I'm just gonna take a quick break from blog hopping to give a quick shout out to everyone! As most of you know, I was Team Carnival's last week's host with the topic about Social Networking, the rundown for all the entries can be found here. I asked everyone to take time and read my entry and all THE babes who participated because who knows, you might also learn from them, you might like their blogging styles and be a fan of them, it really pays to blog hop sometimes and actually READ. Anyways, I checked the carnival's new post for the new host and topic for the week, and it will be hosted by shoutingwind and her call for posting can be found here. I felt really ecstatic when I read this (picture below) from shoutingwind's cbox.


Not because I got credited, but because of the fact that Aryan had the time to read other entries too ;).

We blog to express our emotions, we rant, we rave, you name it, it's like a diary but the only difference is, a blog can be viewed by hundreds of people, we chose to blog publicly we can't control who can see it, who can comment. Whether we admit it or not, every entry that we publish, we look forward to who's gonna comment, who's gonna like it, who won't. We always wait for a new comment, be it from one of our followers or just from a random stranger blogger who happened to be blog hopping and hopped on your site, we all want more than just "blog hopping" or "was here", we want other people's opinions too.

I know for a fact that other people are not "showy" but deep down there, they adore you, so when a random comment just like what Aryan had written in the cbox it can really make a difference, because someone didn't just blog hopped but showed some appreciation too.

So please, don't get the wrong idea ok?! :D

And because I am really happy, I also wanna take this opportunity esp to the teentalkers out there (I've been a ttalker/candymag reader since I was 16 :D) to take part of the 2010 Candy Teen Blog Awards, you don't have to be a teen to vote ;) And I am campaigning for Aryan. Visit her blog and you should be able see this (see picture below) on the right sidebar.

just click the help me out by voting link

Or you can click the icon (from her blog) so see the list of other nominated bloggers.


To Mara for the special love you've shown me esp last week, when it was my turn to host the carnival. Yes, we love each other -- in a platonic way. Last time I checked, Mara was very much in love with Miki and I am very much in love with P. sooo don't ever start thinking the other way.. :D

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Mariana Simpson. said...

thank you very much! i love your blog :)
have a nice day. xoxo

Em said...

thanks Mariana ;)

wendy said...

i read your other social networking post, but didnt comment, so i guess i'll comment on this one. ^__^

it was really helpful. sometimes i wish other people could read it. It's sad, because some of them dont understand that once its on the internet, its there forever.

anyway, i love how you give advice~ :) who knows, it might save someone from having stalkers. xD there was somebody on the news, who was murdered, after she befriended 2 people on facebook. Its a dangerous online. xD

Em said...

@ Wendy: yes, I read the news article about the girl who got murdered because of facebook, it's really creepy. and thank you for finding my entry helpful ;)

Mara said...

Awwww... I feel so special! *Gets a fuzzy feeling* I LOVE YOU EMMALEIGH!!!!

Em said...