Well, this entry is supposed to be for the carnival's call for posting for the 1st year death anniversary of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Today is Sunday, my time of course and I'm confused as fcuk if I already missed the deadline or not because of the time difference?oh wells, i'll still try anyways..

THE KING OF POP is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most successful entertainer of all time, scandals, money, the Neverland Ranch, honors and awards -- yes, that is all MICHAEL JACKSON.. And with talents like MJ who wouldn't be a fan right?who wouldn't go crazy over him?


I can google MJ, his achievements so I can make a blog entry and make it sound like I am the most die-hard MJ fan in the world, I can brag about buying MJ memorabilia's even if I really didn't, but it's not gonna feel right you know.. I can say I am a fan of his songs because it is singable, simple as that.

How did I react when I heard about the news?How am I gonna pay tribute to the king of pop?

June 25, 2009, all I can remember that day was being busy cooking spaghetti and chicken, if it did sounded like a birthday to you, it's because it was the bf's birthday and it's just been a tradition of moi to cook spag and chicken if it's my or my sister's or the bf's birthday.. I dunno it's just sad for me not to have spag and chicken to feast on for your birthday. Moving on, I had no idea that the world was already mourning because of the news that MJ passed coz there's another story happening, my bf and I were just busy all day driving around the city and shopping at the mall, so we had NO idea at all. Tho, I am not really a big fan of MJ, of course I was saddened, not because he is a LEGEND, he is a person and he left his young three children fatherless and "someone died" is not really a news for people to celebrate. I also wanna take this chance to also commemorate not just MJ's passing but also to Farrah Fawcett and to all our loved ones and other people's loved ones who perished.

And I am running out of words to say now. There's just not much to talk about Michael Jackson, and the best I and my friend Steph could come up with to pay tribute is this..

I know, we were not at our best here. I didn't get any sleep at all the day before coz I was being paranoid I might not hear my alarm and I'll miss my flight and after 1 hour and 45 minutes, my plane landed in Winnipeg (I know it's a short plane ride), my 'rents of course came to get me, then I got my haircut done, yes I am picky and I only let Pinoys esp the ones working for Dimples touch my hair ;) then we had brunch, went to Polo Park bought some stuff, met a friend, then we drove to my 'rents friend's house for a BBQ and this is where we spent the night too, then my friend Steph came over with his adorable sonshine and there's me still wide awake after the fact that I have no sleep for almost 24 hours already. After a lil bit of catching up, Steph and I wrote the lyrics down started practicing for about half an hour with my mom's help with the harmonizing part, tho it's a "fail", both I and Steph are more used in singing solo parts so having someone to sing with esp with blending and w/o proper coaching, it's hard, we always forget our tune =)) haha but fun stuff. I miss singing with her and we should practice more together and try to harmonize so it's not really embarrassing like this. And yes, that's the part reason why we didn't show our faces here. haha

Thank you also to Steph's sonshine James for that special baby participation there. ;) And to my mom also for helping us, tho I kinda wished she didn't took a nap so she was there while we were recording it.

Gaah, this is everything for now ;) We just got home after the 2 hour drive from 'peg, I am happy that I am spending my 2 weeks here with my parents, I missed them and I missed living in a small town, so quiet.



Yes. Love is in the air and it's not even the love month. Actually, minus the cheesyness and the couple shirts and the hearts and red all over, I feel all the love from people :D I don't wanna think it's "commercialized", or they're bullshitting me, it feels legit --- THE LOVE I'VE BEEN GETTING FROM RANDOM PEOPLE.

THANK YOU ALL! *sniff sniff*









I got a new award, yep that's just the whole point of the drama above :D haha And it's the Cherry on top award. Means, you are simply awesome and the award is well deserved. ;)

Thank you for the award Mikki!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave this award to you – Thank you Mikki
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List three things which you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.


  1. MARVELOUS - I am marvelous, I am marvelous, I am marvelous and you can't read my poker face. ;) seriously, I am marvelous, I believe I am. Not conceited ok? MAHR-VUH-LUHS.. Why?and the Difference? Conceited are for self centered swollen headed drama WANNABE QUEENs who can't take criticisms well. ;) I am mahr-vuh-luhs coz I really don't care about what other people has to say about me. I AM AWESOME DUDE coz I have power rangers, aswang, other elemental and normal people for friends. ;). so be jealous! jk!
  2. Either I can stay up all night or I can sleep the whole day. Mad skills yo! ;)
  3. I maybe "judgmental" esp on people who tries so hard and people who kiss asses but behind all the profanities, yes the streaming lines of curses in my head right now, I am a loving friend, a loving daughter, a loving sister and a loving girlfriend. I have dreams. I have a soft spot in helping people in need and I am hoping for world peace one day. ;)
The picture that I love


for main reason: the picture is "LOUD" and that simply means, I am destined to be "heard" or my blog to be read.. :D

5 people I am tagging who are equally awesome and my love for them are special with cherries on top. ;)

Mara - she will always be special to me :D
Bakaranger - a very special friend ;) we've been friends since we were what?fetuses? seriously.

