Is NOT Slim Shady :p

To be completely honest, it didn't occur to me that having my name in this blog would really matter, all I know is that my fingers are for sure typing and no one can stop me from doing so. Until, my new found blogger friends Lynn and Mara, would be so intrigued. There is no reason or any dramas behind me not revealing my name, like I said, it didn't hit me that it will cause curiosity around blogosphere.


I've mentioned it before and I am saying it again just for the sake of others who are too lazy to look for that post which is I am completely anticipating that even if I link the entry here, most people will not click that for sure anyways. Yeah, I have 3 names, my first name is a common Hispanic and Filipino name, the second one, like what others claimed is a common Russian name and for my third name, I have absolutely no idea how my parents came up with it. The people in my life -- at school, work, my family and within my circle, they get to decide which name they'll call me. So my friend Saab not Magalona came up with this brilliant idea to just call me by my two initials that will make sense.

EM - yay! so from now on, you can call myfingersRtyping, EM. lol! after all the shiyatness above eh?! haha

I decided to "come" out now coz one of my blogger friends who is also on my fb, commented and if I will approve that, then I wouldn't be able to come up with this entry. haha so I'll accept that comment in a few days.

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Mara said...

EM... Looks like "ME" backwards :)) -random- But EM is short.. and there's no way to make it fun D: I will now bestow upon you the name Misfit :D Just because it has the letters in MyFingersrTyping :D WOO. But Misfit doesn't sound cute... Hmmm... This is so hard D: I'm just call you Emmaleigh :D (Eh-ma-lee) Lol. You're like my child or something :)) MUAHAHAHA!

myfingersrtyping said...

Emmaleigh hmmm that's tight! if i'll be a celeb then that's gonna be my screen name lol!

Lynn said...

Ok EM it is... it's just safer not to use your full name when you're blogging, one of my friends had a bad experience with an obsessive reader/stalker, it was scary. :(

Mara said...

Yay for names that sound almost like normal names but have weird spelling to make them seem sexy!!!!

Lynn said...

hey EM, I noticed that we share the same "flag counter" widget, maybe you didn't generate a new flag counter code for your blog? That's why it shows the same data as mine... I think you should take a look. Sayang ang visitors count mo... it's been a month na it's been added sa 'kin yata.