I just made a boo-boo lol! I accidentally hit enter and boom! this page was published empty except for the title SICK. haha so I had to delete it right away haha

Yes ma'am! I am sick as fu ck! Well, blame that fudging cup cake (remember that post when I won an award then I bought a cup cake to "share" to everyone?)hell yeah, that cup cake! I ate that then the next day, my throat is already sore and because it's sore I am frikkin snoring in my sleep for two nights now (ok, insert embarassed smiley here). As expected I also lost my voice, I am feverish and I have dry cough. (yay!!! - NOT!)

*sigh* I can't come up with anything right now, :( I hope I'll feel better tomorrow so I can make an entry about the carnival's topic of the week, which is by the way really interesting. Exactly what I want right now lol! haay buhay!If you think I'm like 90% of the woman population out there who enjoy chocolates, ice cream and anything sweet, well dude, you're wrong, I belong in the 10% who can't enjoy sweets even if we wanted to. I am not allergic, no. it's not even part of my "diet" plan -- *screams* IT'S BECAUSE I GET SICK EVERYTIME I TRY TO ENJOY EVEN A SNICKERS BAR! gaaaaahh!!

oh wells, at least I have the weekend off to recoup.

-end rant-

3 statements:

Lynn said...

Ay wawa naman... get well soon. Ayan kasi alam na kasing di pwede. Anyway the cupcake looked so yummy, I can't blame you too much. ;)

RHiAN said...

get well soon.. i remember i was like you before, uh oh i mean, i can't enjoy sweet stuffs also :(

Em said...

@Lynn, matigas ulo e hehe

@Rhian: thank u my dear! (: hope we can enjoy the good stuff too one day :D