Hubba bubba pink bubble gum

There's a new topic at the Carnival this week, it is actually one of the topics I personally like, it requires a lot of reflections and thoughts (like my love Mara said) if you wanna make sense. The second I've learned about the new topic, my brains and heart are already flooded with angst, ideas and whatnot. There are so many things I wanna do to help, goals I want for a better community but I know most of it are almost impossible to attain as world peace. Sad but it's true. I am not promising a "controversial" entry, but it will sure make an impact. ;) That I promise everyone (and then watch me FAIL haha).

I don't really "spoil" about my carnival topic, I am just "scared" it would be too much hatred and politics that they'll disqualify my entry for it. So here's the topic I'm gonna leave out for my official post at the end of the week.

Yes. It's about clowns and being funny and being stupid sure. Hey, you gotta admit, just hearing the names of some of these TRAPO is enuf to ROFL. My dad is watching TV Patrol on TFC so I joined him in watching and when they flashed this, I dunno I grabbed the remote, hit pause, grabbed my camera and took a shot of these clowns. Lito Lapid - he should go back to showbiz so he and his son Mark can make more "heart"felt movies like this.


Bong Revilla Jr. - We share the same birthday, they used to live/their house is just right outside the subdivision where we used to live, he's good looking ahm what else? WHAT ELSE??! *sigh* He's been out of my radar for so long until the Hayden Kho sex scandals came out. He's been there alright, being mad and all those publicity shit. Hey hey you Mr. Bong Revilla Jr. Katrina Halili is not the first ever victim of being secretly taped while having sex. Were you just doing it coz the people involved are also celebs like you?and you'll benefit from it?How about the ordinary people?Where were you when they need someone to be there for them?to fight for them?I don't see no BIG people fighting for these victims except for the people behind the shows like XXX and Bitag. Ohh the agenda behind it Mr. Revilla Jr. eh? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE REALLY FOR YOUR COMMUNITY?FOR YOUR COUNTRY?!

Ara Mina - good thing she LOST! haha in your boobies! face! Oh wells, has been "stars" like Ara Mina and their being a politician dream, -- Erap's descendants. Remember this interview?

I am really glad she lost. I don't live in the Philippines no more, but I will pity people in her district being manned by her and her likes. Want me to name a few more clowns?Manny Pacquiao, Angelika Jones, Lucy Torres.

"I wanna help people in need." -- That's their motto. YEAH RIGHT! If you really wanna help, help. You don't need to be in politics and steal from people and use that money to what? "help" them?Use it for personal leisure?! I am not degrading them, but politicians should know what they're doing, sadly for most celeb/politicians, they OBVIOUSLY don't. If I am a politician who went to school, studied politics and government and graduated, I'd be offended. By what?whom?By these celebs who run and win "just coz Richard Gomez said so", "just coz politics is in the family", "my dad used to be one", "I've won so many boxing matches and brought glory to the Philippines", "because I've stripped my clothes and made X-rated movies and I have big boobs so it doesn't matter anymore if I have brains or not".

If you have TRAPO and celebs turned politicians in the government, you think there's still hope?

The connection of my entry title to this whole post? People are like a hubba bubba bubble gum, politicians chew them until the sweetness is gone and after that they'll throw you away. After all the sweet talks during the campaign, after you've voted for them, after they got what they want from you -- you'll be like a bubblegum, chewed and thrown away.

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