I can't think of any title for this entry but FUN! It's a FUN day today with the boyfriend.

Here's the story..

Because of our schedules(he still has school and he's enrolled for the spring til the summer) so we only see each other once or twice a week if our schedule permits us to do so. Friends usually ask, "oh why not see each other after school?or if you don't have to work on a weekday?or if you work the day shift (on a weekday)?" I'm gonna answer that now here, just in case you're also curious why.. The boyfriend's day starts at 5:00 in the morning(monday-friday), to save gas and money of course, he'll drive himself up to downtown mall, use the free parking and he just ride the LRT and bus himself to go to school (since University students are given U-pass every semester for the LRT and bus so might as well use it, than spend approx $50 on gas every week). By the time he finish his classes I know he's already tired and wanting to go home, relax for a bit and do his papers and go over his notes. I am not a selfish girlfriend (I am contented with phone calls and sms) so I don't really bother him on school nights when he could've been doing his school work and resting early so he has enuf energy for the next day and besides, he lives on the other side of the city which is a 45 minute drive (if there's no traffic of course) to get to my apartment. So on a weekend that we have the whole day to spend together, we make sure we spend it preciously..

He was early today, I woke up at 9 and he was at the door already! wahaha well, we cleaned the apartment first then at 10:30 he said he'll take a nap while I take a bath etc etc. 12:30 I was all good to go! (yep, no exaggeration, I just take forever to get myself ready lol!) The original plan for today was eat outside, go to Asian grocery store and get groceries of course, rent dvds and just watch them all day. Since there wouldn't be much of walking to do, I decided to wear my green wedges.

First stop. Kobe Sushi, we are semi- regulars here so the staff know us and our preferred booth, yay! for them :). On Sundays, they have a lunch buffet for $18.50/person, you get to choose on their "hot"(like donburi etc.) and "cold"(like sushi and stuff) menu plus there's a self serve bar for miso soup, salad and dessert.

So these are all that we had (:

*picture heavy*

the salad of course

miso soup

surf clam and octopus sashimi for the bf

fork for people like me who are chopsticks-abled (ok what?!) haha

the bf ordered beef tataki

and deep fried squid

tonkatsu for moi

rice, yay for you if you love eating rice :)

cone shaped tuna (forgot what you call these ones) :(

here's a closer look (they are really yummy!)

We had the cones wrapped because the bf is already full and I am saving the last "I am still hungry" part of my stomach for dessert which is (no, it's not cup cake lol!)...

we just shared this one, LOL! I actually ate most of it.. I love fruits! haha

Then off to the mall we go, get groceries and just hurry back home for dvds! But since we don't really go to the mall together that often, P, suggested since we are at the mall already why not check out stores that has summer sales so we can "update" our summer wardrobe. I said yes, of course, but at the back of my head "my feet are not up for it!" haha I love wearing heels don't get me wrong but I hate walking around the mall in it! KILLS!! Half hour of walking from one store to another, I am done! Luckily, Spring is just across from the store we were at and since I know they always have something on special, we went in and without any second thoughts, the moment I saw these babies on display...

asked for my size, tried them on, and bought it!

oohhkkay, I asked the lady if they have a size 5 (yes, I have small feet :D) for either the black or the white one, and she said they don't carry size 5, so size 6 it is.. It's not that big for my feet, it fitted perfectly actually, the bf and I loved it. While the cashier is ringing up my shoes, I told her not to box it anymore since I'm gonna use it right away, that I just need a plastic bag for my old ones. After it's been paid for, my feet are smiling back at me now and telling me, "we are ready for some more 'action' momma!"

So before getting the groceries we bought some clothes first, mostly for P, for school. Then we went to fruits and passion and I bought

he chose the scent ;)

I really don't buy big bottles of perfume/cologne if I can just buy a smaller one just in case I end up not liking it anymore after some weeks, it's easier to buy another bottle anyways (if I liked it) once it's all gone than throwing it away.

bought this also from the drugstore

Then we went bowling! (for just one game tho)

*sniff sniff, I lost!*

Even with all the distractions I caused the boyfriend, he still won. I don't suck at bowling, I dunno maybe because it's been over a year since the last I bowl, or I just simply suck and it's just hard to admit it?! lol!

So what's so exciting about me going to Asian grocery store??To buy these of course!

Yum! too bad they don't have ube :(

yey! all the goodies!

and last but not the least

YAKULT!! but according to the package it's called "wahaha" haha
it's still the same lacto-bacili drink so who cares?! lol!

Whew! that's pretty much about it. We really had fun today, it was precious and I loved how the boyfriend and I just spent the whole day together making precious moments to look back on when times get rough.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww... so sweet... I love this post. It's filled with love! :D

Anything Under the Sun said...

hello em,

you got a nice blog. yes, lets follow each other.


ei. so yummy. aww I want it all~

Em said...

@ Mara: yes! haha I love the bf lol! but reading this entry again makes me so hungry..haha

@ Anything Under the Sun: thanks and sure.

@ Candytuft: they're yummy! lol! feel free to "feast" ;)

Lynn said...

So happy you get to spend quality time with him. The food looked yummy and they named the yakult "wahaha"?! wahaha!

Em said...

yes, it's called "wahaha" haha