SORRY.. I am breaking a rule here :( I can only tag 2 people right now, I tried giving it out to 3 more people, it just doesn't feel right. So I am just tagging two people instead of 5 and those two are the people I am considering the bestest-estest-bestesest friend a person can have. ;)



Yes! In Canadian dollars and let's win it! haha I've been wanting to post about this a week ago since the pot money hasn't been won yet but I didn't had enuf time/ I actually didn't made it on time for that post and I was secretly been praying to God since then that "Please God, please let nobody win it coz I wanna try my luck here." And God heard me and answered my prayer, nobody won the jackpot since I dunno, all I know is someone is destined to win that $50M ;) Maybe "fate" is just waiting for me to go to the lottery booth and try my luck. OR maybe "fate" is waiting for you ;).

ooppss brb! phone's ringing and it's my dad! ;)

so after 10 mins (that's what it said after I ended the call).


ok what?seriously?! haha

So my dad is just "coaching" me coz I dunno how to do this lotto thing and tomorrow will be my first time to go to a booth and fill out a block haha

AND I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS!! Let's play lotto and who knows?We MIGHT win it! I have some conditions tho


  1. We'll split the money. 50-50
  2. You MUST choose at least TWO charitable institutions or your chosen church/es where we can donate 10% for each out of your jackpot money. What?You don't expect the other half all to yourself right?! come on! LEARN how to SHARE!

And as for the RULES, here's how we'll do it:

  1. COMMENT - please DO NOT hesitate to comment here and give your numbers.
  2. NUMBERS - to all those who wanna join, give me SEVEN numbers.. SEVEN!! NOT six or five or eight.. SEVEN :D numbers to choose from are between 1 -49 I believe (or from what I remember from my dad and I's conversation a lil while ago).
Ok, I think that's about it. COMMENT and give me your SEVEN numbers ok?!

REMEMBER: numbers should only be between 1-49.

Tomorrow after work (which is Wednesday my time), I will play all the numbers from the bloggers who wanna join. I will be online tomorrow before work to check for responses so I am really hoping you guys are equally determined in winning the jackpot. ;)


Draw date is Friday night I believe :D



I feel wonderful, I feel blessed and I am feeling guilty right now that I've been trying to write something in the past hour only finding myself hitting the delete key. Why am I feeling guilty? No. It's not because of too much eating or spending too much money today, it's because of my father's day entry. I am abashed of myself that I didn't get to do this on mother's day and it felt like the only reason why I am doing it right now for father's day is because The Lessons from my Father is the topic of the week for the carnival and I don't wanna miss it. If ever one day my mom will see this post, I don't want her to feel "jealous" coz I love my mama and papa equally, infinity.

Wow! I think I feel much better now and I can carry on.

Before I even get into all about my father, I am taking this opportunity to thank this special man, if it weren't for him my dad won't be here on earth and I also won't be. ;)

and this person is
my grampa!

My lolo and lola died 10 years ago now I think?I am not even sure if he's here beside me now and can read this but I still wanna express my gratitude to both of them for raising all their 7 kids right. ;)

So what are the lessons I've learned from my father?What kind of father my father is?What are the "qualities" a man should possess to be considered as an outstanding father?

I bought a card a week ago to send to my papa for father's day and this is what the card says:

A special dad gives his family.. room to grow, courage to try, faith to believe, wings to fly.

You show your love in so many ways -- in your strong values, your quiet wisdom, and above all, your devotion to your family and home..

The card was specifically made for my papa. ;) If I didn't moved out a year ago, I don't think I'll have the same perspective or even appreciate, I mean he'll always be the world's number one dad to me and my sister but I am talking about the message from the card. My dad is a strict one, he's overprotective but he gave us room to grow, enough courage to try, strong faith to believe and wings to fly and I am wicked thankful for that. I am thankful that he trusted us that we can do it or try our best to be "independent" and not being stoopid. The old man has strong values and he stand to what he believes in, and I think I got that from him. My dad is actually more of a "nagger" than my mom, he's a loud one =)) but when he's serious and quiet you'll be amazed with his wisdom and that wisdom that he shares are from his own experiences. I adore how my father is devoted to us, to our home, to his siblings, to his nieces and nephews and his devotion in helping people in need. I am proud to be my father's daughter and I honestly can't imagine being a daughter of other people. I am aware that my dad is not a perfect person, just like the rest of us, he has his own flaws, but it doesn't matter. MY DAD IS THE PERFECT FATHER in his daughters lovely and loving eyes ;)


I spent most of my childhood with my father especially the time when the family decided to settle in the Philippines and my mom at that time I believe, just can't leave her career abroad so I was raised majority by my papa. There are a lot of things I've learned from my father and I wanna share that to everyone.

this is the one lesson we just didn't learn from our family, I mean just by watching tv and hear stories from other people, we know how important it is to finish school so I'm really not gonna include this one.

is it just me or the picture is really "loud?"

My father taught me on how NOT to be a rebel. I grew up in the old fashioned pinoy way, palo sa butt. Of course that time I thought I am not being loved. All I wanted was to wear that red Simpsons shirt while playing patintero, but too bad my papa saw me wearing that shirt WHILE playing patintero so he called me home and I got palo many times. He told me NOT to wear that red Simpsons shirt because that's the shirt I'm gonna wear the next day when we go to my other tito's house since laundry's not done yet, that's the only decent shirt I have to wear for that occasion. Why didn't I see this as an "abuse?" because looking back now, I actually don't remember or "feel" the pain of getting hit anymore, all I could remember was my dad being sorry for hitting me and trying to explain to me that I need to obey rules. If it weren't for that important word -- sorry, I don't think I will understand why I was getting hit, I think I'll be a rebel and compare myself to other kids who was just sent to face the wall instead of getting palo sa butt.


The relevance of the picture?Our papa taught us NOT to kiss asses even if it's your own blood, you don't have to sugarcoat the truth just to impress, because according to him and I also believe that no matter what you do, no matter what you say people will find fault in you so just be yourself. *arggh! I just lost my train of thought dayyumm!* "Kaya mo kaya?" I remember him uttering those words 2 years ago when I was asked/volunteered myself to sing the solo first part of the song The Prayer for our concert, it's not that I don't have the talent, but I remember now that I wanted to, but I am really nervous so maybe he felt that nervousness too, I know deep inside he wanted me to have my "shining" moment but he's afraid that I might forget the lyrics or go flat because of too much anxiousness and ended up humiliating myself on stage. Like my sister said, not because he is our father he will sugarcoat the truth, it's not like he is not confident that we can do it, like I said, he is overprotective, so he is just protecting us from getting hurt.



