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It's almost June 2010

I should be sleeping now coz I have work tomorrow.

But my fingers are not tired yet and wanting to type even senseless words.

I am actually thinking of what topic should I be blogging next?

was thinking of..


or the recent (well not very recent) hoopla that happened between Vice and Tado?

Jejemons are probably the easiest topic to blog about these days haha meeehhh I've been wanting to blog about the Vice v. Tado brouhaha but I felt like that post will be a "strong" one that will make eyebrows raise.. sooo let's see if I can rephrase what I've already composed in my head, if not I'll still be blogging it.

soo let's see..

Hello June 2010!

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Anonymous said...

cute blog layout (:

visit me sometime!

xx rena.


Mimi said...

hi there! thanks for following my blog. i am now following back. :)


Carrie said...

omg, i've heard about that jejemons thingy. although i don't quite understand what it is. haha.

cute blog:D i am now a new follower. follow me too?


miss anonymous. said...

such an adorable blog :)

xx miss anonymous.


I'm a jejebuster. I hate people who think jejemons are quit fan. C'mon? What the hell are they thinking. So nonsense! Well, Hwe! Let's welcome the first day of June~

You have nice new photo. I like it~

devil_under_light said...

gawa ka yung kay vice at tado nalang. pls? hehehe

Lynn said...

So true. Life is complicated enough as it is.