The Sneezing Code

This is soooo typical gradeschooler, at least for most Filipinos. Sneezing code is a list of hour and minutes, (yep, from am to pm) of the "decoded" meaning why you happened to sneeze at that particular moment. So to avoid any confusions to other non-filipinos reading this blog, I'll paste below The Sneezing Code list.


6:01- 6:30 He/ she has a crush on you
6:31- 7:00 He/she will found a new friend
7:01- 7:30 Bed fate illness coming to you.
7:31- 8:00 Expect the unexpected
8:01- 8:30 Good luck for the day.
8:31- 9:00 An unknown person will love you
9:01- 9:30 Somebody is longing for you
9:31-10:00 A friend will fall for you
10:01- 10:30 A friend will get jealous with you
10:31- 11:00 Your crush has another love
11:01- 11:30 Someone will left you
11:31- 12:00 You’ll meet a wonderful old friend


12:01-12:30 He/she wants you as a friend
12:31-1:00 Do not open your heart to anyone
1:01-1:30 Somebody is waiting for you
1:31-2:00 Do not doubt. Your friend is loyal to you
2:01-2:30 He has a plan to court you/ She wants you to court her
2:31-3:00 A big disappointment
3:01-3:30 An invitation
3:31-4:00 He/she wants to be with you
4:01-4:30 A quarrel/ big fight
4:31-5:00 A fulfillment
5:01-5:30 A satisfying love on its way
5:31-6:00 Rely on your friend. he/she’s trustworthy
6:01-6:30 He/she has plan to visit your place
6:31-7:00 He/ she always thinks of you
7:01-7:30 He/she will marry you
7:31- 8:00 A reconciliation
8:01-8:30 Somebody is thinking of you (could be a friend or a special someone)
8:31-9:00 Something nice is going to happen tonight and early morning
9:01-9:30 Somebody loves you secretly
9:31-10:00 He/she loves you very much
10:01-10:30 You will be happy with him/her
10:31-11:00 A blessing for tomorrow
11:01-11:30 A one sided love it is
11:31- 12:00 Just forget him
12:01- 12:30 He/she is dreaming of you
12:31-1:00 He/ she can’t sleep because he/she really loves you

I know it's absurd, but if you were like me who used to keep a copy of the codes written in an intermediate paper from National Bookstore and is kept in our wallets, you'll prolly laughing out loud now reminiscing the moments. Moments when we sometimes "force" ourselves to sneeze on the time we want, like your crush is crushing back on you blah blah then we get disappointed and try not to "believe" our "fate" when we sneezed on the "wrong" time telling us our beloved childhood crush is not feeling the same way etc etc. I was in 3rd grade when I first had a crush on someone, and I guess it's safe to say that until now, I still adore this guy (you'll prolly be "shocked" to know who this guy is). The year after that was when I "fell" for Patrick Garcia (LOL! who didn't?!), to cut the story short I was in 5th grade when I had a crush on a "real" person (meaning not a celeb :p) the year when I got "hooked" in to this sneezing code brouhaha.

Speaking of sneezing

you gotta agree, the baby panda is so adorable!
credits to the yt uploader: jimvwmoss

The video made me ROFL, I dunno, but since I got over the-sneezing-code-gradeschool-drama, everytime someone sneezes, I laugh. LOL!

Did you used to believe in the sneezing code?

I just wanna give credit to my friend John, who originally posted an entry about the sneezing code.

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Lynn said...

ahh, those were the days... the mommy panda's reaction is hilarious. ;)

myfingersrtyping said...

LOL! I know! this vid never fails to make me laugh.