yep! careeyyzeeh spring for us! lol! last week we had this (again! arrggh!)


who wouldn't be mad right?Winter is supposed to be OVER! and we should be wearing our flip flops and summer clothes already, but having snow again? having to wear our winter boots and winter jacket AGAIN?!hmmmkay no thanks! I am gonna end my rant now coz for the past few days...

(picture taken while I was walking home from work)

It's feeling like spring and summer-ish FINALLY!! The grass are starting to look green now and so are the trees! yay! and today, the temperature is.. *drum roll please*


Tho I think it was more than that during the day but it was ok, it was a bit tolerable. So no more snow until winter again please please pretty please..

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Anonymous said...

I want snow and coldness so bad :(( I want to not need an A/C unit =\


you should be very thankful for it. We were having El NiƱo here in our place and it's soo sunny here. Anyways I have new post please comment~

Ritalime said...

new follower here. love your blog and those sandals are to die for. :D