WE are having sextuplets!! I know I haven't been blogging for a while then BAM! Here I come announcing to the world that P and I are having sextuplets! I am really not exactly sure how many couples out there are blessed with sextuplets, I'm guessing not a heck of a lot.


I am pretty sure the moms and dads out there can relate to the oh-my-gosh?-ok- what?-that's-my-baby-on-the-screen??!!!!!!!! confused happy exciting moment. A BABY! That is if you're only expecting for a child obviously. But what if you look at the screen and you see 6 little weird indescribable objects and your doctor tells you, "hmm, I am counting six and that means YOU ARE HAVING SEXTUPLETS!" OOO MYYYY GOOOSSSSH! That exact moment, I dunno what I'm gonna feel, am I supposed to cry? Or say? THANK YOU? when the doctor told me I'm gonna be a mommy of 6? One pregnancy and I am having 6 angels! munn! Both P and I were holding each others hands and we were both ice cold!

Seriously, after the doctor's appointment we could only make a joke about it and try to absorb everything. Me with a height of 5 ft nothing with a big tummy carrying 6 little angels inside. Gosh! I really should start saving up now for a tummy tuck after giving birth. Who wants a sagging tummy? Anyone?

I woke up this morning and looked back at yesterday's event that indeed shocked us, -- sextuplets, the cold numb feeling, the sagging tummy, the constant changing of dirty diapers, despite the complete SURPRISE, having such blessings made me smile, I was pacified, my smile then turned into a rolling on the floor laughing when I realized all of it was just a dream. YES. A dream.


Yes. A dream. I had to google what does being pregnant in a dream means and if you're thinking it will happen in real life -- the pregnancy? The answer is NO or not yet at least! It said there that being pregnant in a dream symbolizes an aspect or aspects in my personal life that is developing and growing. It also said there that being pregnant in a dream represents the birth of a new idea, project or goal. (winks at Mara). [source: here].

So enuf of the dream interpretation.

I've been tagged back by Aryan and her questions are pretty interesting. Answer the 8 questions now shall I?

If you can bring a dead person to life, who would you want it to be?
- It would be my grampa from my mama's side (pleads to my grampa on papa's side: please lolo don't be mad, you were a wonderful lolo to me and I love you and our bonding moments back then were doubtlessly unforgettable. please hear me out on why I chose the other lolo). My grampa on my mama's side died the year before I was even born, so we never had the chance to play and bond or even be in the same picture together. I, personally, had been hearing lotsa wonderful stories about how great of a man my lolo was and unfortunately for me, I'll always wonder what it will feel like if my grampa was still alive when I was born and him so proud of his new born granddaughter and just making memories together, just like what me and my lolo from my papa's side had.

What's your favorite lyric, from what song and why?
- I have different favourite songs from different genres and with different reasons of course. My fav church song is Lead Me Lord.

You are my light, I cannot live alone let me stay by your guiding light all through my life, lead me lord.

even in darkness, God will continue to guide us.

You help me to discover me
I just want you to put trust in me
I kind of laugh when you cuss at me
The aftermath is you touching me
It's destiny we connected girl
You and I, we can affect the world
I'm tired of the fast lane
I want you to have my last name

- It's a song from Common, and that's the song P "dedicated" to me when he was trying to win me back one night sometime long ago. I was like "what the eff, it doesn't make any sense" yeah until the last part. *blush blush*

What was your best night-dream ever?
- well, the sextuplets dream. It's uhm, based on what it meant, it symbolizes personal growth and development. haha growth?I'll prolly grow more inches =)) haha naah I think I'll be more mature now lol! and as for the new project, ideas and goal? I want to succeed!

Would you consider abortion if one day you wake up and you find you are pregnant and you don't know whose it is?
- NO. I am scared of what my dad will do to me once he finds out, I am embarrassed by the thought of me being a disgrace to my family, but at the end of the day, my family are humans so they'll still forgive me and accept me and the baby eventually, and that I can think I can handle, the wait for their forgiveness. What I can't entertain is the fact that I am planning on killing a human being, a gift from the heaven. I am frightened of my dad's would be actions on me, but I am more scared of God's wrath and the bad karma.

Who would you be if you could be anybody?
- ahm, I dunno.. can't think of any right now. sorry :(

What's your biggest regret?
- rejecting some opportunities that came my way.

The end of the world is tomorrow, what would you do?
- fly back to Brandon and be with my family. I'm not gonna perish here in my apartment alone. hello?

Would you make peace with your worst enemy?
- nah. It depends actually. When I think I'm ready then yes, I'll prolly be the first to say "I'm sorry", but if it's all for publicity shizz or coz of other people, then NO. I'll only make peace if I know in my heart I'm sincere.


so there's the tag game! haha I enjoyed it. ;) I also noticed that from my own set of questions both Mara and Aryan like me, wanted to be the opposite sex for a day. It's interesting how fascinating it is for us to want to experience the ting-a-ling-hanging-in-between-the-legs-they-call-penis, to be able to pee standing up.

I am seeing myself right now being a guy standing in front of a mirror being so happy, so happy I could tie a pink ribbon around my penis while dancing the papaya dance.


Weird kid I am.



Yeah, It's really been a while since someone tagged me to do -- the tag game. haha I get to do two sets of tag questions and I'm really happy about it.

Instructions: Answer the 8 interesting questions and make 8 of your own then tag people and let the fun spread!

First set was from Mara:

If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be and why?
- I wish I wasn't the wild child or I didn't become one. Wild child is not like I'm whoring myself to every guy in town or spending my whole paycheck on booze, I was in "rebellion" mode and decided to not go back to school for a bit.

What's the best moment in your life?
- gaah.. I can't pick one lol! best moment.. hmm.. I'd pick our concert from 2008 for the Give A Life Foundation in the Philippines. All the struggles, the politics, the never ending gossips from people who can't be happy, people who tried anything and everything to bring us down but obviously didn't succeed, all our hard work, our tears, our joys was all worth it coz we filled the 300 seating capacity auditorium, the Standing Ovation at the end, the teary eyed audience, the support after the concert, we knew we accomplished our cause to help people in need, we succeeded all the evil plans that rude people planted on us.

What do you miss from your childhood?
- patintero! all the street games :D except for having kutos, that's the childhood experience I am sure I'm not gonna miss.