I've asked friends around on what are the things they appreciate the most about my father as their tito. I know what my friends had said are not bullshizz because I saw and felt how much my dad love them as his own daughters.





My papa taught me how to value friendship and treat them as a family not just FRIENDS, love them unconditionally, and you will be treated the same. And just loving your family, because in the end your family is all you've got. (:


credits to google

You can tell it from some of my entries right? I love being a filipina and proud of it! And even if I stay here in Canada for the next 30 years of my life, I don't think I will ever forget my roots. (:

I know it's such a long post and maybe some of you decided to just not finish this entry,







I am actually surprised that I got my sister into doing this, so I am gonna semi-end my entry with what she's gotta say.


Last words: I LOVE MY PAPA, I LOVE MY MAMA AND I LOVE MY SISTER with all my heart and I am so lucky that I am part of THE family and I will never fail them. ;) I feel wonderful. I feel blessed. And my father is the perfect one for us. ;)


Thank you to all my wonderful friends who participated in such a short notice. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

And yes, this is my entry for Team Carnival


I am absolutely 100% certain that to all that will come across this post will agree with me that REJECTION or being rejected is not the one feeling or thing that we wanna happen to us even to our "beloved" enemy. I am pretty sure that we all have our own share of rejection story, us being rejected or us rejecting someone.

REJECTION is unavoidable, simple NO happens everyday. It may not be as "big" or as "hurtful" as being rejected by the one you love, friendship rejection, job rejection, project proposal rejection, saying NO is just part of our everyday life.

So I'm just gonna STOP being redundant here before I start banging my head on the wall out of frustration jk! Ok, so let's start the ball rolling.

I am NOT the kind of person who do the first approach, because yes, you guessed it right -- I AM AFRAID OF BEING REJECTED!! Wells, if I need something like ask for directions then I do the approach haha Ok. hmmm, if you got rejected, you question yourself, am I not good enough?It just affects you as a whole. That's what I don't like about it, when I "doubt" my capabilities, so as much as possible I don't approach people.

Even with making friends, I don't, like I said, I am afraid of being rejected. That's why I am really thankful to all my friends coz I am pretty sure that they did approach me first. And in the past weeks I met new friends, thank you very much for offering "friendship" to me. I feel wonderful that there are people who actually find me "nice" and maybe "interesting" and wanted me to be their friend.

I just feel awesome. I feel blessed.




THANK YOU TO MELISSANNE for awarding me The Blog Love Award ;)

  • Thank the person who gave the award to you.
  • Pass the award to other bloggers, doesn't matter how many -- just pass the love around.
  • You have to make your OWN logo (I created mine at imagechef).
Go ahead and grab my award (I will post that below this quick note), and start passing the love around ;)


And let's spread the love now, shall we?

Em: *ehem ehem clears throat ehem ehem* Oh gosh how do I even start this acceptance speech? Yes, I am dramatic like that ;) I wanna say THANK YOU to MelissaAnne over again for the blog love award ;), I wasn't expecting it (true! :D) I don't even know what the "criteria" for you to "win" an award are or if there is/are even, I appreciated it, I felt like I actually "exist" here on bloggerwood :D (bloggerwood is fierce right?!:D) THANK YOU THANK YOU million times over ;) Selfishness is not one of my bad traits so I'm gonna pass the love around by awarding the Em love award to some bloggers who became part of my blogger life and made my blogging and blog hopping really enjoyable ;).

Without further ado let me present to you The Em Love Award recipients.
  • Mara - Mara became so dear to me coz she's one of the few who first appreciated my blogging. If a genie will appear right now and he will grant me 3 wishes, my wishes would be 1. A plane ticket to the Philippines so Mara and I could meet and just rock the day away. 2. moolah - we need money so we can go to places and buy some stuff and maybe see a musical?whatever's on?maybe? 3. A plane ticket to go back here of course :D. I've just grown to love Mara ;) And if I will be awarded next time, Mara will be for sure one of the awardees :D I am 100% positive that I will never run out of nice things to say about this doll, and another 100% positive that my love for her will never end. ;)
  • Aryan - I am not really a fan of bloggers with black templates, it look so sad, so dull but Aryan's blog is different. I think she's like me, plain, simple but once you get to know people like us, we're like a box of crayons, doesn't matter how many colours in a box, but the point is -- our life is COLOURFUL, and you need to look at us outside the "crayon box" because there is more to us than being "dull." If you actually click Aryan's link and read her posts, you'll forget how "depressing" the black color is, she is soo fun and that's the reason why I love her ;).
  • Aizel Camille - One of the blogs that I dig. ;) She blog like some of us to express not to impress and that's why I love reading her entries. There are some bloggers who uses BIG words but can't put it in the right context, uhh not this doll. I also like her fashion sense and I always look forward if she'll have any National Bookstore haul post, seriously her going back to school entries are bringing back memories when I was a student in the Philippines, the smell of the NBS plastic bag lol! I love her ;)
  • Aris - He's fun. (ohh the only guy awardee :p) He doesn't sleep. Just like the 3 dolls above Aris, he's smart and he taught me a lot already, he is in fact an "inspiration" to some of my posts and upcoming post/s (??) ;).
There's not a lot of receivers for the Em love award, I wanna be honest. I don't wanna give awards to people randomly since I have my own "criteria" on why those dolls and dude :p deserve the award. We all have different approach in blogging and those 4 are let's say my May/June favourites.

