I'm not a fan of Pikachu or the show Pokemon, my sister just posted this link on facebook..

the real Pikachu
the Brenda is my sister ;) like me, she's also "blessed" with sooo may names, yep -- Brenda's good.

I am not selfish so I'll share what the video was all about.


It never really occurred to me that Pikachu is actually a girl -- err, Pikachu's voice. I hope you did find her adorable ;)


I am NOT blogging about Pikachu today but it is somehow "connected" to Pokemon as today's blog will be about JeJeMoNs.. I've been meaning to hop into the bandwagon and just fu cking rant about Jejemons, I just couldn't bring myself into -- not until I saw my sister's post on facebook about Pikachu's dubber. Aha! finally! A sign for me to talk about them Jejemons!

When my sister and I first read about Jejemons, that instant, we assumed it's a Pokemon. :D

Jejemon is not Pikachu's friend! haha

1) Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. Normal people like you and me must take a Bachelor of Arts in Jejetyping in order to understand said individuals, as deciphering their text would cause a lot of frustration and hair pulling. CAUTION: THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE BREEDING! THEY CAN BE SEEN WRECKING GRAMMATICAL HAVOC ON FACEBOOK TOO!
[more and source here]

I was really determined that I'm not gonna mess with them, I'll let them who they wanna be, I didn't really care at first, I thought JeJeMoNs ArE a SiMpLe CaSe Of PeOpLe In StIcKy CaPs. -- wrong!

What made me "care" now?
When my friend made me watch this Jessica Soho special about Jejemons on youtube [video1 video2]. Apparently, there are FOUR kinds or stages of being a jejemon.

mild jejemon
ok, no big deal. Even on mute, I can totally understand.

moderate jejemon
speech problems beginning

severe jejemon
I didn't understood the last part until I hit the sound back on.

terminal jejemon
gaah!! I tried and FAILED!

Why make life complicated? I mean why add 2 or more letters to a word when it's not even necessary?It made me kinda wish we were stuck during the nokia 5110 days. 160 characters, that's it, done, you have to send it.

SAVE IT! if you're planning on having an argument with me.

Hating Jejemons isn't just about jumping in the bandwagon, this is not just for me, for the Jejebusters, but to the Jejemons as well. Stop making your life complicated! geez!

Yes, language is evolving but that doesn't mean you have the right to MURDER it! I wonder how these Jejemons are with spelling and grammar on their exams? We all go to school for PROPER education, so USE it properly.

We all have a choice, a decision to make, why choose to be stoopid?!

5 statements:

aizel camille said...

Jejemons make their life complicated... haha! Texting (the jejemon way) consumes time, money and effort.

Em said...

indeed!! and the money that they spend on this stoopid way of texting are from their folks.


I agree. they're nonsense. I don't wanna judge them directly but the kind of fun they want has no sense. Very uneducated. My God!

devil_under_light said...

jejemons. they're all on my hitlist.

Anonymous said...

Jejemonism is a complex way to dumb yourself down.

So much effort to be such an idiot. Really? Wow.