What's your favorite makeup brand?
- NARS. I can't live without my NARS Laguna and NARS Orgasm Illuminator.

What's your skincare must haves?
- my dermalogica overnight clearing gel, clean & clear toner, clean & clear blotting film, dermalogica active moist moisturizer.

What's your go-to makeup?
- depends on where I'm going but my everyday go-to makeup is pretty boring. Foundation, concealer, NARS Laguna or NARS Orgasm Illuminator, mascara, I make sure I do my eyebrows too and lip balm.

What's the one thing you wish you could do but can't?
- Go back home. I can't coz I don't have the money for my plane ticket.

What was your childhood dream and what happened to it? (Did you abandon it, are you working on it, or are you living the dream?)'
- I was a cute baby, I always have offers to do some commercials, so growing up, I wanted to become a commercial model, I wanted to become a cover for candy magazine, print ad modeling, I wanna be a director or I wanted to be like Korina Sanchez. When I was in 7th grade and "discovered" I could sing, I forgot about my dream of being a print ad model or my dream of becoming like Korina Sanchez, I wanted to be KIM or just be part of Miss Saigon. What happened to it now? I am overweight :D My folks are supportive of me except for living my childhood dream/s so blahh

Next set of questions are from Minakichu: (ok, seriously, I can't say your name, every time I try, I always end up saying Mikachu instead.. pssh lol!)

Would you consider having plastic surgery when you start having wrinkles?
- No. I can prolly delay aging by being healthy but when I get old and become wrinkly? Plastic surgery? NO! Coz I really don't see the point of it, sure I can make my face look younger, how about my neck?my hands?can plastic surgery do something about it? how about my knees?my butt?they can do something about my sagging breasts for sure but I'm not gonna look proportion, my face ironed out and the rest of my body looks like they just got out of the laundry. Yeah. I don't wanna look like Donatella Versace.

Where's your fantasy date?
- Fireworks. Watching fireworks together and be cheesy. Yep! that's a fantasy date for me. I'm not the type of girl that you can please with luxury, I'm happy enjoying the simplest things in life.

Name the countries you'd like to visit?
- I wanted to visit the 7 wonders of the world.

What would you do if you won 1million dollars?
- give some to my charities, give money to my parents and sister, visit the 7 wonders of the world, get P to gimme a love child or children. :p

If you could ask a genie for 3 wishes what would they be?
- I wish my genie is powerful enuf to grant me 1.) WORLD PEACE 2.) Ensure good health for my family and friends 3.) STOP world hunger.

What's are your pet peeves?
- Swollen headed people - yeah coz they think they're all that! they're untouchables, they feel like they own the world and people around them are their f*ing slaves. People who succeeded in life and just forgot where they came from.
- Drama wannabe queen - people who always cry for sympathy, people who overreacts, too sensitive.
- Fishing for compliments - I HATE people who fish for compliments. Ya' know, uploading a picture saying they look ugly/fat when all they wanted to hear/read is/are compliment/s.
- dirty toenails - some people are just too busy with their faces that they forget they also need to clean/take care of their toenails.

What makeup product can't you live without?
- Foundation, concealer and lipbalm.

Who inspires you?
- Volunteers. Yeah they don't get paid for what they do, but the amount of sacrifices they carry out for a cause they believe in is really overwhelming.


1. Do you wanna be the opposite sex for a day?Just out of curiosity?
2. Do you wanna have a reality show and get your life filmed at least 3 times a week?
3. Do you think you can handle the Presidency job? (of a country of course, not the classroom presidency).
4. Is there someone whose feelings you've hurt recently?
5. What's your jologs attitude?
6. If you are allowed to change one thing from your physical feature, what would it be and why?
7. Have you ever felt jealous over a friend's success?
8. What's the wildest thing you've done as a teenager? and did your parents found out about it?

So Imma start tagging people now.
1. Mara
2. Minakichu
3. Aryan

I tagged three people, and if you find my questions interesting enuf, please do the tag game and comment me back so I can read your answers. ;)



TOP 10 REASONS WHY TWILIGHT SUCKS BALLS and more! Wells wells, I got "inspired" in making this entry after reading Minakichu's entry (you're not related to Pikachu, are you? jk! I love your awesomeness!) To Snag A Vampire.

Are you itching to read my list? It's actually not mine so lemme rephrase that, are you itching to read the TOP 10 REASONS WHY TWILIGHT SUCKS BALLS and more that the ttalkers came up with? If you're a ttalker you know the topic I'm talking about and thanks to my genius friend Perry who gathered up her balls (lol) and started the thread.

(credits to Ms. Perry)

Why there are plenty PLENTY of reasons why this movie sucks and sucha waste of my time and money ;D Google it and you'll be surprised.

I'll rather count the wrinkles on my dog's old hairy balls than watch this movie again ;D
Here's why!

1. I understand the intention of this movie is to be a lovestory - but this is too much. Too many cliche sweet scenes that it makes me wanna puke my brains out :P Meyer, please be more creative.

2. What does Edward see in this ghostly like Bella? Obviously, Bella likes Edward cuz he's a pale creepy attractive guy and Bella is...a plain jane, which somehow all the 17 year old boys were going gaga over her!

3. Thanks to Meyer, we finally see a new version of vampires; gay and cuddly. Which leads to #4

4. Ever since I could remember, vampires are always, ALWAYS, portrayed as these verocious blood sucking devil muthafckas...but nooo...the vampires in Twilight are special; they're "vegetarians" and sparkley. Super Cool!!!!

5. Bella is a selfish b*tch; she is willing to leave her family for a guy she just pretty much met. Talk about being a hoe ;D

6. Is it me or this movie is fckin emo as sh*t?! Almost all of the characters have no life...no emotions like Bella. Everybody is soo dull ...

7. Edward is a big fckin stalker ;D what a creep! Thanks again Meyer, for promoting such a wonderful influence to young viewers! "HEY KIDS! GO STALK WHOEVER YOU LIKE AND HOPE FOR THE BEST THEY'LL LIKE YOU BACK!" ;D

8. There were barely any action scenes and I seriously, do not see the plot of the movie, except, this movie is about gay vampires that sparkles (if I were Bella, I would take Edward to the pawnshop and sell him ;D) and a bunch emo characters & scenes. Gahhh, NOTHING WAS FREAKIN' GOING ON except Bella and Edward tryna get it on!!!
9. And speaking of Bella...I've never seen sucha wimpy whiny girl that depends on vampires for her protection. Edward and his family should've been sucked her dry. Tsk.

and lastly,

10. I wasted $20 and plenty of brain cells after watching this terrible, poor written, boringgggg and pointless movie.

-- I'm gonna pawn Edward!! haha *out and searches for Edward* *after 10 minutes* *decided to come back and finish this entry and just continue the search tomorrow -- in broad daylight!* Who's up for the Edward search and be rich?!