I dig!

I love them,

No dramas

No hypocrisy.



Chaptered Blog? Is there such a thing?Yes?No?Maybe?haha Chaptered is not even a word! lol! Just wanna do a post on what I've been up to the past days by blogging it like a book, chapter by chapter?I think this is gonna be a long post so I'll try to be really creative/artistic so you won't fall asleep half way through or just decide to click the x button. :D

You guys know the drill right?If I don't have a new post or not been blog hopping, I'm busy with work or at least trying to look busy while on the clock :D

Em's chaptered blog entry.


an adorable 31 second moment with this cute baby boy :D

Isn't it adorable to hear non-filipinos speak our language?When other cultures are trying their best to learn something about Filipinos?I think it's really great, it's flattering for us Filipinos when someone's actually stepping up and wanna learn some basics. And I feel very lucky to have non-Filipino friends who accepted the whole Em package + my culture. So thank you to all of them (: Yes, they eat adobo and other pinoy foods, they know some basic tagalog words and they know how to swear in tagalog too. (The cussing? they didn't learn that from me :D)

If you're not a Filipino and you know some tagalog words, you're A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! ;) I will not talk about my non-tag friends here but some people who surprised me with their tagalog humor and speaking. This happened about a month ago already, there's a guy at work who asked me if I'm a filipino and I said YES! I am.

Random Guy: I have a joke for you.
Em: ahm ok?shoot! (I honestly don't know how to react at that moment, it's just so random).
Random Guy: knock knock?
Em: who's there?
Random Guy: (this is how he said it) akow mahbah
Em: haha you almost got me there!
Random Guy: haha esp you don't expect it from a puti right?!
Em: that was good ;)
Random Guy: I know, I'm Awesome!

that joke was NEVER funny at all to me even as a kid but yes, that random guy is awesome!


This happened at work again, but this was 2 days ago. I was on a mission and making sure people got their coffee breaks when Logan started this conversation.

Logan: What nationality are you?
Em: filipina
Logan: really?
Em: why is it shocking to everyone to know I am?
Logan: you don't but you kinda look like one.
Em: ok?so?
Logan: you still speak tagalog?
Em: fluently!
Logan: I know some tagalog words too, I actually know a lot! you'll be amazed.
Em: ok, amaze :D
Logan: kamowsta ka? akow mabutee. kaninow yan? may pagkaeen? aalees na akow. paalam. ikaw ay kaybigan kow. (OMG! I had fun typing these slang lol!)
Em: you have lotsa filipino friends?
Logan: yes! and they taught me how to swear also.
Em: I'm not surprised. haha


Logan: powtahng ina mow, kago ka, tangga AND A LOT MORE PROFANITIES THAT CAN'T BE REPEATED HERE. lol!

Minus the swearing, yes they are awesome!


Well, I am not talking about political elections :D but the voting for the MOST LIKED BLOG ENTRY FOR THE WEEK that's happening at Team Carnival is not over yet. There's 12 blog entries for this week to READ and choose from.


If you visit the carnival's site, you should see the poll on the right side and the rundown for all the entries are at the bottom of the poll. And I am actually surprised with the partial results, all from the res. oh you guys lol!

I actually left a love cbox note for my blogger friend Aryan, and asked about the voting process for this year's teen blog awards coz I am not sure if my votes are going thru and her reply was this


Technical problems it is. TEENTALKERS!! Let's show and spread the news, let's keep on voting for Aryan. I am not really sure if the votes are going thru but it's better that we try than do nothing at all :D Just click her link and on the right side of her page is this

just click the 'help me out by voting' and it should direct you to candymag's site.


Yes! I want a summer tan coz I am not tan enough :D Unfortunately I didn't get my tan yesterday, instead of glowing tan, I got sunburned lol! I wasn't really planning on going sun tanning, it just kinda happened. One of my girl-friends asked me out for a coffee date, so we met up at 10 at Second Cup. My friend Sera had a Perrier and I had strawberry chillers for myself. It was the perfect day yesterday, not too hot and not to breezy so we decided to enjoy our drinks out in the patio. We had to move to a different spot tho half an hour later coz it was becoming chilly and yeah we moved to that table were the sunshine was directly hitting. SUNSHINE!! haha I don't mind sweating or be under the sun on days when I don't have to work, I mean who wants to anyways?! uhh, I don't spend 3 hours to take a bath and look good only to sweat and look haggard even before my day starts. Yes! I am girly like that. :D So here's a picture of my failed tan lol! It's kinda humiliating that my arm looked bigger in the picture than in real life lol! it's from the cropping and resizing maybe?or am I just making an excuse?! And it's just humiliation period coz I got sunburned haha.


As you can see I have a tan line lol! The upper part tanned a bit but from where my mole is, down half my arm, it's REDDDDD! Like I am not even kidding. I tried to keep my sleeves rolled up, but obviously, my sleeves didn't stay up where it's supposed to be. Oh yes just so you guys know and to add more humiliation on my part, my left arm is "untouched", not tan, not red, just my normal skin color, so I look "unequal".

I'm just gonna stop here, 3 chapters lol! Other "interesting" happenings will be on my next blog coz they/it, whatever don't deserve to be blogged in chapters, they/it whatever need to be blogged alone. Ok, so what did I just typed?! I am just hoping you understood it lol!

SPECIAL SHOUT LOVE to my friend ASWANG.. yes, I do have an aswang friend :D

Ok, I wanted to make that shout love extra special with cherries on top by using aswang's favourite colour for the font, but aswang's favourite colour is BLACK so there, hey black is not even a color.. is it?

