On my now deleted wordpress blog account, I had my first entry dedicated to my favourite R&B all pinoy group named, LEGACI. Here on blogger I've actually dedicated my second entry to them with their Baby cover song feat. Cathy Nguyen and Traphik.

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I am actually half asleep now so if I am typing gibberish you know why lol! so before I doze off I just wanna invite everyone to watch Oprah tomorrow (or later in the afternoon, depending on what time zone you're in :p) coz Legaci will be on the show! *clap clap*

here's a screen cap from Micah's fb account


sorry for the lame editing haha I'm falling asleep now for actual haha this is how much I love Legaci that I'll blog about them before going to bed.

here's some video for you guys to watch and enjoy (:

This is the Baby cover video I was talking about earlier with Cathy Nguyen and Traphik

Performing "Down" to Jay Sean himself!

Goodnight bloggers! thanks and let's support Legaci!


So instead of reading my learner's ed handbook (yep! I am learning how to drive haha yay for me!) I just decided to close my book and excitedly wait for Oprah to go on air and see, no, not Justin Bieber but LEGACI. The beginning of the show was understandable to be all about the Bieber fever and his crying fans, so I patiently waited for Beiber to perform so I can see Legaci on the Oprah stage being JB's back up singers. dennggg munnn! just B-U-L-L-C-R-A-P!! they didn't even gave Legaci a decent shot but that nano of a second! jeez! I was really disappointed and they didn't even gave credits to Legaci, they may not be as big as JBieber but they should've at the very least right?Since the show today was all about youtube stars who made it big and the hopefuls. Oh wells, at least for the other half hour of the show, they featured Charice and her album and together with Iyaz and David Foster, they performed their now climbing up the chart dance single, "Pyramid".

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