-- The movie is really pointless and PLOT-LESS!

And to people, esp the tweens who think Twilight is the best book ever here's one for you

And the books..they are so so so shallow.. I have no idea how they became a worldwide phenomena.. Oh wait i know, hormonal teenage girls who think Twilight is the best book since like, ever, because it's the only book they've ever read, apart from their textbooks, which i doubt, they even know what the insides look like... Edward! Squeaaaal! Ugh. I hope he sucks out all your blood.

credits to chankymanky

(credits to xkatev)

1. The books aren’t well written, just because every other word is a fancy adjective doesn’t make it good writing.

2. The reason the books became so popular is because Bella has no personality and any loser can put themselves in her shoes.

3. Meyer can’t think of original names. The only original name she used was Rennesme, which is combination of two names and doesn’t count.

4. They use a drug reference in a book written for ten-year-olds.

5. It’s teeming with grammatical errors.

6. They only love each other because she smells good and he’s hot. There’s no other given reason why.

7. A hundred years difference = pedophile.

8. Stephanie Meyer must really be into pedophilia: first Edward and Bella, now Jacob and Reneseme?

9. They fall in love way too quickly and it seems fake because no one falls in love instantly, especially teenagers.

10. There’s something disturbing about Carlisle turning only teenagers into vampires.

Ya'll gotta agree with the damn straight points here, doesn't matter if you're a fan or a hater, they're all true!

I just can't get over the fever. Everything about it, books, movies, it's so unreal! It is so dreamlike that tweens who were never been in love got trapped in the delusive world that there's really an Edward or a Jacob out there. The moral of the story? NOTHING! What do you expect from a plot-less pointless and boring movie? NOTHING! Bad role model for everyone

  1. Stephenie Meyer made stalking not a crime, rather a romantic move.
  2. Suicide is ok! How many times did Bella in New Moon tried taking her own life because Edward left her?
People! Stalking is a CRIME and being stalked at is creepy alright?! It's not romantic -- AT ALL! And suicide! please! it's not ok to slash your wrist or OD yourself because someone dumped you. That's why we have friends you know, so we can have someone to lean on when times get rough and that's why we have tear glands so we can cry it all out and feel better. Suicide is not the answer for everything. If your vampire boyfriend left you because he can eat you all up, who cares? go for werewolves instead! haha jk! Find a real man! A man who will grow old with you.

And to tweens who think that Edward is real? or want a vampire for a boyfriend?. puhhlease! smarten up! Edward is not even a vampire! He's a fairy like Tinkerbell! Shining Shimmering Splendid Edward! And you can't get kinky with a vampire boyfriend like Edward, except for nighttime sex on the beach and you have to get back to your cottage before the sun sets or else Edward and his dick will start sparkling! Hmmm, I wonder what a sparkling cock looks like?!

Edward, Edward, Edward, why do you have to dip your face in a bowl of flour?When all you need is a brush and the right shade of foundation to look pretty?

To Edward and Bella:
Beat this!




So before I go on with this entry, I just want to make myself loud and clear that I am doing this post for PUBLIC AWARENESS. Yes. I didn't come to know about Bitch Slap! cosmetics until I saw ThesPNation's video on Thursday night. It was an invitation actually for everyone to stop what they're doing and join the world on blogtv with Nikkie20six's speaking up live feed appearance on why she left Bitch Slap! cosmetics. I've never used any Bitch Slap! products before in my life so this post is NOT gonna be a review and/or I'm NOT gonna rant about a Bitch Slap! product. Like I said, it's for PUBLIC AWARENESS.

Here's the video invitation straight from Nikkie20six's yt

I really don't like dramas but out of curiosity and what was the hoopla all about (as it might help me in the long run), I clicked the blogtv link and waited for what Nikkie has to say. The room was packed! There's about 800 people tuned in at that very minute. If you've seen the video up there then you have at least the idea on why the world suddenly went crazy.

Nikkie20six, Dana Lajeunesse etc are not part owners of Bitch Slap! cosmetics. They are make up gurus on youtube who happened to promote the said line before because they thought at first it was a straight up honest product and the owner was being equally honest to them until the lying, the backstabbing, and the stealing was uncovered.

Whatever personal angst between the people involved?naah I don't care, what irked me was the fact that Kathy (the owner of Bitch Slap! cosmetics) went low just to make money for herself. Again, it's not the personal things going on with all of them, it's how unsafe Kathy's products are and how she lied when she was confronted about it and tried to blame other people for it.

I am a consumer, I sometimes buy products based on how many good reviews that product gets. I also try and research about how safe the product is, what the ingredients are and as a consumer, I expect the OPENNESS from first, the manufacturer and second, from the people who does the reviews.


Forget about my hard earned moolah's worth, FAIRNESS coz we all deserve the TRUTH about the product we eat or we use for our face and skin making sure it is SAFE!! Coz I don't think anyone here would wanna buy something that will put their lives in danger.

watch the video, it's worth it, this might save your life. :D

I know Kathy or whoever is behind this sham only wants to earn money just like the rest of us, but we don't deserve this, none of us do! and I am BEGGING to the sham artists -- don't fool us, don't put our lives at risk, don't put yours.

Karma's a bitch, BITCH SLAP!

Here's Dana's video on why she left Bitch Slap! It's a long video but if you wanna know, then watch it.

Mara doll! thank you for Dana's link. :D



TICK-TOCK on the clock but the party don't stop no, woah-oh-oh-oh. I just felt like singing that part over and over again and it has something to do with my entry. ;)




You wait for the hour to finish because for TV people like you and I, the beginning of the new hour means the new show is about to start -- TV shows that most of us wouldn't miss for the world. When I said "TV people" it's not synonymous to being a couch potato. TV people for me is only watching shows when the actors/actresses involved are the ones we like and turn off the TV or switch channels if we don't like who see on screen.