OMIGOSH.. I'm so shallow.

HIGH FIVE! Thank you for making it til the very end. (: I tried my best to be artistic with this post :p



Yes! I AM CRAZY FOR YOU! gaah!! Oh my gosh! I dunno where I am going with this so I am just gonna type until I come up with something interesting, something worth reading perhaps :D ok ok so what or who is this person/thing that I go crazy about as of this moment?! Well, I've "known" this person since year 2000?! He was from Frenchie Dy's batch from this singing competition in the Philippines and I am talking about MICHAEL CRUZ!! I am a fan! I dunno I was just youtube-ing and found this video again.

please watch it ;)

It's not prolly the best 4:05 of your life but it's worth watching, I promise you. (:

So it's not really all about Michael Cruz ya know (: I am also crazy about TV SHOWS!! ok, well I don't really watch a lot of shows but when I get hooked, I am in it :D I think I "surprise" some or most people when they really get to know me, what I do and what I watch (: I am just gonna fall each show in to categories so my entry is "organized."

PORN!! - haha just messin' ok so let's scratch that off the list ok?! :D

  1. THE FAIRLY ODD PARENTS - I love Timmy Turner :D Every morning I watch this show while having my breakfast before I go to school :D Now, semester's over, I don't wake up that early anymore so I make sure whenever I am home, I turn my tv on at 5pm to watch this show. I love fairies and wishes :D the two and only main reasons why I am hooked! wait! there's a third one sorry.. third reason?Timmy's two front gigantic teeth are adorable :D
  2. PEARLIE - I told you already!! I LOVE FAIRIES!! (imagine this moment all glittery :D)
  1. BONES - I dunno, just got hooked. And I think the reason why Anthropology was my minor. :D
  2. CRIMINAL MINDS - I always get the question "Why do you like Criminal Minds?aren't you a psych stud?are you 'fascinated?'" well the answer is, yes I am a psych stud and no I am not 'fascinated' with the crimes criminals committed anymore, it's just different in real life :D wait until I reveal the real reason why I watch this show :D you'll prolly ROFL.. ready?! Dr. Spencer Reid haha well Dr. Reid is a part reason why I am taking what I do in school right now, he's my "inspiration' -- yeah I guess you can say that. I LOVE GEEKS! THEY ARE SEXY!! yezzir, Dr. Spencer Reid is a geek and sexy :D and I also love the Garcia and Morgan love team -- it's just way too cute.
  3. CSI - I used to watch the show. It just kinda "died" on me now since a lot of the original casts had left.
  4. FLASHPOINT - coz it's a Canadian show :D srsly, I love the intensity of the show.
  5. MENTALIST, THE - ohh Patrick Jane and his unorthodox ways :D it's a serious show but it's a light one, ya know what I mean?no heart stopping scenes but it's still fun to watch :D
  6. PRISON BREAK - omigosh! The best heart stopping show ever!! haha Like I've said from a previous blog entry, I am the type of fan who will google for spoilers all for the love of LINCOLN BURROWS err let's try that again, ALL FOR THE LOVE OF PRISON BREAK!! ha! it's not just about the running and the guns and who will beat up who, but it's also about their love story :D you'll wonder what happened to Sara?to Maricruz?Who will be the next girl in Linc's life after Veronica got shot in the head?good stuff! I love Prison Break! can you tell?
  1. JON & KATE + 8 - are you laughing right now?LOL! well minus the bickering between Jon and Kate, I love watching their show ;) their 8 kids are sooo frikking adorable!! Do I have a favourite Gosselin kid?I like all of them! haha no I love COLLIN!! idk, it's really hard to choose one :D yes, Kate + 8 - Jon has a new show and I've seen the first ep and the kids had grown taller omigosh!
  2. AMERICAN and CANADIAN IDOL - everytime it's AI/CI season, I watch it tho it's really not that interesting anymore coz I, we felt like we've seen it all already :D
  3. PINOY DREAM ACADEMY - are the past shows still included?! haha this is PDA 2 I'm talking about, they didn't have PDA 1 on TFC before so I really don't know the dreamers from that batch. So when they've been advertising on TFC about PDA 2 and their mentors, I got really excited and I almost flew out to California to audition. Why?because MAESTRO RYAN CAYABYAB mentored this batch of dreamers and they didn't just performed for the mass, but to GERARD SALONGA as well! oh gosh! I'd do everything just to work for these maestro's. :D and goopy Bugoy Drilon was my bet (: he only came up second tho but whatevs, he's good :D
  4. PBB - srsly?lol! naah, I was only addicted from Melai's season :D my gt sisters can prove this lol! owverrr! haha I just don't wanna be involved anymore with reality shows like this one, if you're pretty and you talk to guys, they'll tag you as a flirt. if you happen to be the oldest one in the house and you're just trying to be a father or an older brother to them, they'll hate you coz you're the miss/mister-I-know-it-all. If you're rich, you don't deserve to be the winner, coz you're rich already and you don't need the money anymore. I hate the 3rd reason the most! IDK, I don't wanna comment anymore, ya know what I already mean by this. (:
  5. MOMAY - haha the reason why I like this show, is because of Xyriel. She's a great child actress!
  6. SHOWTIME - Vice Ganda's witty lines and Jhong Hilario's unstoppable dare-devil moves.

