reasons:
1) I know I'm better than that
2) I have a boyfriend that is made of awesome
3) That dude? Grade A douche. No thanks
4) He is so unappealing he deserves another number
5) He has terrible skills with grammar
6) He'd only really go for the easy ones -- those who flirt back. Don't be flattered, you're just a plaything of momentary and passing interest.
7) I would not let my awesomeness be tainted by such a being
8) He wishes he can tap this! LOL

Emmaleigh said...

damn true! and he ONLY wishes! =))

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

waaahhh.. nafa ikaw ba yan? nakapost din yung usapan sa chat.. tsk tsk

Emmaleigh said...

mdriver: haha namintang e no?!

Jag said...

Parang nasa piyestahan lang ako iba iba ang putahe mo sa post na ito hehehe...Natawa namn ako dun sa pagwalk out ng diva hahaha...NICE!Ang cute naman ng blog badge mo so VERY FEMININE hahaha...

Nasa tono na ba ang gitara mo?

Emmaleigh said...

haha ako na ang diva! lol! at ako na din ang VERY FEMININE! lol!

glentot said...

Haha very feminine nga! Not a bad thing... basta sa babae.

Emmaleigh said...

haha oo nga tama! kurik ka jan!

Mimi said...

great answer for number 1, em! why didn't i think of that?! haha. ;)

<3, Mimi

Emmaleigh said...

haha it'll be really awesome to just be a bum and not worry about getting our place filthy the robot is at our service =))

Traveliztera said...

Come on, eat a worm !!! hahahahaha!
We have the same fave cartoonsss !!! :D

Lol at your chat with Mara hahahhaha! You girls are hahahha!

Btw! I actually read this entry the other day pa kaso i wasnt able to comment kasi yknowwww hahaha! But yeah, my friend also tweeted me bout the trending korean dude hahaha! i don't even know him but hey, familiar cos of u and her. haha!


Emmaleigh said...

I'll never eat a worm wahaha

I do miss watching those cartoons esp b1&b2 =))

if I'm bff with JB, I'll have thousands of followers on twitter twitting me all day asking about JB wahaha

we just happened to talk about some rants that day lol! and it's ok. I know you're busy ms. Charice with your local and international career. :D

ohh the tomboy basketball girl is currently with Alvin Patrimonio so no special participation for now. =))