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Well, this is just a blog response or you can consider it as a part two of what Lynn, of thefoureyedoptimist had written, so I'm just gonna use the same title (you can read her Willie Revillame = whiny baby entry here.) I've asked Lynn, to make an entry about the recent showbiz incident that shook the whole country, for real dude, when this issue happened, I felt like people had forgotten somehow the stress, pressure and the excitement of the coming Presidential elections.

Before I give my rants I wanna make myself clear on two points on why I am honestly not gonna go over and retell the whole happening again coz:

  1. If you're a filipino, you don't need to encounter another blog that has the same contents as the other hundreds of pinoy bloggers who blogged about this occurence.
  2. like I said, this is a part two/blog response of the first entry that Lynn had wrote.
So my POV?

When I first read an article about the incident, I am convinced that they are both (Willie and Jobert) to blame, but I went a full 360 degree turn when I actually read the transcript of what Jobert had really said in his radio program, it's more of a wake up call to me than actually him making fun of the contestants. Ok, these students may have a valid reason for having a 75% GPA, power was out, they're poor, they have to work first and take care of their younger siblings or they are just too lazy to study -- reasons why they didn't have the time to go over their notes and the consequence for that is having low grades. Yes, some of it are valid reasons but this is bullshit! We are not just gonna make a valid looking excuse everytime we fail on something, coz if we really wanna succeed in this lifetime, we will do everything in the legal way to fullfil our dreams. The businessmen, the doctors, the lawyers, the nurses, the engineers, the teachers, all the graduates, the board and bar passers, they all had a low point at some point in their lives, some of them didn't even had all the resources to pay for their school fees and had to work for it first, look at them now, they are not gonna be who they are right now, they're not gonna be where they are right now if they didn't had the will. I guess because of the show Wowowee, some people had learned to depend their lives on the show expecting for big bucks in return. I know, we really can't blame them, life's tough (so, blame the government for being so blatantly corrupt!) but atleast not worship Willie (gosh goosebumps ~. .~). I can't believe I am really ranting now haha

Jobert! THANK YOU FOR YOUR BALLS! seriously man, Willie need a slap in the face, for real! if he's the one making fun of the contestants of the show, it's supposed to be funny, now that someone "smaller" than him stood up, it's wrong?and the nerve to threaten ABS management to fire out Jobert Sucaldito or else he quits -- do us a humongous favour Mr. Willie Revillame, please do resign, (since you've stated in your recent interview with pep, you're not afraid to lose your job anyways) Pokwang can run the whole show without you.

And to ABS CBN MANAGEMENT: YOUR BALLS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HARDER! Don't let Willie Revillame manipulate you, shame on your asses if you let a monster like Willie Revillame run the network.

And this is to everyone who tends to overreact on constructive critism, don't be a frikkin whining baby about it, if you think and the people around you, you're that good, why feel threatened?Ego got hurt much?LOL! just like what Lynn had said: criticism are always the toughest to swallow, but that doesn't mean everyone will pull a Willie Revillame (overreacting haha) everytime, if there's a criticism, then prove them wrong, you're already good, why not be better?or the best?that's why it's called constructive criticism in the first place anyways.

I would like to thank million times over my blogger friend Lynn, for graciously granting my request regarding the Willie-Jobert brouhaha, thank you for being an inspiration for me to write this entry.

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Lynn said...

I hope he makes good on his threat, lots of people are waiting for that. Say what you will about Willie though, he apparently drives blog traffic like nobody's business... thanks for the linky love. <3

myfingersrtyping said...

No worries (:

Well, like I said, Pokwang can run the whole show alone.