haha Idk, I'm tired and can't think of any title for this post and since Bones is on right now, might just as well use it.

I got paid and didn't have to work today yay! so paid my frikkin bills first then I was just planning on staying home and just try to rest all day coz I'll be off again to work starting tomorrow until Monday evening when I realized that I needed to buy some work pants. I called my tita if she wanted us to meet at the mall, I want to spend my free days with my tita and her twins before I go on my vacation in three weeks. Yes! I am excited! I am excited to see my mom and dad and bully my sister (haha jk! I love bugging her), watch TFC and eat home cooked meals, gaah, I miss eating real food, not the ones from the frozen aisle or my own cooking.


So I got my pants and more, also bought my dad a present for father's day and the rest will be a photo story.

I got my work pants and I also bought a slouchy, low slung fit with a cute rolled cuff sweatpants (yep, for my cardio kickboxing). I didn't take pictures of both my work pants and sweatpants, I mean, what's so exciting and pretty about those?!

Here, let the pictures tell the story for the rest of my day.


1. HARAJUKU LOVERS FRAGRANCE - It was on sale for $19.something at London Drugs, the scent is "love", you can smell this fragrance at your retailers that carry harajuku lines and you'll have an idea how I smell like ;). If you're the not too strong not too sweet scent kinda lady, you'll prolly end up buying a bottle too ;)

2. GOTTA B' URBAN - I got this for $9 I think?I just lost the package so I can't remember how much this bronzer brush exactly is, it's no more than $10 for sure. Let's see if "cheaper" is sometimes better, work for this one :D visit gottaburban for more details.

3. BIORé - Microderm Exfoliator for $8.99. This is one of the products that was recommended for me to use at the derma. I am really scared of trying new products out coz I might break out and having them extracted is really painful, but after her pointing out that the ingredients are pretty much the same, I got convinced. Yeah, I just saved $90 coz I am trying out bioré, hopefully, I don't break out or else..

4. YVES ROCHER - It was just a free magazine from Yves Rocher, they just opened 3 days ago so I went and checked them out.

5. LUMINELLE - nail polish for $3, you can check for the reference here.

6. WATERCOLOR EFFECT BLUSH - for $6, reference here. Wow! I think I will be liking Yves Rocher because of their affordable prices, so I hope this is not disappointing.

7. AQUARELLES VéGéTALES - they have this promo that if you buy any 2 aquarelles végétales, you'll get this make up bag for free. Yes, paid for numbers 5 and 6 and got this baby for free. Free stuff is always good :D the lady also gave me a sample perfume but I forgot to include that in the picture.

this is what the smaller harajuku bottle looks like. kyoot isn't it?!

Then I found this cute pink purse at FCUK -- on sale! It was originally on for $60 but I only paid $30. I just kinda didn't like the chain strap but it might work so we'll see, I still have 14 days to decide anyways if I wanna keep it or return it.

front view

back view


this is how simple the inside looks like

That's about it.. Oh, I have a question for everyone what is the tagalog for weekend? :D And siopao? My bestfriend texted me this morning and asked for siopao's tagalog, I texted her back and said pusa.

And I felt dumb today coz my sister said tanga to me coz I confused myself with umalingasaw and umalingawngaw. The conversation went like this:

Em: "tumae siya kaganina xempre sa diaper pero ang baho talaga umalingawngaw".
B: "tanga! UMALINGASAW! ano yun siren lang?umalingawngaw?"


I hope someone can help me out with the tagalog for weekend and siopao?

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Mara said...

I don't think we have Tagalog counterparts for that. Do you know the one for carrot? There's none either :p :))

aizel camille said...

I think there's no specific tagalog terms for siopao and weekend...

The Harajuku bottle is very CUTE! The pink purse too... =)


SOO nice and thoughtful of you! Those are cute and adorable. I like the pink pink purse, so lovely.

RHiAN said...

i think there is no tagalog term for siopao hehe


seth said...

nice purse :-)

i am laughing with the umalingawngaw and umalingasaw..hahahaha!!!

you got me thinking about the tagalog word for weekends and siopao...I'll ask some friends first..hihihi :-)

Margaret said...

love the purse :) very cute
great blog
loving the posts
stop by some time!

Lynn said...

Not a bad haul Em... weekend? hmm, people usually just say weekend but I think you can say "katapusan ng linggo"?

Siopao is just called siopao here. I haven't heard anyone calling it something else, it's one of those Chinese words we just didn't bother to Tagalize I think.