yay! I got home from my pampering day :D I got hydrating facial, massage, and I got waxed! woot! well this is just another "all in one" entry.

My friend is selling her Longchamp Le Pliage Eiffel Large Short Handle, limited edition, from Europe bag with an asking price of 9,500 php. It is guaranteed authentic with authenticity care card. Brandnew, and never taken out of its plastic except for picture purposes. Reason for selling: she's got another longchamp bag and figured won't be needing this bag so she's selling it. Pictures of the longchamp bag below (I used her gt/cake handle for watermark just in case you're a forum-er and might recognize her nick).

just click the image for larger view
when folded

hardware of Longchamp Eiffel

flap of Longchamp Eiffel

back view of Longchamp Eiffel

front view of Longchamp Eiffel

No haggling please. Sorry :( If you're interested you can comment here or like I said, if you do recognize rhumbafrapp from gt and/or cake you can just pm her and let her know you're interested. Thank you (:

I got a good pampering today, from all the pollution, stress and just the craziness in this world, who doesn't need a good facial and a massage right?! and waxing of course not unless you wanna be a walking ball of hair haha Then I stopped by Oppa! and got myself a souvlaki platter take out.

yum! the portion is sooo big that I even had some leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

Talked to mom and dad today. We never had a decent talk in the past 7 days because of my crazy work sched, mom and dad is an hour ahead my time so whenever I get off work at 11 and by the time I get to my apartment, my 'rents are already in the lala land. My mom and I were talking about TFC and her soap opera's when dad called my cellphone..

Em: o, papa is calling my cellphone?
Mama: asa basement kasi yan ako andito sa taas nagko-computer. kala nya siguro wala ka pa sa apartment hinde nya alam magkausap tayo kala nya tulog na ako.

Ok, seriously, these lovebirds should know what the other is up to lol!

3 months from now (when my 'rents drive down here for the last stretch of the summer), the bowling battle between the boyfriend and the super dad is ON! haha sumbong (complained) to my dad how I sucked last Sunday with the bf and I's bowling match and my dad was like "ay! no doubt na yan!" -- ouch! haha my dad isn't Paeng Nepomuceno (sp?) but he sure is also a bowling champ, medals and trophies proved that.. so let's see who'll win the battle between the super dad and the boyfriend a.k.a adobo (my dad calls him that coz of my bf's "love" for the ulam, adobo) my dad's piece of advice to adobo? "practice pa!".

I have a mall date tomorrow with my Auntie and her adorable twins :D omgosh! haven't seen the kambal in ages! BUT before our mall date, I will clean my apartment tomorrow and I'll make sure it's spotless before I leave -- yes, including my bedroom lol! I'm just gonna leave my sister's room alone, don't wanna mess with her stuff or she'll go ballistic when she comes back in August with the mom and dad.

My bebe got himself a new car today, a birthday gift to himself (which is a month early). I was surprised when he called and told me he bought the car already, so I teased him about me driving the car and pimping it and he flipped out lol! ohh men and their cars.

That's my Thursday loves ;)

and happy 42 months my bebe, ily -- ok ENOUGH of the cheesyness lol!

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I love all the bags :) ooh~ so em is a filipina? :D Nice to know that~

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