What happened to May?

No, not May as in a person but the month of May. I looked at my laptop clock and it says 10pm and 2 hours from now, and it's a new month!

What happened to May? dunno, felt like I accomplished NOTHING for this month, I had so many plans laid out -- 2 more hours and May 2010 is over and my plans are still -- waiting to happen.

  • Kickboxing - I am not sure if you already know about this, but I do kickbox or at least used to, it's been over a year since I stepped in a dojo. When I moved out last year I couldn't find a dojo or gym near the place where I used to live and plus I was jobless so even if I find one, I still couldn't afford to pay for the monthly fees. I got a job now and obviously can afford to pay for it, I still can't bring my feet into hopping on the bus to take me to the gym coz of my work sched. I am planning to take cardio kickboxing first for a month or two just to help me get back in shape and do the basic stuff again so hopefully I get my sched fixed for June til the rest of the summer so I can lose some weight and be in shape before school starts again. Plus, I miss the bruises you know :D haha kidd!
  • Guitar - I've neglected my guitar since I, yes, moved out lol! I promised to master the guitar this month and it's been 2 years or 3 years now since I've learned how to play it, I am still stuck at A,G,D,EM,AM,C,E chords.
  • Job - I want another job so I can pay my debts faster! haha Spring and Summer are the only season I can actually work full time and a part time job so I can save up good before school starts again so I don't have to worry if I get load up with coursework and not be able to get hours at work.
  • Diet - idk, I'm always on a diet anyways soo blaahh
  • Buy a macbook pro! -- one of the reasons why I wanted another job!
  • Credit card - not to apply for a new one or to increase my limit, but I promised that I'm not gonna mess with my credit card. Guess what?my visa's maxed out.
So as you can tell, nothing really happened with my May 2010. Hopefully June 2010 will be different.

How was your May?was it productive?or just like mine?still waiting to happen?

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Mervin said...

I had a blast for May 2010.

-Swimming in San Juan Batangas
-2010 elections
-personal problems
-new team in work
-new friends
-clim up Mt. Batulao

Em said...

my mom is from Batangas :D anyways, good to know you had a blast for May 2010! good for you ;)

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

excellent blog <