Okay, seriously, if for example you see me on TV as a host or as an actress, a lead actress in a soap and you as a viewer don't like me with passion, would you stress yourself watching my soap no matter how promising the storyline is knowing you'll see my face, yes this face 80% of the time? I'd turn off the TV if I were you and find something else to do or SUCK it up and get hooked.

Yes. There are people I wish I see less on TV esp if I don't have a choice but watch the show they're in it. Those instances were only if I were home (parents) and we have company over and they watch TFC, so being the respectful kid that I am, I sit down and watch with the whole clique. Since I said TFC first, I'll start with actors/actresses from back home.

BAYANI AGBAYANI - He's annoying and he's not even funny. He frigging reminds of SHREK! Seriously, picture Bayani Agbayani next to Shrek and you'll agree with me that they do resemble each other.

KIMERALD - doesn't really need much of an explanation on why they should be seen less on TV. I also hate the never ending PR for these two. They said they're not a couple, then they should act like they're just friends when they're around each other not them being too sweet shitzz that only a couple would do. I don't like them so obviously I don't watch their shows.

BEA ALONZO - she looks dumb for some reasons. she's so big that she looks awkward and trying hard. She looks funny too on heavy drama scenes. I don't like her so I don't watch her movies or watch her soap.

SHARON CUNETA - all she does is laugh hysterically and act cutesy and all when she's not even cute and how old is she now to act like she's her daughter KC's age? puhhlease woman!

ANNE CURTIS - I don't hate her but I also don't like her. When I learned about Vice Ganda and showtime last year and being a fan of Vice Ganda, I started watching it and Anne grew on me. I'm still not a fan of hers up to now but I find her more adorable now. I mean, she's so pretty and fashionista and can be jologs sometimes and still got that poise. So I guess Anne is not really part of the list. :p

JON AVILA - when I was on vacation I did a marathon of my lezbo crush Maja's impostor, Jon was part of it and I laugh every time he has a scene and dialogue, his voice is not his -- it was DUBBED! It felt and sounded like those tagalized soaps. =)) Oh these people, just because they are slang they think they can make it big in the Pinoy showbizland =))

I think that's about it for the TFC part, so what do I do to not stress myself? I don't watch their shows period. no erase.

Locally, I can't think of any face I want to see less on TV because not like in the Philippines, U.S and Canadian shows make series and get actors and actresses not based on how BIG they are. Stars from CSI, Prison Break, Criminal Minds etc etc, they are not the big shots, the A-listers, so seeing them on TV is refreshing, you start from scratch, you don't know some of them when a show starts and they grow on you. Oh ok wait, I lied, there's one I just thought of right now, HORATIO CANE from CSI: MIAMI. Horatio's acting is irritating =)).

I know it's not fair to compare but it's true, in the Philippines, they give jobs to people who is/are the son/daughter of this and that, they won in a reality contest, they are slang in speaking tagalog, they have blue eyes and so on and so on when there's other "smaller" people with no connections whatsoever who are way more talented but not being given the chance to shine. dayuum! It just hit me, if that is the criteria for being a star in the Philippines, imma go home and demand a job from them, I suck at acting, I know how to sing a bit, I don't know how to dance except for itik-itik but since I am a Filipino-Canadian, I am pretty sure I'll land a job tho I really don't have a talent except for ranting. =)) Easy moneeeh! Oh come on! I know I'll have some fans. =))

Just a funny thought.

there's one more person who made my list --

GLORIA ARROYO - She reminds me of stitch from LILO and STITCH! I dunno she's just effing annoying! Her face is upsetting and her smile.. ahh that smile of hers that almost made everyone puke their guts out. =))

my carnival entry.



Em on LOVE, SEX, SEX, SEX and FOREVER (yeah just giving some emphasis here). I've been trying to come up with this entry for the longest time and I'm just having the hardest time to collect my scattered thoughts. It's all up here, but the train of thoughts just wouldn't harmonize all together. At least today, I'm giving it another shot.

SPOILER ALERT: There are some details I am spilling about the book, so if you're interested in the book and hates spoilers then LEAVE, if not, I guess you can stay and I am begging haha

I've finished reading the book FOREVER by Judy Blume a week ago.

The book was really written intended for teens. It's not your typical mushy pocketbook with lotsa cheesy moments BUT it shows us the face of our generation today and what (maybe) it will look like 10 or 20 years from now, how they look at SEX.

The main characters of the story are: Michael Wagner, Katherine Danziger, and Ralph, just Ralph ahm ok sure Ralph Wagner with supporting characters: Mr. & Mrs. Danziger, Jamie Danziger, Erica Small, Artie, Sybil, Theo etc. etc.

To just cut the story short, Michael and Katherine started dating, they had their first kiss, trying to get it on and failed (at least for the first few tries), they promised forever to each other, they planned their whole life ahead, they're gonna be together forever and no one will ever break them apart. They had SEX successfully and they've been doing it every chance they get. Having had read a lot of sensual scenes and trust me on this one, it wasn't from a porn blog, I was disappointed that the author FAILED to arouse my imagination, then again, it's meant for teenagers not for people like me whom like I just said, had read more sensual scenarios. Despite the lack of success in making me excited, I had to give her props for keeping it teenager-ish, it made me look back on what I was when I was Katherine's age, I can relate to everything except for the sex part. Oh, just in case you're wondering where Ralph is in this picture?ahm he's inside Michael's pants. lol! do you guys name your penises?maybe just between you and your gf/wife eh? it's just funny every single time they get horny, "Ralph misses you", "Help Ralph" "I sucked Ralph until that white thing came out." I dunno I ROFL every single time.

Sure I fell in love for the first time when I was a teenager, promised that person, FOREVER, planned our future together, what we'll name our kids blah blah bullshitzz. Like the main characters of the story, our FOREVER too, ended. I have lots of questions back then, some things gave me the closure that I needed, some were forgotten. I knew NOTHING back then (though I thought I did), there were so many things going through in my head that time and as minutes went by, I just forgot what it was all about. I don't love him anymore but I'm still hurt, not of the fact that we as lovers had to end what we had, our friendship was also gone the day we decided to go separate ways. I just didn't lose in the love battle, but I also lost our friendship, I lost my bestfriend when we became a couple and just after a month of dating, we lost each other and we lost the friendship we valued for years. *sigh* *sigh* our FOREVER was brief. I am nonetheless happy to see where he is right now, that we're much better apart. I just kinda wished that we didn't go beyond friendship, I guess nothing is really meant to be for us to have not even companionship.

