THANK YOU TO MELISSANNE for awarding me The Blog Love Award ;)

  • Thank the person who gave the award to you.
  • Pass the award to other bloggers, doesn't matter how many -- just pass the love around.
  • You have to make your OWN logo (I created mine at imagechef).
Go ahead and grab my award (I will post that below this quick note), and start passing the love around ;)


And let's spread the love now, shall we?

Em: *ehem ehem clears throat ehem ehem* Oh gosh how do I even start this acceptance speech? Yes, I am dramatic like that ;) I wanna say THANK YOU to MelissaAnne over again for the blog love award ;), I wasn't expecting it (true! :D) I don't even know what the "criteria" for you to "win" an award are or if there is/are even, I appreciated it, I felt like I actually "exist" here on bloggerwood :D (bloggerwood is fierce right?!:D) THANK YOU THANK YOU million times over ;) Selfishness is not one of my bad traits so I'm gonna pass the love around by awarding the Em love award to some bloggers who became part of my blogger life and made my blogging and blog hopping really enjoyable ;).

Without further ado let me present to you The Em Love Award recipients.
  • Mara - Mara became so dear to me coz she's one of the few who first appreciated my blogging. If a genie will appear right now and he will grant me 3 wishes, my wishes would be 1. A plane ticket to the Philippines so Mara and I could meet and just rock the day away. 2. moolah - we need money so we can go to places and buy some stuff and maybe see a musical?whatever's on?maybe? 3. A plane ticket to go back here of course :D. I've just grown to love Mara ;) And if I will be awarded next time, Mara will be for sure one of the awardees :D I am 100% positive that I will never run out of nice things to say about this doll, and another 100% positive that my love for her will never end. ;)
  • Aryan - I am not really a fan of bloggers with black templates, it look so sad, so dull but Aryan's blog is different. I think she's like me, plain, simple but once you get to know people like us, we're like a box of crayons, doesn't matter how many colours in a box, but the point is -- our life is COLOURFUL, and you need to look at us outside the "crayon box" because there is more to us than being "dull." If you actually click Aryan's link and read her posts, you'll forget how "depressing" the black color is, she is soo fun and that's the reason why I love her ;).
  • Aizel Camille - One of the blogs that I dig. ;) She blog like some of us to express not to impress and that's why I love reading her entries. There are some bloggers who uses BIG words but can't put it in the right context, uhh not this doll. I also like her fashion sense and I always look forward if she'll have any National Bookstore haul post, seriously her going back to school entries are bringing back memories when I was a student in the Philippines, the smell of the NBS plastic bag lol! I love her ;)
  • Aris - He's fun. (ohh the only guy awardee :p) He doesn't sleep. Just like the 3 dolls above Aris, he's smart and he taught me a lot already, he is in fact an "inspiration" to some of my posts and upcoming post/s (??) ;).
There's not a lot of receivers for the Em love award, I wanna be honest. I don't wanna give awards to people randomly since I have my own "criteria" on why those dolls and dude :p deserve the award. We all have different approach in blogging and those 4 are let's say my May/June favourites.

I dig!

I love them,

No dramas

No hypocrisy.