What if?

I've been "musical" the past week and I am guaranteeing you this isn't about Babyface's song, "What if". It's the "what if's" in my life, or maybe in yours too.

A lot of people had a good laugh about reminiscing the past when out of the blue I blogged about who I was as a kid and what I "believed" in during my naive and gullible days and I wasn't surprised that a lot of bloggers/readers were equally naive.

If  you understand Tagalog go ahead and click the links (if you haven't read any of it)


If you didn't click the links because you don't understand Tagalog, don't worry I have something else for you. Who were you as kid? What are the games you usually play back then? Reminiscing, do you always have a good laugh looking back?

I made those four part entry with two things in mind: (I bet nobody saw this coming)

  1. RELATIONSHIP -- I want to establish the writer - reader relationship. It's not about being too friendly, it's coz I've been told NOT just once or twice but LOTSA times that I look like a fiiiiin snob and my blog kinda give that feeling too. It bothers me to know that a lot of people are aloof and that if they approach me I'll be like "wtf?don't talk to me unless you're ready to kiss my arse" -- I am so not like that! haha So, my awesomeness kicked in and thought of writing an entry that I know a lot of people could relate to and it's the perfect time to let almost everyone know that "hey, I'm not a snob, I'm cool, I'm plain simple".
  2. PEOPLE WATCHING -- ok, I wanna make it clear people watching is not synonymous to being judgmental, or at least for me. I love to watch people whenever I can, especially if I have to commute and take the bus -- just perfect! And thru people watching and the phase that I'm in at this point, pushed me to ask the what if's in life.
Again, as some of you know, my summer especially my September was in a bad way eventful, shocking, life-changing and stressful for me and family. I was shocked and too hurt that I wanna escape this life. I just wanna escape who I am and just be someone.


- I was born a male?
- I was born not a Filipina? I wonder what race I'll be.
- I was born from a different set of parents, I wonder what I'll look like or what my name would be?

I wasn't born as Em, I wonder what my life would be like or what kind of problems I'll face to be tougher. If I wasn't born as Em will I survive the challenges in my life? If I wasn't born as Em, my childhood maybe wouldn't be about Alvin Patrimonio.  If I wasn't born as Em, then this blog wouldn't exist. MyfingersRtyping and its contents are all from who I am as this Em person.

If I wasn't born as Em, I could be the person who I'm not

- A math genius
- 5'5" or taller
- A basketball player
- A dancer


I am Em and I'm choosing to stay who I am and I am choosing to win life's battle. This is my life and there's a reason why I am a part of my parents' and my sister's life, there's a reason why I am a part of yours whether you like it or not.

"Sometimes, if not most of the time, you find out who you are by figuring out who you are not." -- Kelly Cutrone

Aaah the What if's in life.

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shenanigans said...

ang lalim ah.. hehe!

Mimi said...

hi em! i've thought about those what ifs too! and i think it is amazing how we both used kelly cutrone's quote! :D

<3, Mimi

Emmaleigh said...

@ Russ: haha meganun?

@ Mimi: amazing indeed!


Very interesting read and your questions made me ponder as well. Btw I could totally relate to that snob vibe haha when it's the complete opposite hehe!:-)

Diamond R said...

What if i'm famous like a rock star. wow. i like the idea. Hmmm.

Jag said...

What ifs will always remain as it is...(:

Benh said...

Nice thoughts Em! This is really a common question to people and most of the time to people who have less confidence of who they really are. And we start to question What if I am not who I am now happens when we don't believe in our own capacity and strength and we put ourselves in the person who we wanted to be which life sometimes do not offer. But its really important to love yourself and value yourself coz if there is someone who will appreciate you more than anyone else, it's you. :)

Emmaleigh said...

@ Mina: I wonder what made other people think that we're snobs eh? :D

@ Diamond R: haha nice! but what if I'm Julia Roberts? lol!

@ Jag: sad but true. :D

@ BenH: "doubting" ourselves happen when we are facing difficulties in life. We want to escape. Don't get me wrong tho, I love and value myself. I just think that it's pretty normal to "doubt" once in a while.

Traveliztera said...

GOod job Em... I love how you're reaching out to your audience more (though u were able to reach out back then and even captured my heart. AHAHHAHA just kidding!!! :Dbut u did catch my attention and i was glad that you were friendly to me! :D
but yeah i noticed you're more personal now so it's pretteh cool! I was shocked to see u blog in TAGALOG and talk about topics that are totally funnehhh)


I do think of such What If's too... Will we ever meet if I'm another person? Ayun o .Lalem. haha!

Emmaleigh said...

@ Steph: thanks for appreciating. :D I think I am learning the purpose on why I'm blogging. :D

and hey, that's true, what if I'm not Em, we would not meet thru blogger for sure but who knows?we could be in the same class? and that's how our story will begin. hehe

karla camille foronda said...

From one filipina to another, kamusta? haha.I love your blog:)
binasa ko yung 'GANITO KA BA DATI', grabe, tawa ako ng tawa. ganun na ganun din ako dati..
It's nice I found your blog. :)


Traveliztera said...

I was shocked cos I really thought super Englisheraaa ka hahaha ! Glad to know u grew up here sa Pinas pala kaya nagkakaintindihan tayo sa mga Pinoy childhood stuff! hehe! And Alvin Patrimonio! ;P

Umi said...

Sometimes, I hate thinking about what ifs. Haha. It drive me nuts.

Emmaleigh said...

@ Karla: thanks dear! :D

@ Steph: haha masarap din maging bilingual! yeaah

@ Umi: agreed! that's why I stopped asking the what ifs hehe

karla camille foronda said...

hey:) I'll just add you in twitter. yeah, we are in Vancouver. and the typhoon is gone, thank god!!

Fickle Cattle said...

Oooh, another Filipino blogger! Hi! Wala lang. Hahaha. ;-)


glentot said...

U shud be a basketball player!

Emmaleigh said...

@ glentot: haha I should be! :D