When you let go of someone you love does that mean you didn't love enuf? If the reason was because of another person, how could you be interested with another individual when you know you're "committed" and very much in love with someone already? Why does flirting even exists? and why the fuck do other people flirt back? Is SEX really important in a relationship? and I ain't talking about SEX in MARRIAGE, it's BEFORE getting married.And why when a FOREVER ends, why is it hard for the people involved to move on? You wanna know what I think why? People are STUCK with forever. I mean sure, you're hurt but don't you wanna move on when it's clear that the other person is already happy?either being alone or with someone else? Some people will effing cry for forever with because forever as an excuse.

Last question's answered already so up to the first one now.

When you let go of someone you love does that mean you didn't love enuf?
- Couple end a relationship for different reasons: One partner fell out of love/ain't happy no more. Too much arguing, instead of bringing happiness to each other, the relationship is just becoming stressful for both people. Infidelity. Whatever your reason is, it will still boil down to the fact that the relationship needed to END. And if you decided not to continue fighting for "love" anymore, it doesn't mean you didn't give enough, it doesn't mean you didn't love enough, you didn't care enough. Sometimes, letting go is the key to being happy. You sure don't want to be in a relationship that doesn't give you something to look forward to, do you? Whatever your end in the relationship, remember that there will always be a RAINBOW after every storm.

If the reason was because of another person, how could you be interested with another individual when you know you're "committed" and very much in love with someone already?
- I guess this one is more of an infatuation. Or you're lusting for that person. Katherine in the book "fell" for Theo. It was interesting how it all began, the two of them. They were both employed for the camp to teach tennis, sure they see each other everyday, but no serious/friendship TALKS, everyday is ahm nothing but just in passing (more of). One night, Katherine was horny but slept it off and she woke up blushing, she dreamed of making love with a man she's not supposed to be in bed with. -- THEO! I think it's fair enough that in most cases, we can in a more appropriate way say that being interested with another individual while committed with someone is equal as infatuation or lusting. There's no way I see it as "love", love itself is profound. You have to know the person inside out, flaws, weaknesses, before you can say "I love this person."

Why does flirting even exists? and why the fuck do other people flirt back?
- Why does flirting exists? for SINGLE people. If you're dedicated to someone already, you don't need to flirt, and don't give me LAME excuse like "flirting adds spice to the relationship", "I want thrill". Well, if you want spice, chug down a whole bottle of tabasco sauce and if you want thrill, go ghost haunting. Why do some people flirt back? It's either their drunk and horny and their partner is not there to give them some screaming orgasm/they wanna honk somebody that night OR they're perfectly sober and just stupid and up for some "thrill".

Is SEX really important in a relationship?
- Yes. For couple who'd done it and doing it every chance they get. No. For couple who are willing to wait. No. For single people who can't get themselves a bf or a gf. What's your stand? I wanna answer and semi-end my entry with four questions that were asked in the book and let's see how many people are brave enough to give me a piece of their brains and I just might make another entry for all of it. INCLUDING MINE. ;)

  1. Is sexual intercourse necessary for the relationship?
  2. What should you expect from sexual intercourse?
  3. If you should need help where will you seek it?
  4. Have you thought about how this relationship will end?
Just in case you've noticed, I haven't really talked about my stand on sex and relationship after all and I am about to end this entry. Like I said, I wanna know how many people are daring enough to answer those 4 questions above. No worries, I'm not gonna "copy" what you said, it's kinda like a survey on what people esp teenagers these days and their opinion on SEX and RELATIONSHIP.

And to end this entry, If you read my Cheesier than Chuck E Cheese entry, then you know I'm very much in love and committed. I am a cornball yes, I say FOREVER to us and I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. It's inevitable to not say I LOVE YOU FOREVER. INFINITY. To someone you really really love. Yes. The future is hell unsure, but we all gotta have a little faith you know. Do whatever we can to make our relationship be FOREVER, if it did work out then it's meant to be, if not, at least you tried. At the end of the day, we all gotta accept the fact that not all people we meet are meant to stay with us FOREVER, they may stay for a while though, to give us life lessons that one day we will look back on and be thankful for. They just didn't come into our lives for nothing or "accidentally".



Wow! Summer is flying by real fast! dayuum! I'm not ready for another semester yet, there's still stuff to do like fix my effing schedule, dentist's appointment, eye doc's appointment and work work work so I can save up save up save up and my kickboxing. Blah. I'm just gonna worry about those on Monday since my goal for this entry is to be cheesy -- cheesier than chuck E cheese -- not to stress myself.

Gaah I have a bad headache right now BUT since



The topic is all about MEN! Hey, I warned you from the beginning this is gonna be cheesy so you have two options: 1.) hit x 2.) stay. I know most of you will opt for choice number 2 -- just out of curiosity on what my fingers had to say type.


In my case it'll be a MAN. I've talked about my dad already and my love for him on father's day so this post is not a paternal love post. I don't have a brother, I have some guy friends tho brotherly love is not the one I wanna talk about and it's just WRONG to be cheesy and all and at the end I was talking about my dad or a relative or a guy I consider a friend. Romantic love for the MAN whom I've been unconditionally loving for the past 43 months and will be loving until death do us part. ;) -- P ( I love him but let's just give him his privacy).

P and myself are the exact opposite of each other. He's passive and that's why sometimes I get stressed out easily coz I am on a schedule basis that it feels like on most days everybody wants me to take over and go through everything, I am always "needed" that 24 hours is not enough for me. It's cool tho, we try to adjust with our current situation coz that's the best solution for now anyways.

CLEAN FREAK!! -- the bf is so orderly that we always argue about me and my mess. We don't live together but whenever he comes over he complains about how chaotic my room is. My disorderly heap stays in my room tho, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the washroom most especially, they're immaculate! It's just my room. The bf used to freak out tho but I guess he's used to it now and I think he's just tired of complaining and begging for me to clean my room plus he's just fed up in doing the folding of the clothes for me (yeah he used to do that long time ago lol!) You don't have to see his room to know he's very methodical, just go in his car and you'll be ashamed to even fart in there, it's always sparkling and free of trash. :D

ROMANTIC -- NOT! He is the most unromantic boyfriend in the universe! I don't want him to be a cornball like me but he could work on his romance lol! Nah. He's ok like that, I shouldn't complain coz his being unromantic makes his good surprises even more exciting and passionate.