  1. WWE/UFC/BOXING - I kickassesbox, my sister is in karate, my dad during his younger years used to taekwondo and used to mess with samurai, and as for my mom?I dunno haha she's my mom so she's the best, she takes care of us ;) so my passion for martial arts and sports is already a no surprise to some. The reason why I think I "surprise" most people, is they don't expect me, someone who wear heels, dresses, and into girly stuff is interested and willing to sweat when some of the girls will choose to stay in an a/c room :D I sometimes dream about making it "big" like having an actual fight :d haha
Just by reading this entry I think little by little you're learning more about "me". How about you?Do we share the same "craziness?" Do you like the shows I watch?are you into nerds? Do you like watching fight nights?be it WWE or UFC or Boxing?

Lemme know how "crazy" are you with your TV SHOWS (:

I started this entry with a music video so I'm gonna end it with one. :D

I was gonna post a Lenny Kravitz cover from Michael Cruz, but I like wonderwall better ;)
enjoy dolls!

This is my entry for this week's Carnival.

Thank you for reading. :D



"Lahi ng matatapang, hinde bumagay yung pangalan nyo dun sa ferformance nyo kasi parang pang gay yung (in a mocking way tone) 'eeh aah eeh aah'". - Tado Jimenez
[source video: here]

credits to michalehe

That's the controversial issue/video that caused division in people's opinions.

Before I even pour all my emotions in this blog, if you can't spare me the hypocrisy --



Whatever your say about this issue, I will respect that, I will not question that, but then again, if you can't spare me the hypocrisy, STOP right here and just disappear (:

Even before I heard the name Vice Ganda, there's Tado already. I am not gonna say I'm a fan of Tado because I don't see him on a regular basis as I only watch couple shows on TFC in which Tado is not part of the regular casting. But whenever he's a guest, tho I don't find him humorous enough, he's a smarty one. (: He does make sense. Monday, May 24th, when it was announced that Tado will be part of the week's new set of hurados (judges), I was thrilled coz I am 100% positive he'll do great, and he was actually great, unlike other hurados and their nonsense comments. And the hoopla happened.

Because of the incident, some people are now claiming that Vice is becoming like monster Willie R -- air headed. Well, too bad, coz I don't think he is. I can't speak for the future if he will be a monster or not, since after the issue, I don't think Vice pulled a Willie Revillame drama there.

If you grew up being teased by the people around you because of your sexual preference, if you grew up in the scrutinizing eyes of the society because you chose to be the person who you wanna be, you'll be too sensitive to any form of teasing and the underestimation from mankind. Tado, like I said earlier is a smart man, I don't think he is homophobic -- period but he could've chosen more appropriate words to describe that group's performance. Why the lack of energy had to be compared to gays?Why can't it be because of deprivation of sleep?of food? And it started to heat up when Tado had Vice read what was printed on his shirt --

"Hinde bale na mamakla wag lang mangnakaw".

Here's a video from a year ago from the show Wowowee about this controversial statement shirt.

credits to TFCfanatic75

Stand up comic Chokoleit obviously got offended but he chose to shrugged it off, why?Because he's only Willie R's guest and whatever Willie wants, it doesn't matter how offending it could be, he'll get it, he'll laugh about it (honestly, what do we expect from someone like Willie R?). But Chokoleit and Vice's sentiments are also mine exactly -- the morality that lies behind that statement shirt. Like Chokoleit and Vice had said, so being gay is more of a crime than stealing from other people?That it's ok to do time than "use" or "hurt" gay people for their needs? Yes, like straight people, gays and lesbians deserve to be loved and treated purely. HERE'S THE THING: there are people out there with evil intentions and it will not matter if you're straight or not, they will drain you financially and emotionally and will use you for their personal needs.

I've read from a lot of comments why is Vice being mad when he got teased by Tado when he does that all the time?
  • let's all face this, Vice makes fun of unattractive individuals, like we all do. That's his living and 1.5 million filipino facebook users and Vice's fans actually find that funny and "approve" of that. Like I said, we all do that, we make fun of someone when he/she did not meet our standards when it comes to being "perfect" but not all of us judge other people because of his/her sexual preference. So don't confuse yourself between the two. (:
Vice on being self-righteous?
  • name one who isn't?If you answered "ME", uhh honey, didn't I tell you earlier to LEAVE?!
Vice and Tado's public apology
  • it's funny how people up to this day still question their sincerity, I mean, come on! This is what majority of the people wanted, I don't really care if they were being honest at that time or not, but hey, at least they did the right thing. (:

Vice didn't just reacted because he can't take criticisms, because as what I see from it, was again, morality issue. Yes, being a person from the third sex is morally wrong, but I do believe that God in the end will judge us not because of our sexual preference but on how we lived our life. I don't believe in hell, but to the moralists who keeps on saying that gays, lesbians and their supporters will be burned in hell, well guess what?We will all see each other down there and parteey! Coz if you strongly believe that third sex and their supporters (family and friends) don't belong in heaven, and so are people like YOU -- judgmental.

ohh human race never fail to amuse me.


I know, it's been 2 almost 3 weeks now since it happened, I just felt the need to express myself.



As you can see, Team Carnival posted a poll for this week about the MOST LIKED BLOG ENTRY with the "Spoilers" topic. Everyone (I believe) has the privilege to vote for the entry they think is the best, there's 8 bloggers/entries to read and choose from and you can read them all here.

This post is not intended for a personal reason -- campaigning for myself, Em. I, myself didn't like the entry that I came up with lol! so if ever I will "win" this week, I don't deserve it. My entry was just out of the nonsense cap I was on, blah.. besides, there's this more deserving blogger and I voted for her coz she rocked the topic (but I ain't spilling who :p) I am hoping she wins this. But thanks to those who voted for me. I also believe that this isn't a popularity contest or just because you don't like the blogger you'll gang up on her and somehow "sabotage" that person. Take time to read each entry, there's a few more days left before the voting ends and before TC announces the winner.

