Before I start this entry, I just wanna make things clear first thing first BEFORE rumor starts that I, Em of myfingersRtyping is on crack! Why I wanna do this? Wells, it's related to the whole entry or for the first part/ title of the entry at least, I am not on crack owwkaay?! Just with the title alone, some of you will prolly be like "Merry Christmas!! huh? wtfu ck is this lady on?! It's not Christmas yet!" haha If you live in a country where it's almost winter/snowing for the most part of the year, when summer comes even if you don't have THE body, even if it means sweaty pits and sweaty balls you still wanna enjoy going out without wearing all your winter gadgets, snow is only enjoyable on holiday seasons (well for me at least). Or in a less complicated way, I just want a catchy title :D it worked, didn't it?!

I bet you already have an idea what today was like eh? yezzir! snow snow snow baby girls and baby boys.. 'twas raining for most part of the day tho, which is ACCEPTABLE btw, we need rain once in a while after weeks of scorching heat right?! at this point, you prolly had enuf of my drama already huh?! so I'm just gonna -- END -- my rant just like that.

The story

The bf is supposed to come at noon today but because of the bullshizz that happened at the registry and at his bank, he had to take care of those first. lalalalala I finished what I was cooking, took a bath, air-dried my hair, straighten it, then I tried switching channels between the replay of So You Think You Can Dance audition episode and the movie License to Wed trying to kill time and hoping and praying at the same time that the bf is on his way to my apartment so we could eat and head to the mall. It didn't took any much longer til the bf FINALLY came! It was already raining heavy outside so after we had late lunch, we decided to just stay home and take a nap and wait for the rain to stop.

then we woke up to this

it wasn't snowing heavily at this point yet, compared to the amount of snow falling down from the sky at this very second.

So we decided to just stay home, watch cable and order pizza when I remembered that I've got no more rice left and because I am out of cheque to pay for my rent, I needed to go get a money order at the post office, we still ended up going outside to buy bigas and get that money order. On our way home, we stopped by pizza hut and got their deal which is, two-2 topping pizza's 10 wings and a 2L pop of your choice for dinner.

I took a picture of the beautiful--NOT snow outside while waiting for our order.

garlic parmesan traditional wings which is really salty btway. eeck!


I only had 2 wings and a slice of pizza and I'm done! as for the bf?well, he ate 8 wings and 3 slices of pizza lol! yeah I still have leftovers again for tomorrow which is good coz I don't have to cook for my breakfast or lunch. yay! for leftovers.

That's it for my Saturday babes, so lemme take you a day back and tell you what happened on my Friday.

I met my tita and her twins at the mall yesterday just to stroll around, eat out and buy stuff. I really did enjoy my day out with them, I haven't seen my tita and the kambal in ages and dayyuum! kids grow fast! They're like trying to talk to me and all I could understand was "hi ate! arehdjssshehejsakaksjsjskajjeeeddddssshhh". haha can't wait for them to speak straight up and just have a baby conversation with them. We literally hopped from one store to another from one phase to the other, deng! It was really tiring but FUN.

And before I end this entry, I wanna tell everybody that I found..

Dory was in the aquarium too, but I was having a hard time taking a picture of her coz she was being hyper swimming around soo screw it! I'll try next time.

Ok wait, haha I found this picture in one of my albums so I'll just share it anyways..

making a statement that I was actually here

That vandalism was "legal", it was during our concert at the Octave Theatre two Christmasses ago for the benefit of the sick and dying children in the Philippines. For both the men's and the women's dressing room, you can actually write your name on the wall to make a statement that you once performed there. Historical. Epic.

And I end my entry now.

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