Chaptered Blog? Is there such a thing?Yes?No?Maybe?haha Chaptered is not even a word! lol! Just wanna do a post on what I've been up to the past days by blogging it like a book, chapter by chapter?I think this is gonna be a long post so I'll try to be really creative/artistic so you won't fall asleep half way through or just decide to click the x button. :D

You guys know the drill right?If I don't have a new post or not been blog hopping, I'm busy with work or at least trying to look busy while on the clock :D

Em's chaptered blog entry.


an adorable 31 second moment with this cute baby boy :D

Isn't it adorable to hear non-filipinos speak our language?When other cultures are trying their best to learn something about Filipinos?I think it's really great, it's flattering for us Filipinos when someone's actually stepping up and wanna learn some basics. And I feel very lucky to have non-Filipino friends who accepted the whole Em package + my culture. So thank you to all of them (: Yes, they eat adobo and other pinoy foods, they know some basic tagalog words and they know how to swear in tagalog too. (The cussing? they didn't learn that from me :D)

If you're not a Filipino and you know some tagalog words, you're A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! ;) I will not talk about my non-tag friends here but some people who surprised me with their tagalog humor and speaking. This happened about a month ago already, there's a guy at work who asked me if I'm a filipino and I said YES! I am.

Random Guy: I have a joke for you.
Em: ahm ok?shoot! (I honestly don't know how to react at that moment, it's just so random).
Random Guy: knock knock?
Em: who's there?
Random Guy: (this is how he said it) akow mahbah
Em: haha you almost got me there!
Random Guy: haha esp you don't expect it from a puti right?!
Em: that was good ;)
Random Guy: I know, I'm Awesome!

that joke was NEVER funny at all to me even as a kid but yes, that random guy is awesome!


This happened at work again, but this was 2 days ago. I was on a mission and making sure people got their coffee breaks when Logan started this conversation.

Logan: What nationality are you?
Em: filipina
Logan: really?
Em: why is it shocking to everyone to know I am?
Logan: you don't but you kinda look like one.
Em: ok?so?
Logan: you still speak tagalog?
Em: fluently!
Logan: I know some tagalog words too, I actually know a lot! you'll be amazed.
Em: ok, amaze :D
Logan: kamowsta ka? akow mabutee. kaninow yan? may pagkaeen? aalees na akow. paalam. ikaw ay kaybigan kow. (OMG! I had fun typing these slang lol!)
Em: you have lotsa filipino friends?
Logan: yes! and they taught me how to swear also.
Em: I'm not surprised. haha


Logan: powtahng ina mow, kago ka, tangga AND A LOT MORE PROFANITIES THAT CAN'T BE REPEATED HERE. lol!

Minus the swearing, yes they are awesome!


Well, I am not talking about political elections :D but the voting for the MOST LIKED BLOG ENTRY FOR THE WEEK that's happening at Team Carnival is not over yet. There's 12 blog entries for this week to READ and choose from.


If you visit the carnival's site, you should see the poll on the right side and the rundown for all the entries are at the bottom of the poll. And I am actually surprised with the partial results, all from the res. oh you guys lol!

I actually left a love cbox note for my blogger friend Aryan, and asked about the voting process for this year's teen blog awards coz I am not sure if my votes are going thru and her reply was this


Technical problems it is. TEENTALKERS!! Let's show and spread the news, let's keep on voting for Aryan. I am not really sure if the votes are going thru but it's better that we try than do nothing at all :D Just click her link and on the right side of her page is this

just click the 'help me out by voting' and it should direct you to candymag's site.


Yes! I want a summer tan coz I am not tan enough :D Unfortunately I didn't get my tan yesterday, instead of glowing tan, I got sunburned lol! I wasn't really planning on going sun tanning, it just kinda happened. One of my girl-friends asked me out for a coffee date, so we met up at 10 at Second Cup. My friend Sera had a Perrier and I had strawberry chillers for myself. It was the perfect day yesterday, not too hot and not to breezy so we decided to enjoy our drinks out in the patio. We had to move to a different spot tho half an hour later coz it was becoming chilly and yeah we moved to that table were the sunshine was directly hitting. SUNSHINE!! haha I don't mind sweating or be under the sun on days when I don't have to work, I mean who wants to anyways?! uhh, I don't spend 3 hours to take a bath and look good only to sweat and look haggard even before my day starts. Yes! I am girly like that. :D So here's a picture of my failed tan lol! It's kinda humiliating that my arm looked bigger in the picture than in real life lol! it's from the cropping and resizing maybe?or am I just making an excuse?! And it's just humiliation period coz I got sunburned haha.


As you can see I have a tan line lol! The upper part tanned a bit but from where my mole is, down half my arm, it's REDDDDD! Like I am not even kidding. I tried to keep my sleeves rolled up, but obviously, my sleeves didn't stay up where it's supposed to be. Oh yes just so you guys know and to add more humiliation on my part, my left arm is "untouched", not tan, not red, just my normal skin color, so I look "unequal".

I'm just gonna stop here, 3 chapters lol! Other "interesting" happenings will be on my next blog coz they/it, whatever don't deserve to be blogged in chapters, they/it whatever need to be blogged alone. Ok, so what did I just typed?! I am just hoping you understood it lol!

SPECIAL SHOUT LOVE to my friend ASWANG.. yes, I do have an aswang friend :D

Ok, I wanted to make that shout love extra special with cherries on top by using aswang's favourite colour for the font, but aswang's favourite colour is BLACK so there, hey black is not even a color.. is it?

OMIGOSH.. I'm so shallow.

HIGH FIVE! Thank you for making it til the very end. (: I tried my best to be artistic with this post :p

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devil_under_light said...

your aswang friend looks like he could use a backrub.

Lynn said...

LOL! they always want to learn the bad words first. Aswang? hmm... scary.

bechay said...

Hubby is white, every time makakakita siya ng babae na sa tingin niya Pilipina, sasabihin niya sa akin, "Mahal, Pilipina ka ba?" habang nakanguso sa direksyon ng babae. Words na paborito niyang sabihin:

Kumusta ka?
walang anuman

MelissAnne said...

i have something for you at my blog! come check it out:D