HEEDFUL -- He's thoughtful. He's always nice esp when we're out, no matter how sloppy our server, he'll give her/him tips or even when shopping, he's more patient with everybody. I am not a mean girl or trying to sound like one but I tend to be a bitch back, I think majority of the girls are. Right? Girls are emotional, we rant more, we're sensitive so being mad over a sloppy server and being impatient sometimes is understandable. Come on girls don't leave me hanging here. :D

Another OCD from P, when we're ready to check out from the grocery store, he'll place everything in order while loading the belt even our cart, if he's the one putting the stuff in, it's all organized. Cans grouped together, chicken, meat, the frozen stuff are together (which makes sense, but I don't really care lol!) and he gets ballistic when I put my purse in the cart which I think is a normal thing girl does. He'll be like "don't leave it unattended" blah blah..

I love how he's emotionally strong for me, he's the person I can call and just cry over silly or big things without being judged, without him thinking I'm just being a princess, I love how he's assuring me that everything will be alright. I love how patient he is with me whenever I'm on PMS. When I get these crazy swing moods, he knows, you don't have to tell him. It's fair enuf when he told me long time ago that he will never understand my PMS coz he will never experience it, he'll never get menstrual cramps so he'll try to be patient with me and I appreciated that. So guys, don't tell your ladies you "understand" PMS coz you don't get periods, you don't get cramps. :D

We have some petty quarrels, we argue, we have so many differences, however, I think those are the things that what makes our relationship interesting and something to look forward to everyday. We're so random esp me that I laugh at the simplest or the most corny joke ever, I even laugh if I hear or see someone sneeze and he laughs along not because he thinks it's funny but at how I always almost died laughing. I love him. What we have is special and what we've been thru will always be a reminder to us that sometimes, it's worth it to fight for LOVE. It's corny, maybe I'm overstating it, but it's true.

To: P
The future is unsure
but what I feel for you is true,
endless fights we may have
we will pull through like we always do.

I told you it's cheesier than Chuck E cheese =))

my carnival entry.



There goes my baby you don't know how good it feels to call you my boy, there goes my baby loving everything you do, oh boy look at you. Wouldn't trade this feeling for nothing not even for a minute, and I'll sit here long as it takes to get you all alone. Baby, loving you feels better than everything, anything put on your heart I don't need a ring and I promise you our time away won't change my love.

LOL! Did you actually read the first part? soooo cheesy =)) Well, those aren't my exact words anyways, 'twas Usher's from There Goes My Baby.

It was cheesy owright but it's Usher, so it's not just cheesy (in this is case, cheesy is ROMANTIC!!) but it's also a mass of smexxiness! (somebody throw cold water on me please?like right now?!haha jk!) I'm really not gonna blog about Usher lol! I just felt like I wanna share, yes SHARE! (that means I'm not selfish lol!) Usher's oohlalaalaa libidinous voice and body.


haha I just wanted to talk about HAIR actually. My hair has only been either long (about touching my bra line, yes that's the longest it's been since I don't know) with side swept bangs or short (about touching my clavicle) with side swept bangs. I know. Bangs. I am not ready to let go of my bangs yet, I'm conscious about my whole face, my forehead particularly coz it's HUUUGEE! I'm bored with my bangs to be honest, I'm bored with (since I have natural curly hair) either long or short or leave it curly or straighten it. I dunno what to do with my hair! lol!


credits to google images

There's so much to do with your hair long BUT not unless you're Tyra Banks, keeping it straight everyday is BOOring.. YOU need to make big curls before it screams ATTITUDE! (idk, maybe its the pictorials that's why I wanted something fierce for myself).


Maja is my lezbo crush :D While I was on vacay, I happened to see her on her soap and Maja's hair suits her (tongue twisted?;p) like omgosh! She's so pretty and that instant, I wanted to go to Dimples and have them chop my hair off. Good thing I remembered I have curly hair (or pancit canton hair as my sister would call it) and having the same as length as Maja will make me look ridic! on days that I don't have the extra time to straighten it.

Long hair - requires more time, extra time to blow dry it and iron it straight. Hassle most esp on school days that I have to spend an extra hour just for my hair! Now that it's medium length, it will only take me half an hour to do everything with my hair.

Short hair - more feminine. The short cut itself is already a statement. Since it'll be shorter, I won't need the extra hour for my hair vanity that means even on a rushed morning, I'll prolly have the time to still iron it straight!

blah whatever.. you don't have to worry about my dilemma.

Let's just go back to Usher shall we?


anyways, here's a cover of misscarolinexoxo's There goes my baby..

She's so amazing! The only problem with her is she's lacking emotions. She's awesome even so.



Nah. It doesn't matter what kind of blogger are you, a beauty blogger, a random blogger, a food blogger etc etc -- YOU'RE A BLOGGER, WE'RE BLOGGERS! What's your reason for blogging? What good did blogging brought you? Well, it's up to you if you really wanna answer that but right now I wanna get to the purpose on why this entry..

Before blogger, I do what other people normally do on a daily basis. I watch TV, I go to work, I go to school, I spend time with my friends, with my sister, with the boyfriend, I use the fone, I go online but mainly for forums, youtube, messenger and facebook of course and that's about it. For the longest time, I've been wanting to blog but I dunno what kind of blogger I'm gonna be. I believe I have a say on some things, there are times that I am not afraid of being heard/read and it doesn't really bug me if people are up or against me since that's how life rolls anyhoo -- random blogger it is.

Blogging made life more interesting on my part and "busy" and it kinda feels like I need to have my camera with me all the time just in case I spotted an interesting subject, I can just point and shoot. It is just so amazing how really random people could be at times, taking pictures of their shoes, a stone, their food and whatever other unplanned or planned things they have for the day. Admittedly, I enjoy these accidental-I-just-happened-to-be-there life situations.

Thank you technology for cellphones with built in cameras! Your camera may not come in handy, but your fone surely is. It's gorgeous isn't it? It's like a dolphin and it made me think how clouds can form in to something most of times and it was prolly taught on 3rd grade science and I am just not remembering it right now. :D If you know why, let me know ;).

