well.. I don't mean "that" quickie.. haha just a quick update.

  • I am scheduled to work 7 days straight haha 2 down and 5 more to go.. I overlooked at my schedule and had so many switches with everyone so now, there goes my consequence, 7 days straight at work. oh wells, at least I got the weekend off! woot!
  • I just found out today that my friend gave birth this morning (NYC time) to a healthy baby girl. (can't wait to see the pictures!)
  • It's been raining since yesterday, no rants. It's been humid for the past week anyways, so yay for the rain!
  • Bought 3 pairs of gladiator sandals last Tuesday (no pics, I am in no mood to take pictures and upload it, maybe next time. :D)
  • felt sad with the 2 hour episode of Grey's last night.. 'twas sooo tragic :(
  • I surprisingly "won" against the temptation of eating piggin' out my quezo real ice cream

hmmkay, that's about it lol! I need to come up with an entry for the ONLINE FRIENDS entry for this week's Carnival. I have to write it now or else I'm gonna miss it this week.

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ooh~ may i know what's your work?