I wish I can pull of "darker" eye look, the rocker look, the one that actually show fierceness not the one that will make me look like someone who lives deep down there, if yah know what I mean. haha Today, I was supposed to clean and try to pack my stuff for my 2 week vacation over at my 'rents, I go on the last week of June :D yay! instead, I slept in, when I woke up I did my laundry, yeah the one that I promised doing on Friday morning before I head to the mall, lazy me! dunno, I just can't get myself into being productive, blame the weather! haha

I just decided to practice my make up application "skills".. urgh I suck! haha I have to watch tutorials first before I attempt in applying what I've learned on me. I did or at least TRIED so hard to do the "fierce" look. you gotta give me A for effort here.

I could use this look on Halloween haha
I'll be better in time :D

Because I wasn't pleased, I tried a different look.. a much softer look..



Ok, seriously I felt like I humiliated myself here haha

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Mara said...

You look spankin'!

Here's a tut you may want to try. Not so dark everywhere but it's getting there :)


Both soft and dark! ^^ Hope you like it. I like some of her stuff :3

aizel camille said...

I like the 'softer look'... beautiful... =)

bridget said...

The make-up looks good on you in the 2nd and 3rd picture! :)

Em said...

@ Mara: I will check her out :D thank you!

@ Aizel Camille: thank you!

@ Bridget: thank you ;)

Leopard-Shoes said...

Nice post :D

Can you please follow me and i'll follow you back ?:b


Ritalime said...

Hehehe, don't worry girl, like they say, we all gotta start somewhere. :D

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

I like the second look. It looks very cute

Traveliztera said...

you look great! u don't suck! there are people who use tutorials but still, they don't end up with the look that the tutorial promised them to have... the skills are definitely in you ;) yay!!! fierce!