There's a lot more things that we take pictures of day or night we don't care, we need to take a snap of it thinking we can maybe use it for our upcoming entry/ies just like this one

Looking at this picture makes me so hungry right now. arggh! Tsk. See how random we are?or random am I? The picture was taken a week ago and it's really pointless to make an entry about my nacho salad, now I have the chance to squeeze this in and it's making a statement, it's all part of the unexpectedly life outside, what we do, what we eat.


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And it's absolutely true, I am not just speaking for myself here but for most of us. Cameras are not only for camwhoring these days but for effing everything around us.

You know the other thing that I like about reading blogs? is I actually look forward to their haul posts, whether it's make up haul, nail polishes haul, chocolate haul (tho I've never really had a chocolate haul encounter before LOL!) It's fascinating. And it's not even about bragging what you saw or what you bought, I think it's really interesting to know what other people is like, what makes them happy and it's their money their spending so why the hell some people get mad about it?! Like they think they're being a show off, I enjoy it and it's also fun to know sometimes who you share the same fashion sense with and you get ideas from them too, mix and matching, and where the sales are which I think is really helpful to know.

I enjoy being a blogger, I don't get paid by blogging but the comments and the friendship built -- PRICELESS!



credits to google images

I have been contemplating for so long to get inked! What's just holding me back is the thought of getting old and getting all wrinkly and your tattoo will look nasty on your skin, funny, sad and true. It's like those sticker tattoo you iron on your shirt (whatever they're called), after some washes the picture will get all pruned up. I don't even know what to get anyways, tribal and those Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters are all pretty common, I don't want my name tattooed on me like I'm gonna forget my name or something and I'm NOT gonna have a man's name tattooed somewhere in my body =)) I dunno, if we made to even 25 years then I'll prolly consider having a ring tattoo with his name written around my finger and yezzir I am cheesy like that lol! Or how about my future kid/kids names?naah.. I don't know the feeling of being a mom yet, but I'll love my future kid/kids unconditionally for sure but we'll see. It's too early to tell anyways.

Don't get me wrong me tho, I am not loathsome towards people who decided to get inked, no, NO. This is just me thinking/blogging right now on what I think about tattoos on me and just thinking about the future coz I don't think I wanna invest on something like that and later in life I decide to just have them removed.

You saw the tattoo I posted above right? well, guess what? I kinda got "inked" today and it's more fierce than that!


I'll prolly settle on corny sticker tattoos like the cute ducky above that I got FREE from the yogurt box for now. If in maybe 10 years from or 20 years from this day I'm still an active blogger, I'll let you know if I'll I get the real thang! And I would like to thank the ever loving bf for putting this on me and for obviously "supporting" me and my craziness.

End of the tattoo post.

I went to the mall today, got peeled and got my face cleaned! Feels really good, I don't really fall asleep while Tiffany is doing her job on making my face beautiful and clean and while getting massaged, I am overly tired I guess so I conked off. The next thing I remember was dressing up and paying them lol! Good thing it was raining today so wearing a hoodie and hiding my face under it is appropriate. :D I didn't wear any make up after that's why I was self conscious about people and them staring at my dark circles and my now less visible pimple scars =)) It's hard being a girl. :D

I was already at the mall half an hour before my appointment so I went to Chapters first to kill time and wishing at the same time they have Judy Blume's "Forever" book. I got really interested in getting a copy of the book after reading Aryan's post about it and luckily the store had one copy left. IT WAS MEANT for me to buy it! haha

I am on chapter four now and I think I'm gonna like the book not just because of it's sexual content, but it's because FOREVER and FIRST LOVE are the topics everyone can relate to, the sex part maybe not all but being in love and thinking it was really love -- YES. I'll prolly finish it by tomorrow so I'll let you guys know what I think about FOREVER.

So that's it for now.





Wow! My thoughts were flooded with so many ideas the past few days on how I think I'm gonna make an impact, on how I will make a difference to my community, on how exactly I'm gonna make that happen? I am not just gonna blog about it and do some sweet talks so everyone will admire me coz I'm noble. I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES!

Sure. It's so easy to say it that way, it's effortless for some of us to think of better ways to help other people, but do you actually have the will power for it? Are you just doing it for a prize? So that society will be nothing but all praises for you and your good deeds? What if you really have the drive in to making a difference for your community, where in the world you're gonna ask for help? Who are you gonna call? NOT the ghost busters for sure.



Sad but it's true, these clowns ONLY remember the masses when it's time for election, giving away free t-shirts, free concerts, free posters, free everything.. FREE. really?! FREE?! I would like to think so but something inside me is telling otherwise. ;) Their political platforms are always for the poor, about the poor, LOOK! they're still poor and still nothing has changed. Where are my angst coming from? Ok. Sure. The President is no magician to turn leaves or cut out papers into money, but the past administrations, instead of doing what they promised to do -- jobs, housing projects they are busy vacationing from different parts of the world, busy scamming people with their money, jueteng, zte etc etc scandals. The money that was supposed to be for the masses, it's in their safe now, bought designer shoes, bags and dresses with it. What that leaves the poor families?the youth?whatever happened now to


When these youths are out in the world working their asses off so they'll have money to feed their families, so that they'll have money to buy medicines, they NEED to work, they are forced to stop school because their families can't afford it anymore. Their life out there are wasted and what do you hear from the news almost everyday?Another scam from the big and small politicians out there.

credits: google images

That's not the life and faces of our youth today. Children are supposed to have fun, to be able to play, eat, go to school. Life of these children should not even be worrying about what to eat for dinner, or where to get money for bus fare to go to school. How can these youths be the faces of our new tomorrow if we have a corrupt system?

Life for our youths SHOULD BE as fun as these

credits to google image

Worry-free. Let them enjoy life as a child.

It's not really impossible to attain. All it takes is for my voice be heard. That's all I'm asking. If only politicians are smart and humble enough to remember the masses they once used before the elections, then for sure, tho really slow, the Philippines will make progress.

I'm gonna start with the people who run the country coz giving out supplies and/or food right now will only last these people for maybe a month?a week? Then they will snap back in reality that they've got NOTHING! So calling out for big shots is my step in making something good for my community.

WHAT IS TOMORROW for everyone?What will tomorrow be like for people who can't even afford to get by day by day?