I am appealing to everyone to be part of the Team Carnival community, read, vote, follow and join the fun by submitting your entries every week with the host's chosen topic. I guarantee you, it's fun to be part of the carnival community.

Thank you!


haha talk about multi-tasking..

anyways, gotta put my thinking cap back on and start working on the Vice v. Tado brouhaha which was long overdue now btway. well, I don't have enuf inspirations back then, and yes, NOW I DO.


personalized greetings

Yey! It's my blogger friend's birthday today.

Let's make this day extra special for Mara. Invade her chatbox and make her feel the love today :D

Mara is awesome! I have not met her in real life, and yes I am hoping that one day we will.. ;) we just met here on blogger and we just kinda clicked right away. Just by reading her entries I've learned that we share a lot of common things

  • Our love for Disney
  • musical and hopefully one day see Rent on stage
  • Amanda Bynes
  • JHONG HILARIO!!! haha Yes, Jhong doesn't have the boy next door look, but he is definitely a HUNK!! bad ass haha
We have those in common and I am pretty sure there's a whole hecka more!


Let's enjoy the "cake" haha it's for everyone ;)


.ViViD.FuSiOn. contest!

photos from Maricela

Anyone from anywhere BUT you must be a follower of this blog. (Not a follower? just click the follow button and sign in)

10 products in total including makeup, skincare, nail polish, perfume and hair products.
1. Straight Sexy Hair-Straightening Shampoo
2. Healthy Sexy Hair-Soy Smoothie Straightening Tonic
3. Coverfx-Skintint fx in M deep
4. Smashbox-O-Bronze
5. Smashbox-Eyeshadow palette from the "Green Room" Collection in BAMBOO
6. Benefit-Lipstick in raisin' cane
7. Benefit-Lipstick in guilt free
8.Clinique-Mild Facial Soap
9. Juicy Couture-Roller Ball of Original Juicy Couture
Nail polish:
10. Borghese-Nail Lacquer in B441 Ecstasi Indigo
= Estimated value of about $200-$250CDN

First ever blog contest I've entered. Oh gosh! This is just way too exciting
.. Most of the bloggers I follow are either from the Philippines or from the the U.S. I don't really know a blogger or a beauty blogger from Canada so when I came across Maricela and Kim's blogs and found out they're Canadians too -- dunno -- haha I'm just happy to simply know that there are also Canadian beauty bloggers out there. So yay for Canadian random bloggers and beauty bloggers.

It'll be awesome if I win these goodies..



Just a quick one, I am off to bed now coz I have to wake up tomorrow for work at 4 and it's 11:29pm now my time. I am so sorry for not being able to read the blogs that I follow and comment, I am just too darn tired right now and needed my rest. After tomorrow, I only have 1 more day left for my usually 4 day straight work-a-thon, so Monday night, when I get home, I promise to make it all up to you guys ;) expect my fingers getting busy and invading your cbox. ;)

Night everyone! See you all Monday night my time, or Tuesday afternoon if you're in the Philippines.

Goodnight dolls!


image from google

Michael races against the clock to rescue Lincoln and beat Mahone at his own end game; Sucre risks his life to save a missing Maricruz; Kellerman’s testimony at Sarah’s trial proves deadly; and T-Bag and Bellick find themselves up a Panamanian river.
source: here

What kind of a fan are you?And I am talking about TV shows that you wouldn't miss for the world whenever it's on?Do you read spoilers?or you're the kind who loves the element of surprise?!

I love being "surprised", but I am the kind of fan who spends time online looking out for spoilers to read, especially when Prison Break used to run. I hate how I can't settle my thoughts and just keep on wondering WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? I hate that I needed to wait for another week to know what will happen to Michael & Lincoln, is Sara alive?Will they kill LJ? So I read spoilers to feed my curious mind.

Actually, I don't know why I'm still glued on watching Prison Break every week when I already know what will happen next.
  1. Scofield, Burrows and Sucre are all yummy to watch?
  2. I can't wait to see T-Bag and Bellick die?
  3. the script are just too darn good?
Answer: 1 and 3 ;)

  1. Scofield is just undeniably HOT!!! Burrows is equally hot, I "love" Linc more than Michael coz I don't like it when I feel like I am physically stronger than a guy. and let's just simply say that Linc made my pantyliners melt. haha Sucre is just a one faithful friend and a lover.
  2. Why I didn't choose option number 2?I don't wanna see them die! I wanted them back in Fox River and SUFFER!! haha ruuudeee!
  3. I read spoilers for Prison Break but whenever it was on again for the new week, tho I already have an idea what will happen next, the level of excitement is just the same! That's how heart pumping the show was, kudos to the scriptwriters and casts. It wasn't heart pumping because of the oozzing ohlala hotness of the actors, Prison Break was just pure intelligence and promising.
So what kind of a fan are you?do you like the element of surprise?can you wait for another week to know what will happen next?are you the type of fan who will cover their ears if someone around them are trying to give scenes out of the next episode for your favourite show?or are you like me who uses google for spoilers?

Short and sweet, that's my entry for this week's Carnival. Sorry for being slight nonsense right now. I just got home from work an hour ago and just trying to come up with an entry coz I don't wanna miss shoutingwind's turn for hosting as I already did the first time.



haha Idk, I'm tired and can't think of any title for this post and since Bones is on right now, might just as well use it.

