Yes. This is a b.itch post. No. Not about being bitchy, being a drama queen, PMS mode. Just BITCH a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

Like some of my posts where I provide some yt vid/s related or unrelated to the topic, I share to you this song from Eman the great, you should listen, you won't be disappointed. Yes. It's related to the first part of this B.itch a little bit of everything all rolled into one post.

you can skip the first 30 secs of the vid to jump right to the song.

If you did listen, you know what soap just ended and if you're thinking my post is about that drama, check! I don't watch Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo, I am not a fan of heavy drama loaded with guns, lots of killings, actors and actresses that CAN'T even give justice to their characters, and Kim and Gerald. Do we even have any more artistas in the Pinas other that Kimerald?! SERIOUSLY???! (attack me Kimeralds, attack me *evil laugh*). What's the rant about this topic? Story: When I was home for two weeks I was unfortunate to see some of the episodes for the said soap and there's way too much bullshit happening considering that was supposed to be the last two weeks of the production. It's predictable. We've seen it coming. Baby James: he's cute but his character as baby Michael, or just his presence in the drama is plain awkward. Some of the casts are so into the scene/their characters and baby James' face is always like "wtfrog are you talking about it?!" LOL! The scene where Celine got hostaged by Ringo at her own house? it's LOL! her feet were tied and so are her hands, and her hands wasn't even tied behind her so it's bull that she didn't even attempted on doing something to ESCAPE!! I mean, sure you're shit scared if you're a hostage and at gun point and dying and not doing something is the last thing you wanna do. It's like you're stuck in an elevator, you'll bang the door for help, if you have any tools with you, you'll use that to maybe open the steel door and when you've done everything and it's just hopeless?then that's the time you worry about dying. Ringo still had to dig a grave and he was by HIMSELF!! I mean he's no superhero to had have done that in a minute and got back in the house to slap Celine in the face. Dumb Celine didn't even think about untying her hands and feet and got herself a knife or a vase to surprise hottie Ringo by stabbing him or whacking him with a sharp object OR she should've run outside and screamed for help. Point of the matter is, DUMB scene, DUMBER script.


Two weeks. Home cooked meals. OH MY GOSH! One of the happiest two weeks of my life. If you live independently, you'll be lazy to cook something for yourself and if before you don't appreciate canned foods and instant noodles, try living alone and you'll THANK Nicolas Appert.

While I was in Brandon, the Filipino community organized a basketball league and this is the first I think?Coz maybe 20 years ago the Filipino community in Brandon and the nearby towns are only a few so it's really impossible to organize something big like an all Filipino basketball league. I am lucky to have watched a game!




*sigh* Too bad my vacation's over and I'm gonna miss the championship game. GO BRANDON! (Jr and Sr divisions).

What other happenings while I was on vacation? We went to the movies, not all of my friends came because of their busy sched so there was myself, Bernadette, Elaine, Eric (Elaine's bf) and two other people I don't really know. We went to see


If you're planning on watching the last airbender, dude, THANK ME NOW coz I am about to save you your hard earned money. ;) THE MOVIE IS A FUCKING FLOP!! The effects were okay, the acting was blah! They're good, the characters are just not connecting with each other. It seems like there's so many gap, dull, dead air moments like they didn't workshop on connecting with the audience, to their characters and to the story. The only funny part?should I spoil it?haha That lil choreo while the air benders were attacking the fire benders. The script/story wasn't that something something either. The last air bender got kidnapped three times in the movie and he got away every single time so easily. I think there's gonna be a sequel to this, but rest assured, just like the first book, won't gain any.

After the movies, the four of us, yes except to the two people, went to the Tavern to eat. Us 3 girls ordered a platter in which you'll pick 3 from the appetizers menu and Eric ordered sweet potatoes.

the big ass menu



baby calamari

All four of us shared the platter and the sweet potatoes, and yet there was still some leftovers.

Ok, this next part happened after mass. My dad, mom and I went bowling (sister had to work). I noticed this banner and got really mad..


Don't they spell check everything before printing it out and putting it up as a banner for everybody to see?!

Dad won, I came in second and mom came in last :D


"Mari" is not the M in EM :D it's the M in MEM.. got it? lol! Since it's 4 characters, Mari made more sense than E or M or EM.

It's sad when there's no cooked food, when dad didn't had the time to cook coz he needs his sleep before going to work.. this is our "life" with mom.. very healthy..







My mom doesn't cook PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT! She can bake, and good in making desserts but not REAL food lol! me and real food tsk!

THAT'S IT for this B.itch entry.


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Anonymous said...

*high fives*

I hate you now.

You just made me freaking hungry!

Anyway they should've all died except for Ringo.

Coco Martin's acting = omgwtfyesyesrapemeeeee


Everyone else was crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!

Em said...


Ringo pwned the NBI lotsa times in this series =))

Fine said...

disappointing nga daw ang airbender. oh, well. m.night yan. may sariling mundo. -- (my blog) http://www.wix.com/goodlifeinprogress/Good-Life-In-Progress