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HEAR YEH HEAR YEH bloggers! This entry is a call for posting to all the members of Team Carnival.

Yes, I am Team Carnival's week#9 host, and my chosen topic is all about..


After a week of contemplating and asking for my friends opinions and doing a "research" in all the forums I am currently active in lurking posting, social networking is one of the hottest topic everyone is talking about(aside from politics and jejemons lol!), so I am really interested on what the members has to say on this one.

Everyone or almost everyone are into social networking for whatever different reasons. I want all the members to talk about all their rants about social networking

  • what's your main reason for having one?(or 10 different accounts from different sites.)
  • do you think people these days are "abusing" the use of social networking sites?
  • have they (people with social networking sites) gone overboard when it comes to updating the every nano second of their lives?
  • can these social networking sites "protect" us from perverts and killers out there?!

Rant, appreciate, blog however you like ladies with this week's chosen topic and I am looking forward to your entries at the end of the week ;)

Happy Blogging ;)

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Lynn said...

Hmm, what's Team Carnival? Love the EmmaLeigh moniker btw. :)

theworkingmom said...

Hi! How do we submit our posts?


Em said...

@Lynn: I all owe that bloggerwood name to Mara ;) hehe what is Carnival?ahmm every week there's a carnival member who'll host a certain topic of her/his choice, and at the end of the week all post should be submitted and the host will round up all entries to his/her blog the next day.

@Joey: you can submit your post at http://teamcarnival.blogspot.com


oohh~ icic. thanks for the information sis em :D

mattscradle said...

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