Do you guys have an idol? I'm sure we all have one right?they maybe a singer, a dancer, a tv host, a superhero, an author or a guru -- we all have someone in our life that we idolize.

Personally, I only have a few that I adore, not that I am not easily to please with, but because I know and I feel talent when I see one, the ones that when you see them perform or read a book they wrote, you'll feel nothing but amazed, too amazed that even words can't explain.

Then, boom! fanatics are born! haha and critiques o'course.

Fanatics - people who idolizes someone so much that they'll do everything and anything for their idols. Yes, in the online forum community, they are also known as the fantards. If they read or heard that you said something about their beloved "idol", they'll trash talk you, pull all this drama blah blah-- so annoying.

Critiques - I am not gonna say they are haters, or bashtards because whatever they say, it does make sense, it's just hard to swallow in sometimes because it's the ahm maybe the truth?? They are different from haters, critques don't go around judging people coz of personal reasons, it's because of what they do for a living or their hobby. Just like what we read on papers everyday, they give rants or reviews about a certain restaurant (food quality, cleanliness, etc), movies, music, -- you name it. And we all know that most of the time, the reviews are not all positive.

Hurtful as it may seem, not everyone will "like" you, what you do in your life. If you're a singer not all people will like your hitting the high notes screaming and break our eardrums, you'll have fans, some people will recognize your talent but will not be a follower, same goes with dancers, not everyone will appreciate hip-hop or krumping. Mystery, romance, thriller, not everyone is in the same genre when it comes to book preference. Stephenie Meyer for instance, millions of people adored her work, many went gaga over her books, over fictional characters (read: Edward and Jacob), and yet there are hundreds (yes, including myself) who acknowledges her poorly written book but just doesn't appreciate it (please, spare me the twilight drama. P.s I've seen the movie and read the book -- just blaahh). Guru - beauty guru, fashion guru, I only have two that I do really really love, Michelle Phan and Pixiwoo. They are not 7 year olds who jumped into the booming yt guru bandwagon -- for me, they know what they are doing and that's what I loved about them in the first place (yes, there are a lot of equally good guru's out there, to each of his own right?). When I first seen their videos, it felt like, they are so legit to me, very detailed, they are not the type who'll do everything just for the sake of a review, like jumping from one cream to another etc etc (what a great way to take care of your skin -- NOT!).

So I'm gonna say it again, not all people will like you, people will talk or say something that as not as pleasing as you would like it to be, like you're not "credible" or you're not that of an actress, not that of a looker etc etc -- so let's stop being a baby about it and accept the fact that nobody is perfect and we can't please everyone. We all have reasons why we love and don't love a certain person, let's just leave it that way. If ever we read or hear something negative about us, pssh shrug it off, it's a free world, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, especially in the online world, if you can't take criticism then minimize your internet usage, delete your blog and talk to your pillows all day and night, coz they are the only thing who will "love" you unconditionally. :P

Before I end this looonnng entry, I wanna clarify again the difference between a hater and a critique (just in case you've lost your senses while reading this entry).

A critique is not a hater when she said something on a topic or on a review that is "anti" the person/place being reviewed. It is clearly, writing out her opinions, her opinions doesn't reflect the people in her (online) community, it's up to the readers to give it a try themselves and decide for themselves if they liked it or not. Reviews that critiques usually give, is a one time thing for the sake of expressing her OWN say. Haters on the other hand, are the ones who'll blog, bash, vlog about a certain individual or businesses and attack them personally and convince everyone to hate this person or to not patronize a business -- that's how them haters work.

bleh :p

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Lynn said...

I get the Twilight critique. I still don't love it but don't hate it anymore though.

Had your Willie request up... sorry I kinda neglected my blog when I hurt my foot. :)

myfingersrtyping said...

I hope your foot's ok now (: