"Lahi ng matatapang, hinde bumagay yung pangalan nyo dun sa ferformance nyo kasi parang pang gay yung (in a mocking way tone) 'eeh aah eeh aah'". - Tado Jimenez
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That's the controversial issue/video that caused division in people's opinions.

Before I even pour all my emotions in this blog, if you can't spare me the hypocrisy --



Whatever your say about this issue, I will respect that, I will not question that, but then again, if you can't spare me the hypocrisy, STOP right here and just disappear (:

Even before I heard the name Vice Ganda, there's Tado already. I am not gonna say I'm a fan of Tado because I don't see him on a regular basis as I only watch couple shows on TFC in which Tado is not part of the regular casting. But whenever he's a guest, tho I don't find him humorous enough, he's a smarty one. (: He does make sense. Monday, May 24th, when it was announced that Tado will be part of the week's new set of hurados (judges), I was thrilled coz I am 100% positive he'll do great, and he was actually great, unlike other hurados and their nonsense comments. And the hoopla happened.

Because of the incident, some people are now claiming that Vice is becoming like monster Willie R -- air headed. Well, too bad, coz I don't think he is. I can't speak for the future if he will be a monster or not, since after the issue, I don't think Vice pulled a Willie Revillame drama there.

If you grew up being teased by the people around you because of your sexual preference, if you grew up in the scrutinizing eyes of the society because you chose to be the person who you wanna be, you'll be too sensitive to any form of teasing and the underestimation from mankind. Tado, like I said earlier is a smart man, I don't think he is homophobic -- period but he could've chosen more appropriate words to describe that group's performance. Why the lack of energy had to be compared to gays?Why can't it be because of deprivation of sleep?of food? And it started to heat up when Tado had Vice read what was printed on his shirt --

"Hinde bale na mamakla wag lang mangnakaw".

Here's a video from a year ago from the show Wowowee about this controversial statement shirt.

credits to TFCfanatic75

Stand up comic Chokoleit obviously got offended but he chose to shrugged it off, why?Because he's only Willie R's guest and whatever Willie wants, it doesn't matter how offending it could be, he'll get it, he'll laugh about it (honestly, what do we expect from someone like Willie R?). But Chokoleit and Vice's sentiments are also mine exactly -- the morality that lies behind that statement shirt. Like Chokoleit and Vice had said, so being gay is more of a crime than stealing from other people?That it's ok to do time than "use" or "hurt" gay people for their needs? Yes, like straight people, gays and lesbians deserve to be loved and treated purely. HERE'S THE THING: there are people out there with evil intentions and it will not matter if you're straight or not, they will drain you financially and emotionally and will use you for their personal needs.

I've read from a lot of comments why is Vice being mad when he got teased by Tado when he does that all the time?
  • let's all face this, Vice makes fun of unattractive individuals, like we all do. That's his living and 1.5 million filipino facebook users and Vice's fans actually find that funny and "approve" of that. Like I said, we all do that, we make fun of someone when he/she did not meet our standards when it comes to being "perfect" but not all of us judge other people because of his/her sexual preference. So don't confuse yourself between the two. (:
Vice on being self-righteous?
  • name one who isn't?If you answered "ME", uhh honey, didn't I tell you earlier to LEAVE?!
Vice and Tado's public apology
  • it's funny how people up to this day still question their sincerity, I mean, come on! This is what majority of the people wanted, I don't really care if they were being honest at that time or not, but hey, at least they did the right thing. (:

Vice didn't just reacted because he can't take criticisms, because as what I see from it, was again, morality issue. Yes, being a person from the third sex is morally wrong, but I do believe that God in the end will judge us not because of our sexual preference but on how we lived our life. I don't believe in hell, but to the moralists who keeps on saying that gays, lesbians and their supporters will be burned in hell, well guess what?We will all see each other down there and parteey! Coz if you strongly believe that third sex and their supporters (family and friends) don't belong in heaven, and so are people like YOU -- judgmental.

ohh human race never fail to amuse me.


I know, it's been 2 almost 3 weeks now since it happened, I just felt the need to express myself.

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devil_under_light said...

well, it's vice's job; he/she is a comic.

however, tado should be more cautious of his/its words.

being queer is... come on! it's like the 20th century. i've even seen people fucking shoes and horses!

great job here, love.

aizel camille said...

"but I do believe that God in the end will judge us not because of our sexual preference but on how we lived our life." --super agree!

nice post :)

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Lynn said...

Been on vacation, don't know anything about this... thanks for sharing. To each his own lang, imo. :)