We ain't Bob the Builder but WE CAN help make a difference for our country.

my carnival entry for the week sponsored by Unilab Ideas Positive



Yes. This is a b.itch post. No. Not about being bitchy, being a drama queen, PMS mode. Just BITCH a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

Like some of my posts where I provide some yt vid/s related or unrelated to the topic, I share to you this song from Eman the great, you should listen, you won't be disappointed. Yes. It's related to the first part of this B.itch a little bit of everything all rolled into one post.

you can skip the first 30 secs of the vid to jump right to the song.

If you did listen, you know what soap just ended and if you're thinking my post is about that drama, check! I don't watch Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo, I am not a fan of heavy drama loaded with guns, lots of killings, actors and actresses that CAN'T even give justice to their characters, and Kim and Gerald. Do we even have any more artistas in the Pinas other that Kimerald?! SERIOUSLY???! (attack me Kimeralds, attack me *evil laugh*). What's the rant about this topic? Story: When I was home for two weeks I was unfortunate to see some of the episodes for the said soap and there's way too much bullshit happening considering that was supposed to be the last two weeks of the production. It's predictable. We've seen it coming. Baby James: he's cute but his character as baby Michael, or just his presence in the drama is plain awkward. Some of the casts are so into the scene/their characters and baby James' face is always like "wtfrog are you talking about it?!" LOL! The scene where Celine got hostaged by Ringo at her own house? it's LOL! her feet were tied and so are her hands, and her hands wasn't even tied behind her so it's bull that she didn't even attempted on doing something to ESCAPE!! I mean, sure you're shit scared if you're a hostage and at gun point and dying and not doing something is the last thing you wanna do. It's like you're stuck in an elevator, you'll bang the door for help, if you have any tools with you, you'll use that to maybe open the steel door and when you've done everything and it's just hopeless?then that's the time you worry about dying. Ringo still had to dig a grave and he was by HIMSELF!! I mean he's no superhero to had have done that in a minute and got back in the house to slap Celine in the face. Dumb Celine didn't even think about untying her hands and feet and got herself a knife or a vase to surprise hottie Ringo by stabbing him or whacking him with a sharp object OR she should've run outside and screamed for help. Point of the matter is, DUMB scene, DUMBER script.


Two weeks. Home cooked meals. OH MY GOSH! One of the happiest two weeks of my life. If you live independently, you'll be lazy to cook something for yourself and if before you don't appreciate canned foods and instant noodles, try living alone and you'll THANK Nicolas Appert.

While I was in Brandon, the Filipino community organized a basketball league and this is the first I think?Coz maybe 20 years ago the Filipino community in Brandon and the nearby towns are only a few so it's really impossible to organize something big like an all Filipino basketball league. I am lucky to have watched a game!




*sigh* Too bad my vacation's over and I'm gonna miss the championship game. GO BRANDON! (Jr and Sr divisions).

What other happenings while I was on vacation? We went to the movies, not all of my friends came because of their busy sched so there was myself, Bernadette, Elaine, Eric (Elaine's bf) and two other people I don't really know. We went to see


If you're planning on watching the last airbender, dude, THANK ME NOW coz I am about to save you your hard earned money. ;) THE MOVIE IS A FUCKING FLOP!! The effects were okay, the acting was blah! They're good, the characters are just not connecting with each other. It seems like there's so many gap, dull, dead air moments like they didn't workshop on connecting with the audience, to their characters and to the story. The only funny part?should I spoil it?haha That lil choreo while the air benders were attacking the fire benders. The script/story wasn't that something something either. The last air bender got kidnapped three times in the movie and he got away every single time so easily. I think there's gonna be a sequel to this, but rest assured, just like the first book, won't gain any.

After the movies, the four of us, yes except to the two people, went to the Tavern to eat. Us 3 girls ordered a platter in which you'll pick 3 from the appetizers menu and Eric ordered sweet potatoes.

the big ass menu



baby calamari

All four of us shared the platter and the sweet potatoes, and yet there was still some leftovers.

Ok, this next part happened after mass. My dad, mom and I went bowling (sister had to work). I noticed this banner and got really mad..


Don't they spell check everything before printing it out and putting it up as a banner for everybody to see?!

Dad won, I came in second and mom came in last :D


"Mari" is not the M in EM :D it's the M in MEM.. got it? lol! Since it's 4 characters, Mari made more sense than E or M or EM.

It's sad when there's no cooked food, when dad didn't had the time to cook coz he needs his sleep before going to work.. this is our "life" with mom.. very healthy..







My mom doesn't cook PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT! She can bake, and good in making desserts but not REAL food lol! me and real food tsk!

THAT'S IT for this B.itch entry.




This all picture entry was from the Canada celebration.

It was only 21 deg C that day but it was ridiculously humid! The humidity was just wearing everybody down that my family decided to just stay home than be sticky outside when we can enjoy this nice a/c house and sleep for most part of the day. It was 6pm already when we hit downtown just to check out what's in store for everybody.

And here's the photo story.

Before anything else, belated HAPPY CANADA DAY again! ;)

I got my maple leaf temporary tattoo from one of the ladies at the booth :D

This is Downtown









I don't know much about cars. frigg! I don't know cars at all, but these cars from the event are mouth and eye watering. I wanna go further more by trying to say the make of these cars but screw it! Like I said, I don't know cars and I'm not gonna google them so I can say more here. Anyways, here's more..







I wonder how much that food stand made that day?It was a non stop line up of people who wants ice cream and other junks food.

the A&W booth, I thought it was a face painting stand at first. deyng! I wanted a face paint!


There's a whole hecka lot more cars pictures that I didn't upload here, I just wanna share the cars tho I don't know the make, I think they're cute and eye catching. There was supposed to be a video here as well but blogger is not cooperating right now, so maybe i'll share it next time.

After downtown, we drove down to the Riverbank Discovery Centre. There was also a band, those bounce-y things, a mountain of sand for kids to dig and get dirty and have their parents go ballistic at the sight of filthiness. I'll shut up now and just show you guys the pictures.

Here's what you'll see at the parking lot.


the portable sink which I think was a genius idea.

junk food stands

the flag obviously :D


this is from the picture above, just emphasizing on what was curved on that box.



That was the Canada day celebration, we was gonna stay until the fireworks but like I said, it was too humid and mosquitoes are everywhere so I don't think we'll enjoy staying at the park or just driving around town and waste gas.