The week is over and that means it's time for me (host of the week) to round up all the submitted entries to this week's topic, and it's all about SOCIAL NETWORKING.

When I received the email from Team Carnival, with all the direct links to all who participated, I excitedly opened all of them in a new tab and read them one by one. I don't have a reputation for being "nice", I don't sugarcoat the truth, I say what I wanna say, I don't kiss asses, so don't think I am trying to impress with what I'm gonna say -- but I am really impressed with all the entries and that's the truth! (this is me, what I like, I like, what I don't like, I don't, I say it without caring much if I'll make you cry or not). To be unique in your blogging approach and to be able to come up with an entry with different topic each week is already an achievement, come on, not everyday we are at our best and this is the reason why I said I was amazed with these bloggers who made it this week.

So the challenge for this week is on me. After reading all the topics and jotting down all the similar main points that these babes made, how the heck am I gonna incorporate all these thoughts into one shindig that will make an impact to the readers? that will make them actually think, "is social networking (yes, hun, that includes -- blogging) still safe?", "am I sharing too much information?" etc etc. So I'm gonna let my fingers and brain do THE work now so please bare bear with me.

*whew* that was a long ass intro wasn't it?..

Social Networking: Even kids who were just born a minute ago already has an account, (well of course it's the proud momma and dadda who signed up for them), they'll prolly learn how to say facebook and speak text first before their nursery rhymes -- of course I was just exaggerating! seriously these days, who doesn't know what social networking is and what it does?How many social networking sites you actually have an account with?! Isn't that pretty tiring to manage?I mean whatever you have on facebook will be on friendster too?and MySpace?etc etc? and the people who'll comment and get to see those are just the same people?! Talk about dedication eh?!

After reading all the social networking entries, these are the main points that if we didn't all agree with, at least two or three shared the same thought.
  • Social Networking - we all sign up for an account for friends and people whom we've lost contact with thru the years/ relatives and friends living abroad.
  • second, for business related purposes
  • third, for "stalking", come on?who didn't had that stalking phase with your crush? :p or even with your enemy?
Of course there are also some tips and advices and I am actually wanting you to read, not because I do care about them and I want traffic for their sites, but because I want you to enjoy reading (just like I did) what their fingers and brains worked hard for.

Mara - THE babe who got TURNED OFF for a while...
Shoutingwind - the used to be social networking "whore" but now a REFORMED babe.
Scorpion syrup - in her estimation -- virtual life is the new SOCIAL LIFE and is torn between should I delete my twitter and plurk or not, babe.
Mindy - the FILTER babe.
Michelle - the babe who said that -- social networking may be a two-edged sword, but you can use it to your advantage if you know how to use it properly.
Lelila - the "STALKER" for real babe.

What is social networking for you?

Before I wrap this entry up, just wanna give some tips on how to be safe online and how to make it enjoyable for everyone.
  • DON'T add friends on facebook MySpace, friendster etc etc if you don't know the person. Don't ever think that you're that HOT that's why someone added you up as a friend, you don't know the real intention behind that angelic smile.
  • DON'T put pictures up of yourself or your friends naked pictures or almost naked pictures for everyone to see, "flaunting" THE body should be done in a more appropriate manner.
  • If you think you're pretty, DON'T put pictures up saying "oh I look ugly in this picture" blah blah if you are just fishing for compliments, if you look ugly in that picture, why upload it in the first place? Not unless you really want people to write "no babe, you look pretty in this pic."
  • If you think you're sexy, or if you're size 0 or even size 5 DON'T put up pictures saying "oh look at my bulging tummy omgosh! I'm so fat!" if size 5 is considered as horizontally challenged people?what does that mean for a size 10 like me? three elephants all together?!
  • If you're a blogger(most especially), try not to reveal your full name in your blog, you don't know who will come across your site and might be interested in using your identity to scheme money out from other people.
  • no matter how "ugly" or professional looking your shots are, always watermark it.
  • again most esp for bloggers who tend to take pictures and blog about our delivered goodies, edit and cover the part where it says your name and your address, you're smart to know why.
  • or if you really don't like the drama, delete all your accounts :p
I know I know, no matter how careful we are, nobody is really "protected" in this world, that's why we should use social networking sites responsibly.

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