oh come on! don't be a party pooper! say that the Michael Buffer way -- LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! well, exactly that feeling you know?you're all hyped up, you're full of emotions -- anger, frustration, too much happiness, or just on full bitch mode -- gaah -- yep yep the exact feelings of a fan caught in between two fighting team *name of celeb* v. team *name of celeb* and you don't have much of an option but to hop in the bandwagon and yes, be a fantard.


If you're a filipino then you know that the Vilma v. Nora era is one of the classic celeb rivalries the showbiz had ever produced and still is. If you dare trash talk either one of them and be like "oh Vilma is better blah blah" seconds later, a fantard will be after your ass. Now, I remember my mom who is a hardcore Vilmanian telling me when she was in her teenage years, how she and her older sister who on the other hand is a hardcore Noranian used to fight on who's better and when things starts to heat up, they'll just tear each others posters up, pictures etc etc. See, since our parents' teenage years and maybe even the years before that, there's always been the so called TEAM v. TEAM rivalries.

If you're the type of I-don't-really-care-person and enjoy all the bickering then what's not to love about these rivalries? In the online community (forums, blogs, you name it) you'll read people being on each others throat because:
  1. just like a post I read from a forum ("hirap din maging fan, hindi makatanggap ng pangookray ng idolzzz nila..war kung war") they simply can't accept the fact that not all people are "idolizing" their fav celeb.
  2. "fights" usually start when someone's being too SENSITIVE on what others had to say.
  3. sometimes, it's not the fans who starts the arguments, coz on some cases, it's the "stars" who actually initiates. They do that to gain sympathy.
  4. they just simply belong in the rival group.
oohh the dramas! who doesn't love it? lol! Very entertaining in fact, but it's not healthy. Being so involved in rivalries?yezir! it's not healthy. It's normal of course to be part of a fan page and idolize someone, what's bad is when fans cross the line, when they are obsessing. When in fact, there are ways on how we can enjoy being an influential person and being a fan (hey celebs idolize other people whose stars shines less than that of them :p so don't lose hope wannabes :D and the ff points are for EVERYONE).
  1. RESPECT other people's opinions. I know sometimes it could be offensive and ego hurting, but every human in this planet has the effing right to say what they want. (remember the freedom of speech?it's applicable here too).
  2. RESPECT other fans even if they belong in the rival group.
  3. before you react VIOLENTLY, make sure you understood all the points first, if misunderstanding is the cause of altercations then maybe it's YOU who misunderstood, and maybe your ego got hurt much.
Yes, as a normal individual, I have some celebrities, bands and political figures I admire and there are some that I don't like. Yes, I also became part of the team "rivalries" growing up, me being the die hard Purefoods fangirl and my high school classmate who's a San Miguel beermen fanatic, we always crash, but it's healthy because we didn't came to the point where we had to pull each others hair, our argument usually ends with at least si Alvin Patrimonio ko 4 time MVP (Alvin Patromonio's been awarded with 4 MVP's) so that makes him and his team better. lol! -- so high school! bwahaha

It's fun to be a fan, we don't have to box people if they didn't like what we like, if they don't love what we love. We don't have to be affected by what people has to say to us, this is what human race is all about -- we all agree to disagree. We are not robots who are programmed to follow his master's commands, we have our own sets of brains so it's ourselves who decides at the end of the day, not other people.

Be a FAN! not a FANtard We all can enjoy the privileges of being a fan without jumping into the bandwagon and be part of the dirty world of rivalries.


*sigh sigh* my head is still aches right now and this whole entry for the Carnival is a struggle for me to finish. :( Anyways, if you guys are interested you may want to join the fun at Team Carnival and meet other talented bloggers. thanks! (:

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