no, no, this isn't a juice drink or an all in one coffee drink. All in one -- my recap entry for the past week I haven't been blogging or blog hopping or leaving some love notes on your tag board :D As most of you know, I had a 7 days straight for work from Thursday last week til last night. woot! haha as a reward, will be going to spa today to pamper myself. :D be jealous! lol! kidd!

sooo back to business, I know some of you are really curious on what a blog carnival is.

What is blog carnival?
A blog carnival is a type of blog event. It is similar to a magazine, that is dedicated to a particular topic, and is published on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly.[1] Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains permalinks to other blog articles on the particular topic. [source: here]

Who/where can we join the carnival?
Every blogger is welcome to join the carnival! YAY! I am not sure how many Filipino blog carnivals that there is out there, but the one that I currently affiliated to is at Team Carnival .

How to join Team Carnival?
One of the requirements to join is to have a blog of course :p and you can join the fun by clicking Team Carnival , and

  • be a follower
  • grab the Team Carnival badge which can also be found on the left side bar of my blog, so feel free to grab it. The badge's purpose is for you to be identified as a member of the carnival.
  • every week there is a host with his/her chosen topic for the members to share their thoughts for everyone, and once done you can submit your entry by clicking the "submit entry" which can be found on the header. The topic of the week is blogged by the host of the week and by the team carnival admins. (as you can see in the example picture below, the topic of the week is all about social networking sites hosted by myself).

If you want more traffic for your blog or if you wanna meet other awesome bloggers, joining Team Carnival is the best way to achieve your "goal". If you have any more questions regarding the carnival, feel free to comment and I will gladly entertain your query. ;)

wooootttttttttt! Guess what article I saw written in our local paper about 2 days ago while I was enjoying my coffee break in our break room?!



An article about the new President-elect of the Republic of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino Jr. haha coolness! This is the second time (if my memory serves me right) they had an article about the Pres, the first one was about 2 days after the election and now this, the cancer calling habit. haha just thought I'd share ;)

So when I get home later this afternoon from my spa appointment (haha just felt like rubbing it in :P) I'm gonna blog hop again! yay! So if you haven't "heard" from moi in the past days, it doesn't mean I am not interested in your posts, I just don't have the energy to log on and read blogs after a looooong day at work, don't worry peeps, I have all weekend to get to know the bloggers I followed by reading their entries. I didn't imagine that blog hopping is really this interesting, it's interesting because tho I don't know them personally, I feel like I'm starting to get to know them bloggers just by reading their entries. I learn from them, or I give "advices" if needed, be updated in the latest happenings ya know those stuff :p or I just simply enjoy their blogs that I look forward for them to write new blog posts.

Yay! done entry! haha I will publish this now so I can take bath and head to my spa appointment.

Take care my blogger friends (:

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Lynn said...

Thanks for the "Team Carnival" explanation. Hope Noynoy would quit smoking eventually. It's just so unhealthy.