So before I go on with this entry, I just want to make myself loud and clear that I am doing this post for PUBLIC AWARENESS. Yes. I didn't come to know about Bitch Slap! cosmetics until I saw ThesPNation's video on Thursday night. It was an invitation actually for everyone to stop what they're doing and join the world on blogtv with Nikkie20six's speaking up live feed appearance on why she left Bitch Slap! cosmetics. I've never used any Bitch Slap! products before in my life so this post is NOT gonna be a review and/or I'm NOT gonna rant about a Bitch Slap! product. Like I said, it's for PUBLIC AWARENESS.

Here's the video invitation straight from Nikkie20six's yt

I really don't like dramas but out of curiosity and what was the hoopla all about (as it might help me in the long run), I clicked the blogtv link and waited for what Nikkie has to say. The room was packed! There's about 800 people tuned in at that very minute. If you've seen the video up there then you have at least the idea on why the world suddenly went crazy.

Nikkie20six, Dana Lajeunesse etc are not part owners of Bitch Slap! cosmetics. They are make up gurus on youtube who happened to promote the said line before because they thought at first it was a straight up honest product and the owner was being equally honest to them until the lying, the backstabbing, and the stealing was uncovered.

Whatever personal angst between the people involved?naah I don't care, what irked me was the fact that Kathy (the owner of Bitch Slap! cosmetics) went low just to make money for herself. Again, it's not the personal things going on with all of them, it's how unsafe Kathy's products are and how she lied when she was confronted about it and tried to blame other people for it.

I am a consumer, I sometimes buy products based on how many good reviews that product gets. I also try and research about how safe the product is, what the ingredients are and as a consumer, I expect the OPENNESS from first, the manufacturer and second, from the people who does the reviews.


Forget about my hard earned moolah's worth, FAIRNESS coz we all deserve the TRUTH about the product we eat or we use for our face and skin making sure it is SAFE!! Coz I don't think anyone here would wanna buy something that will put their lives in danger.

watch the video, it's worth it, this might save your life. :D

I know Kathy or whoever is behind this sham only wants to earn money just like the rest of us, but we don't deserve this, none of us do! and I am BEGGING to the sham artists -- don't fool us, don't put our lives at risk, don't put yours.

Karma's a bitch, BITCH SLAP!

Here's Dana's video on why she left Bitch Slap! It's a long video but if you wanna know, then watch it.

Mara doll! thank you for Dana's link. :D

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Anonymous said...

No problem. Glad you made a public awareness thing!

devil_under_light said...

"Bitchslapped!!" I'm like gonna use this expression when I pawn somebody's ass! Haha. XD Nice one, Love.


Hahaha you're hilariously funny! I couldn't agree more! The movie will have a better plot if Bella pawns Edward. Afterall she's pregnant and their gonna have sparkling babies which means she can also sell those kids and she's set for life! then she'll get makeover and will no longer be a plainjane but a bombshell. Twilight is the bomb! It should be bombed! Haha

btw- thanks for the mention*wink*
btw btw-I'm related more to Pokemon...haha!
btw btw btw-I tagged ya!