I got paid and didn't have to work today yay! so paid my frikkin bills first then I was just planning on staying home and just try to rest all day coz I'll be off again to work starting tomorrow until Monday evening when I realized that I needed to buy some work pants. I called my tita if she wanted us to meet at the mall, I want to spend my free days with my tita and her twins before I go on my vacation in three weeks. Yes! I am excited! I am excited to see my mom and dad and bully my sister (haha jk! I love bugging her), watch TFC and eat home cooked meals, gaah, I miss eating real food, not the ones from the frozen aisle or my own cooking.


So I got my pants and more, also bought my dad a present for father's day and the rest will be a photo story.

I got my work pants and I also bought a slouchy, low slung fit with a cute rolled cuff sweatpants (yep, for my cardio kickboxing). I didn't take pictures of both my work pants and sweatpants, I mean, what's so exciting and pretty about those?!

Here, let the pictures tell the story for the rest of my day.


1. HARAJUKU LOVERS FRAGRANCE - It was on sale for $19.something at London Drugs, the scent is "love", you can smell this fragrance at your retailers that carry harajuku lines and you'll have an idea how I smell like ;). If you're the not too strong not too sweet scent kinda lady, you'll prolly end up buying a bottle too ;)

2. GOTTA B' URBAN - I got this for $9 I think?I just lost the package so I can't remember how much this bronzer brush exactly is, it's no more than $10 for sure. Let's see if "cheaper" is sometimes better, work for this one :D visit gottaburban for more details.

3. BIORé - Microderm Exfoliator for $8.99. This is one of the products that was recommended for me to use at the derma. I am really scared of trying new products out coz I might break out and having them extracted is really painful, but after her pointing out that the ingredients are pretty much the same, I got convinced. Yeah, I just saved $90 coz I am trying out bioré, hopefully, I don't break out or else..

4. YVES ROCHER - It was just a free magazine from Yves Rocher, they just opened 3 days ago so I went and checked them out.

5. LUMINELLE - nail polish for $3, you can check for the reference here.

6. WATERCOLOR EFFECT BLUSH - for $6, reference here. Wow! I think I will be liking Yves Rocher because of their affordable prices, so I hope this is not disappointing.

7. AQUARELLES VéGéTALES - they have this promo that if you buy any 2 aquarelles végétales, you'll get this make up bag for free. Yes, paid for numbers 5 and 6 and got this baby for free. Free stuff is always good :D the lady also gave me a sample perfume but I forgot to include that in the picture.

this is what the smaller harajuku bottle looks like. kyoot isn't it?!

Then I found this cute pink purse at FCUK -- on sale! It was originally on for $60 but I only paid $30. I just kinda didn't like the chain strap but it might work so we'll see, I still have 14 days to decide anyways if I wanna keep it or return it.

front view

back view


this is how simple the inside looks like

That's about it.. Oh, I have a question for everyone what is the tagalog for weekend? :D And siopao? My bestfriend texted me this morning and asked for siopao's tagalog, I texted her back and said pusa.

And I felt dumb today coz my sister said tanga to me coz I confused myself with umalingasaw and umalingawngaw. The conversation went like this:

Em: "tumae siya kaganina xempre sa diaper pero ang baho talaga umalingawngaw".
B: "tanga! UMALINGASAW! ano yun siren lang?umalingawngaw?"


I hope someone can help me out with the tagalog for weekend and siopao?



I'm not a fan of Pikachu or the show Pokemon, my sister just posted this link on facebook..

the real Pikachu
the Brenda is my sister ;) like me, she's also "blessed" with sooo may names, yep -- Brenda's good.

I am not selfish so I'll share what the video was all about.


It never really occurred to me that Pikachu is actually a girl -- err, Pikachu's voice. I hope you did find her adorable ;)


I am NOT blogging about Pikachu today but it is somehow "connected" to Pokemon as today's blog will be about JeJeMoNs.. I've been meaning to hop into the bandwagon and just fu cking rant about Jejemons, I just couldn't bring myself into -- not until I saw my sister's post on facebook about Pikachu's dubber. Aha! finally! A sign for me to talk about them Jejemons!

When my sister and I first read about Jejemons, that instant, we assumed it's a Pokemon. :D

Jejemon is not Pikachu's friend! haha

1) Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. Normal people like you and me must take a Bachelor of Arts in Jejetyping in order to understand said individuals, as deciphering their text would cause a lot of frustration and hair pulling. CAUTION: THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE BREEDING! THEY CAN BE SEEN WRECKING GRAMMATICAL HAVOC ON FACEBOOK TOO!
[more and source here]

I was really determined that I'm not gonna mess with them, I'll let them who they wanna be, I didn't really care at first, I thought JeJeMoNs ArE a SiMpLe CaSe Of PeOpLe In StIcKy CaPs. -- wrong!

What made me "care" now?
When my friend made me watch this Jessica Soho special about Jejemons on youtube [video1 video2]. Apparently, there are FOUR kinds or stages of being a jejemon.

mild jejemon
ok, no big deal. Even on mute, I can totally understand.

moderate jejemon
speech problems beginning

severe jejemon
I didn't understood the last part until I hit the sound back on.

terminal jejemon
gaah!! I tried and FAILED!

Why make life complicated? I mean why add 2 or more letters to a word when it's not even necessary?It made me kinda wish we were stuck during the nokia 5110 days. 160 characters, that's it, done, you have to send it.

SAVE IT! if you're planning on having an argument with me.

Hating Jejemons isn't just about jumping in the bandwagon, this is not just for me, for the Jejebusters, but to the Jejemons as well. Stop making your life complicated! geez!

Yes, language is evolving but that doesn't mean you have the right to MURDER it! I wonder how these Jejemons are with spelling and grammar on their exams? We all go to school for PROPER education, so USE it properly.

We all have a choice, a decision to make, why choose to be stoopid?!